Chemistry Molecule construction set

by andrewar Apr 15, 2012
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are they compatible with molymod?

Hey, did anyone else have problems printing the spheres? I couldn't get more than a 1/3 of the way up! Any tips would be great. Also, the bonds require supports, correct?

Our chemistry students (University of Richmond) purchase model kits in organic chemistry for building these molecules. They then take inorganic chemistry and need to buy new kits (most don't) in order to do different bonding schemes; however, they really just need the "atom centers". Hopefully without violating intellectual property on those commercial kits, we are going to redesign and print those atom centers so students can use their kits for the new classes. More importantly, most commercial kits cannot accommodate the new kinds of chemical structures that have been learned in the last ~20 years.

Curved double bonds are also needed. Great idea! Look forward to printing some.

one of the things i've always thought 3d printing would be useful for. buying those kits for a classroom has a much heftier price tag than a makerbot.

Add a thin walled (0.6mm) hollow cylinder to the bottom of your connector stick that can be cut away after printing and it will be printable without additional support.

Would you be able to make a Nitrogen atom (3 holes)? I would really like to make some C8-H10-N4-O2. :)

Hey, I have been working on one and included a trigonal planar model. But wouldn't nitrogen be tetrahedral with lone pairs on one end?