Wheel Mod for gzumwalt's Windup Car

by mechaMecha Feb 27, 2017
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chesterc0pperp0t, if you print the wheel STLs I included here, there are concave grooves on them that coincide with the convex grooves on the tires. These will hold the parts together, so you can just slide the tires onto the wheels.

Right, I have printed both the wheel and tire files provided, but am unable to get them to slide over each other.The convex grooves of the tires seem to not fit over the outer portion of the wheel

What material did you use to print the tires? They're meant to be printed with Ninjaflex or some other very flexible filament. That's the purpose of this mod; to use Ninjaflex tires for traction instead of the o-rings specified in gzumwalt's original design.

How does one put the tire on the wheel?

fixed thank you for doing so fast

@scotty9898: Well, I sliced the old file in Cura and, sure enough, it filled in the center of the tire, just like it did for you. I must have used Simplify3D when I printed mine, which is probably able to calculate and fix improperly flipped normals. I apologize again for causing problems for you, and thank you very much for pointing it out!

im new at this and realy dont no how to fix them.having a hard time with this one have to resize every part, and thank you for helping

im using cura for the lulzbot mini

question why does the tire fill in sold every time i try to print?

Oops! I just noticed that the normals of the interior faces on the tire model were flipped in the wrong direction, so maybe that was the culprit. I just uploaded a revised file. Sorry about that. I didn't have any problems slicing them properly even with the reversed normals, which is why I never noticed. What slicing software are you using?

Thanks, Palmiga! And thank you for all the cool tire designs you've shared!