Airtripper's Pocket Filament Reel Rollers

by Airtripper Apr 15, 2012
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Are we not makers? :) Make your own pegs to assemble this project. I designed these 3mm X 25mm pegs for this project. When you separate the pegs from the brim, don't clean them up too much. A little imperfection will give them a snug fit. https://www.tinkercad.com/things/1wnvH2HlKl6-3mm-x-25mm-pegs

fwiw, i had TONS of problems w/ this and your bowden.. until i flipped the spool over and fed from the top! figured i'd post it here as it might help someone

hello, how would it work with only 4 bearings and some printed flanges like thesehttp://www.thingiverse.co... but wider than the bearing?

 I don't think flanged bearings will fit without enlarging the bearing casings. The skate bearings are so cheap that there would not be much to gain by trying to save bearings.

Replacing the bearings for F608 ones creates a pulley-like shape that will help keeping the roll sides on track.

Great design...works perfectly and without too much non printable parts. I like! Thanks.

Can you upload the model file? Because I cannot open neither reel roller.scad or stl in autocad 2013 or google sketchup or any other program. Am I doing something wrong or are the files wrong?

I just ended up buying the bearings from makerbot the last time I ordered plastic:


You can probably get them 50 cents to a dollar cheaper on ebay if no one else bids.

I used12 zip ties, and it still works even though the case and bearings are not perfectly aligned and the case is barely touching, but then again I have a smaller spool than yours and really don't need double bearings. If I were to modify the print for zip ties I would also add grooves so they fit
around the bearings, that would save 4 zip ties. I also would recommend using cardboard or layers of paper to help add more tension, zip ties may not snap into a perfect size and can end up being loose.

Nice! :)

Couldn't you eliminate all nuts and screws by using zip-ties‽ Sorta the way the LM8UU linear bearings are secured: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:15591http://www.thingiverse.com/thi....

LM6UU Bearing Holder Upgrade

The screws help to keep the two halves aligned. The casing will have to be modified to self align if using zip ties. You could stagger the shaft length so that the shafts join inside a bearing and still have identical sides that fit together, using the bearing bore to keep the halves aligned.

Of course mods would be required when using zip-ties. ;)

Don't think the staggering strategy is necessary nor the bottom screws - not much load on the assembly. Just use the zip-ties cinched against opposite sides through the bearing "axle" to holds things together. Slots in the bottom of each casing to accommodate the zip-ties would be all that's required.

Or you could use 3mm filament and fuse it together with a soldering iron. This is currently my favorite method. :-D

Fusing the case together is a great ideal. However, I like the option for easy access so I can borrow the bearings occasionally for another project without destroying the casings. ;)

Wow. I clicked the link and was great by a very different 404 due to the peiod at the end..