Anet A8 toothed Idler conversion

by j0ker31m Mar 1, 2017
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why are there 2 version? wich one should i print?? and,is this meant for the x and y axis or just the x?

One version is a ".stl" file which is a simple format for cura, ".obj" on the other hand has a bit more detail and complexities. If you're not sure which to use I recommend just using the ".stl" file

Quick Print, Worked Perfect....THANX!!! Improved my prints considerably without the slip.

could you add a thickened area on the outside edges (beyond where the belt teeth ride) to help hold it together?
I'm new, so I haven't designed anything yet, just an observation.

I made a thing, maybe it's what you looking for. Notice that I printed it, but haven't tested in place yet. Feedback is welcome, if you make one and think it needs tweaks let me know. I would probably be testing it on the next days ;)


[Experimental] Belt Idlers - for Bearing and for 3mm screws - 16 22 and 24 Teeth

The ring keeps breaking when used for a while, It's nice to see the improvement it gives but in the end I think you'll want to upgrade to metal parts.

I can't help but agree, I have printed and cracked several but I only have pla to print with. I've been scouting ebay for metal toothed idlers preferably with bearings but I'm unsure which to get, have you settled on anything yet?

Get at metal toothed idler, with bearings and with the same tooth number as your drive pulley. That last part is important.

I'm sure the resolution should be 0.1 and not 1.0... lol

You are correct. Sorry, I'll make the correction

A calibration cube before and after doing this mod on the X and Y axis proves this works. Reduces the visible noise a lot.

Thank you for making this! It fit perfectly and works nice. I thought the belt would wear there, and this will help. I will likely look into metal ones as mentioned.

Indeed, smooth idlers of small diam are a nuisance and in fact one of the many design errors of these machines. Tooth get crushed leading to vibration, premature wear etc...

Ya, i just kept noticing the ripples on some of my parts were spaced similar to the belts. Not big ripples, but noticible on my parts with long x or y axis'. Ill probably end up buying metal idler pulleys as they dont cost much, but figured this was a good mod to add for the anet users. Since installing these on both idler pulleys, i havent noticed any ripples along the longer parts.

Indeed, they are cheap. I replaced them quickly on my Geetech that I bought to get to play with 3D printing.
Better buy an extra as spare as the ball bearings are not the best. I got one that was gritty. Since, I replaced these bearings by my own made out of Igus filament plus an axle made of a 4mm Al rod. As an experiment first (Igus against Al instead of steel) and they last.
Order the 20 teeth same as the motor pulley.

Thanks much for the heads up