Raspberry Pi Camera to Microscope Adapter

by luisibanez Dec 28, 2013
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I printed and assembled the piece but can't get it to focus properly to get a good image.

what is the inside diameter of this piece? I want to see if it will fit my telescope

you can set the resolution for the cylinders in cylindricAdapter() with the $fn parameter,
this will remove the flat faces on the surface ot the tube, like this :

cylinder(r=exRadius, h=height, center=true, $fn=300);
cylinder(r=inRadius, h=height, center=true, $fn=300);


The top plate is a smidge narrow across so it doesn't lock the camera into the base. Overall it's a nice print though I may use electrical tape to secure it until I can tweak it

Any photos of what it actually captures?

I made a similar one yet I get a very small image on the raspberry camera. Like if the camera had a very wide angle. I don't quite understand. Did you experience the same ? Did you tweak the camera itself ?

This was my experience as well. I mostly fixed it by adjusting the focal length of the camera and the distance from the camera to the lens. The focal length can be adjusted with some tweezers - it's a little bit tricky but there are some guides on how to do that. I then used some rolled up paper inside the adapter as a spacer to firmly mount it a few centimeters away from the ocular lens.

Oh, btw, If I may suggest one thing. Put one of the images of the mount in place on the microscope as the first image of this project. I didn't realize what it was until I opened the page.

Thanks for the suggestion. You have a good point. I just set the image of the final adaptor mounted on the microscope, as the feature image, to show what the final piece would look like, and what its purpose is. Thanks !

Wow dude! This is awesome. I could possible also use this for taking images with my simple telescope!!!