Anet A8 Mainboard and Twin Mosfet Enclosure Remix

by HipoxiK Mar 1, 2017
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This is my original design. Credit?

The micro SD receiver and USB cable receiver did not line up with the holes in the design. I had to cut the slot slightly wider. This is on a printer bought in March 2018. Other than the slight modification it works great! thank you for your design!

Had the same problem. But it was only a few millimeters. Nothing big. But the screw holes of the board didnt line up to the holes in the case so i had to drill them bigger. At the end, only three screws are holding the board but that is no problem.

Hi, thanks for the comment. They may have changed the layout of the board on new models.

Where are you connecting your fan?

Strait off the 12v input from the PSU.

If anybody is asking: The inner heigt for the mosfet is 28.76 mm. The screw holes have a distance of 42x52 mm.

I love you so freaking much. I SPENT a couple of hours making my own....and when I saved it I deleted the file I put it in haha. THANKS

Haha awesome. Glad it’s still useful.

¿qué medida tiene el ventilador?

Silly question here, but doesn't the lit hit the mosfets? I printed the box but my mosfets stick up slightly above the box.

Yeah it depends on your heatsink size. I actually cut 5mm or something off of my heatsink to make it fit. These mosfets don't have much current passing through them and barely even get warm at all so cutting the heatsink down doesn't affect the cooling at all.

Can you remix this so that there's a hole for the heatsinks?

I don't have the Anet A8 anymore. I built a HyperCube so I can't measure it up. You could just cut the honeycomb out to fit the mosfet if you want or remix it yourself.

Hi! That's a good work. But I'm having problems to slice the mainboard enclosure with slic3r: more than 15000 errors. I updated slic3r but the problem still there. I tried cura and apparentily everting was ok but I have some displacement at 1/3 of the workpiece height. I using a iMac. Some one had same problem?

Sorry guys, where did you plug the fan wires?

To the same 12v in on the board that comes from the PSU. The fan draws such a small current it doesn't matter.

Best one ive found by far, much appreciated

Haha no worries. I'm glad it's still being used.

Could you upload a version without the cutouts for your frame brace? :)

No sorry, I am not the original creator of that item.

Should the cover be printed up or facing down into the print bed?

I think it has to be flipped on its back so that it is flat on the bed.

I'm having trouble printing the cover for this one (file PI_80mmFanCover_Remix) I'm using Cura 2.4.0 and my printer is an Anet A8. The print begins with the vertical build up on the right of the model at the 3 o'clock position (looking at the model as if it's to be installed in the case). This print builds up on the z-axis. The printer then goes to the two tabs at the bottom of the print. However, the z-axis does not go back down to bed. This results in the printer extruding several millimeters up off the bed and in the air. I've successfully printed the fan cover and the case frame. Any idea what could be causing the problem?

I'm not sure about that. I didn't have any trouble using Cura 2.3.1. I know there are some issues with the case cover file as the original designer did a bad job of making the hole for the fan from his other version and left artifacts in the object. I may have to clean it up myself and re-post a fresh cleaned up design.
I was a little confused by your description but are you printing this cover in the laying flat position so that the bottom tabs face up.

Hey what do you recommend - blowing into the case or blowing the hot air out of the case?

I prefer to blow air into the case which provides fresh air across the heat sinks. The warm air is then forced out of the case.

thank you. check the gallery in the "made" category

I checked your photo in the made section. It looks like you may have to flip it over 180 degrees. Also the reason for that is the original designer didn't edit his cover properly when putting the hole for the fan in which leaves a messy object and he didn't upload a .step file so it's difficult to clean it up. I didn't have any issues printing it with cura 2.3.1.

Thanks, I will try it

What material did you print this using? I attempted to print in ABS just to make it more durable and possibly stand up to the heat of the mosfets but I am having a hard time printing it due to curling of the corners. Is yours printed in PLA by chance?

Yes just PLA. I wouldn't worry about the heat sinks on the mosfets. They shouldn't even get very warm as they are massive in size and overkill for the amount of current being drawn through for these printers.

Thank you very much. I will switch my printer over to PLA and give it a try. I appreciate the help.

This is absolutely perfect. Now, I do have a challenge for you, would it be possible to remix this to add a Raspberry PI 3 to be included in this enclosure above the main board? Wanna give it a try? :) Or, would you be willing to upload the original files so I could give it a try? Thank you.

Sorry mate I don't know anything about the raspberry PI's so I can't effectively design for one. Also I never had the original .step files for this remix. I had to convert .stl files and edit in Fusion 360 which is a crap way to do it and very messy.