CTC Prusa i3 official parts & other contents from SD card

by tom666 Mar 1, 2017
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Anyone have a good link to the nozzles for the CTC DIY I3?

Ebay shipper does not ship to the US...I used the other link but takes almost 2 months to receive.

Is this for the 6mm thick plywood version?

The thickness of the frame does not affect the use of these parts.

Can you tell me what the printer settings are in the g code files ?

This is the information I was able to retrieve with Cura 15.04.6 from the files that came on the CD of my Ebay Prusa i3 Reprap + MK8 Extruder MK3 heated bed $105
I'm uploading the 3 files also.
layer height: 0.1 mm
shell thickness: 0.8 mm
enable retraction: yes

minimum travel: 1.5 MM
enable combing: off
minimum extrusion before retracting 0.02 mm
Z hop when retracting:0.0 mm

Bottom/Top thickness:0.6 mm
Fill Density:20%
Solid infill top: yes
Solid infill bottom:yes
infill prints after perimeters:no

Print speed: 50 mm/s
printing temperature: 205(C)
Bed temp.:60(C)

Diameter:1.75 mm

Nozzle size:0.4 mm

Speed:40 mm/s
Distance:6.0 mm

Initial Layer thickness:0.3 mm
Initial Layer line width:100%
Cut off objet bottom:0.0 mm
Dual extrusion overlap:0.15 mm

Travel speed:150 mm/s
Bottom layer speed:20 mm/s
infill speed:80 mm/s
top/bottom speed:0.0 mm
Outer shell speed:0.0 mm
Inner shell speed:0.0 mm

Minimal layer time:20 sec
enable cooling fan:YES
Fan full on at height:0.5 mm
fan speed min:100%
fan speed max 100%
minimum speed 10 mm/s
cool head lift: no

In the old version Cura (for example version 15.04.6) use "Load Profile from GCode" in the "File" Menu.

GCodes are from the manufacturer of this DIY kit.

Might have to start using that then I've been using slic3r and the prints have been fairly standard but I printed a file of yours and it was the best print so far

belt tensioner stl?

CTC Prusa Clone Tensioner Idler
by Bio75
Geeetech Prusa I3 Pro B - Belt Tensioner
CTC Prusa i3 y axis belt tensioner

Nice job Tom, thanks a lot.
I don't suppose you know where I can get a copy of the original firmware do you?

This CTC Prusa i3 printer is a copy of the printer from Geeetech (specifically "Geeetech Prusa i3 Pro B") and probably therefore should be compatible with the firmware from Geeetech (Marlin 1.0.2 Stable). For the board GT2560 you need search the file Marlin-PI3_Pro_B.zip in this thread:
or download it directly from this link:

Hi a quick question about the firmware. Is it ok to download the firmware you have linked and flash it straight to the printer without any modification or will i need to change some things. I only want to reflash the firmware so i can turn on EEPROM functions.

Firmware from Geeetech has already enabled EEPROM support. You will not need to modify the code because CTC Prusa i3 printer is a hardware identical with the Geeetech Prusa i3 Pro B. However, the problem may occur because the bootloader on the board (GT2560 by CTC) has nonstandard setting of the communication protocol speed (Wiring Baud 57600). It will therefore be necessary to modify the file "boards.txt" in the Arduino IDE. Specifically, it is necessary to change the setting of the "mega.menu.cpu.atmega2560.upload.speed" for "Arduino / Genuino Mega w / ATmega2560" from the initial value 115200 to 57600.

Thats great. Thanks for your help