Train tracks for OS-Railway - fully 3D-printable railway system!

by Depronized Mar 1, 2017
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does this system work with lego track

No, it's not compatible. This is because the connection between the tracks of the lego system is meant for injection moulding and not really suitable for 3D-printing, even though it's possible they will break a lot easier. This was designed to withstand being torn apart over and over again without breaking.

Will these connect to an existing O gauge track set ?

O gauge rolling stock will run on this track. But the engines can't get power from it.

No, this is a system made to be independent and with printability and function as highest priorities. This means that the connecting system can't have tiny parts that are fragile. We're often accidentally kicking the track out of order when my son is plaing with it in the living room and the track pieces needs to be able to handle that brutal disconnection, and in this design they do, they can withstand multiple forceful disconnections and still work OK. That was the main focus. I don't own any commercial O-gauge stuff so I've never compared this to any such.

Appreciate the quick response and hard work on this cool design.

Great work! Just found out this and I'm already starting printing some tracks!

Are the files available as f3d files? I'd like to add a few stuff on the rails (sensors and environment) and the editable files would be great.

I've uploaded the base versions of the track including the turnouts to my webpage: http://www.depronized.com/board/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=73
Feel free to modify as you wish, and I look forward to see the result on Thingiverse. :) (also it's good if you publish it as a derivation of the track page so that people can find it, and I will also include it in the group file directory). Things I've wanted to do is for example a turnout that can be passed from the "wrong side" without the train derailing. Commercial model train turnouts usually are constructed with a spring so they can self-adjust when the train comes, but these are not designed that way. I was also thinking of replacing the lever with a small servo. That idea isn't hard, it's more a question of what to connect it to. Could be another NodeMCU, creating an infrastructure. Other things could be to place magnets on the track and an inductive sensor in the train that can make it stop automatically at stations for eample. There are many possible ideas! :)

Thanks! For sure I'm going to solve this in some way for you! I'll have a look at the projects hopefully tonight, either I'll upload the f3d but I'm thinking I could upload the track joiners as STEP so you can integrate that into your design no matter which CAD-system you're on, and you are free to design the track however you like.

I love your creations & will print all of them. Cannot wait to see my son play with these trains. Will the Tram shown on Youtube also be released?

Thanks! Yes it's the same here, my son is still a bit too young to manage these by himself (3 YO) but it's still lots of fun and it will be more and more fun for him the more he managed to do by himself. Regarding the tram, it's sort of a side project because it's way more detailed and complicated so it takes much more time. It will be released, but I put priority on the simpler stuff. For example, I will make more motor mounts and improve the drive system because it needs improvement.

I know what you mean, my son is 1.5 YO :-) (but he is already a welcome excuse for daddy to become a child again). Looking forward to your future projects, but just don´t feel pressured.. I have to print a ton of tracks first.

Can I make a suggestion?

If it will fit, if you change the 2mm carbon fibre drive shaft for 4 wheel drive to 3mm, the same as the axle shafts, it would save having to buy different sizes carbon fibre rods?

Just a thought...



Yes that is a good point. :) I'm at work so I don't have it in front of me right now, but you could check if there is room to drill it up to 3mm. Otherwise I'll include this in my to-do-list. Generally, I know this bogie is tricky to assemble so I'm going to try to design it simpler, also with the aim of enabling the use of larger motors.


I am very probably going to be printing this tonight, so I'll check and let you know - I happen to have some 3mm carbon rods (but not 2mm, although I have ordered some)

I am gradually assembling all these components while I am printing the parts :)


Ok, yea if it doesn't work, I can make an adapted version, I know it's tight in there between the shaft and the screws. Also keep in mind that this is the track page, so to check for the updates, please check the Hectorrail 141 page.

If you are looking for the axle bearings, and you are in the UK I got mine from the link below? (looks like they also deliver worldwide)


Cost was 14.88 UKP for 10 bearings (you only need 8 but I bought 10 to get the volume discount)

Price includes VAT and UK delivery



Hi, I forgot to answer to your comment, that's a very useful link, thanks! The price is for sure reasonable.

I'm loving this project and can't wait to have it done.
But there's one problem.
How to you slide the slider in its slot in the switch object, in a way that the "part" that connects to the lever enters too?
Would you mind showing in a picture, or by explanation how the slider enters correctly in the switch?
Thank you.

Nevermind, I've found out right after posting it.
The slider enters through the lever box, for those who might ask it too.
Clever design. Thank you!

Hi, it's good you asked because it's not obvious I know. I work super fast with these projects so I know it's not always as clear as it should be. For instance, the switch is prepared for a spring that is supposed to force it in either direction but I have completely forgot to add it on my prototypes. :) The project has reached a state now where I will try to make some instruction videos now instead of just designing new parts. :)

I just need to be sure: It is the same scale as all the garden railway, including Playmobile ones ?

Your work is crazy cool. (yeah i don't know if "crazy cool" is english correct, but it is "crazy cool" !)

Hi, I don't own any other system that I can check compatibility with and I have designed this system for 3D-printing from the ground up which means I have to adapt a lot of things for the printing process. This means making sure I don't have geometries that are hard to print, structural parts that are too thin etc. The wheels are probably the thing that will cause trouble if you try to run my trains on another track, as I have to make the wheels thicker to make them strong enough. But I have left room for adjustment of the wheel width separation so if you can buy metal wheels and position them with the right wheel base you can probably use my trains and cars on another O-gauge system, but leave no guaranties. I'm not really a train nerd myself, so I don't have any other train systems except some old T-gauge stuff I bought years ago.

It seem that playmobile is G scale and not O scale.
But well... I wish give a try at your system, it seem cool.

Thanks for your hard work !

Ok, yes most garden railway systems is G-scale (45mm) and I've gotten requests to adapt to that but it gets far too big when using it indoor in an apartment like I do, so I will stick to the 32mm gauge. But, scaling up in the printing process is always easier than scaling down, as you know that no walls or structures is going to be too thin to print, so you can probably get a good result for the 45mm gauge as long as the parts fits on your print bed, and of course, you have to check that the wheels are compatible. Only downside if you scale up is that the lack of small details will be more visible. I don't focus on getting all the small details on my creations as I focus more on functionality and to create a system rather than very detailed individual cars/locomotives.

good thoughts , good design for kids

Thanks! Yes, I was trying to design some new trains and parts for the wooden brio-style tracks but found them to be too limited.