Anet A8 Hotbed Spring Bushing

by rolleyflex Mar 1, 2017
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Why when I print anything small or round like this my prints come out awful?


Any ideas?

Calibration is obviously an issue, here, but the quality would be improved with this particular print by rotating the model flat in your slicer.

I would suggest you upgrade your belts, or try to tighten them. Once I upgraded to a rubber belt my print quality was so much better and I could then print circles.

how did you print them? standing or resting on the floor?

This is a very good idea. I never liked the way the springs deform and I REALLY hate allowing metal to directly contact the heat bed PCB where it can scratch off solder resist and maybe short the traces out.
Bravo, I will start with your design and tweak to use on my screws.

Perfect on the first print! Thanks for your idea and efforts! DLC

Great idea. But the holes in the middle are too tight for the M3 screws to pass through. So I had to drill them out. Other than that, they do a great job of holding the springs straight. Thanks

Before you try this yourself:
These do not fit on an Anet A6. The knobs are too big and collide with the frame.


Can you give me the link tout make your "bed level screw knob" ?
Thank You.

Pouvez-vous me donner le lien pour réaliser le bouton qui se met sur le papillon du hotbed ?
Merci par avance.

These knobs are a ozfunghi's design (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2000216)

Wing Nut bed level screw knob for Anet A8 (and possibly other printers)

Thank you very much for the link.
Did you print on the same scale or did you do it at 104% for these knobs ?

Thanks in advance.

Merci beaucoup pour le lien.
Avez vous imprimé à la même échelle ou avez-vous fait à 104% ?

Merci par avance.

Im not OP, but I printed those knobs @ 104% and they fit perfectly. I think those knobs and these bushings are a great combo, but Im concerned about the bushing against the hotbed melting/ deforming. Anybody print these in PLA?

I printed these in PLA. I wouldn't recommend it if you plan on printing anything in ABS. Even printing with PLA these were starting to deform. I am going to print these in ABS and see how that goes.