Proteus Headphone Stand

by ProteanMan Mar 2, 2017
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Love the design, but hard to print on an ender3
what a shame

What is the background image you used? it looks like the El Mirage dry lake bed in California.

It is. The CAD/Rendering program - Fusion 360 - has this image as one of it's environments. They don't give you many viable options so I chose this.

Thanks. It looks like a place near where I used to live.

in cura it appears giantic....

Could you tell me the real size so that i can scale it properly?


Ok Friend,
Just updated it. I use Simplify 3D and found that it was very large when I imported. So I adjusted the size of the .STL and now it should import to the proper size. It will fit a 200X200mm bed.
You may have to rotate it to lay on it's back side to print with the best results.

I'll test that later on and maybe upload a resized version.

But - you can just scale it down to fit your printer bed. The goal is to make it a single print object. If you have a 200x200mm print bed then scaling it fit is your best options right now. Just find the Scale option in Cura/other slicer.

Also - make sure you flatten the back face to your bed. In Cura I think it is under the rotation tool.
Hope that helps!

I printed the updated version and it looks great but its a bit small evem for my daughters Headphones. Maybe i will print another one and enlarge it a bit.


When i turn it upside down it fits...

That's the problem - and why I added a larger version in multiple parts.
The standard print bed size (200x200) is smaller than the standard height of headphones. I'll add a picture of mine in a minute where it works perfect with folded headphones.
So to fit standard headphones you will need to print the 4 part version and glue them together. PLA will make the seams as unnoticeable as possible since ABS warps slightly.