Jafar Staff v2

by rgrannan Mar 3, 2017
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What are the connector pieces for??

Hey, nice print:) What do you use as the power supply? Any basic wiring diagram? Thanks for this!

I've started printing this and have the same question as mentioned before. What's the best way to put this all together? Epoxy? And what's a 6" copper pipe connector? Please excuse my ignorance!

So, I designed to fit tight around the pipe, which means that the pipe gets to be the primary strength of the piece. But an epoxy will help give it extra strength, just make sure it's sandable afterwards so you can make the whole piece smooth.

I originally bought the copper pipe connector at my local Ace, and I can't seem to find the exact same thing online, it's basically a slip coupler (like the link here) but much longer; mostly to further enhance the strength. TBH, it probably doesn't need to be a full 6", but given how much effort goes into these, I always build them to be overstrong so there's 0 chance of breaking.

Printing the hood now. Love this so far. Will post pics when printed.

In theory, couldn't most of the staff be done in a pvc pipe? Up to the point right before the curve? That would save a lot of filament / time / money if so.

Yes, with only minor modification. There's a very slight taper in radius of the staff from the cobra hood down to the bottom. (The "original" tapes even more severely, but the batter casing creates a minimum circumference I had to maintain). Easily compensated for, but you'd want to do that. In addition, you'd need to at least partially fill the gap between the outer PVC pipe which makes up the body and the inner copper pipe which holds the batteries, to make sure everything stays in place.

But yes, you could certainly use PVC pipe.

Hey man, I love this.

Any photos of putting it together? I have a good idea, but I'm making this for my kid and dont' want to screw it up after printing so much.

It seems the head of the staff is missing...

Sorry about that! Uploaded the files for the head.

Thank you! this is indeed an impressive staff!

That's what she said.