Kossel Mini NEMA17 Extruder for 1.75mm Filament

by blomker Dec 29, 2013
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How do you mount this to the frame???

What did you generate this with? It's full of tiny triangles pointing opposite to the rest of the normal which makes it a pain to edit.

Can you design a thicker support?
I have a 0.5mm nozzle and cura I do not want to print them.

whats the other part used for, the frame extruder

Would you kindly provide the source for the 11mm drive gear?

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Hi Blomker, will post a pic of my kossel build soon, the orange parts you sent me were so warped and cracked/split they are unusable so I had to print my own out.

There is 2 strange ring's in the design. One in the hole for the motor and one in the hole for the nut?
In the foto's you dont seen the ring's but in the stl desing and when you gone print it they are!
Now the the motor and nut dont fit in the holes.

These are for support. It wouldn't be printable without them (or at least it would be very hard)

Those are for support I believe. You snap them off after the print is complete.

No, the rings where the mesh is not manifold and has holes, this needs to be netfabbed first, its not printable as is.

How do this extruder enable to push a different sized filament? Most designs have a spring, and I do not see it in this one.

Title says 1.75MM?

My bad. How does the filament gets pushed against the bearing? Is it the elasticity of the plastic, or that the gap has been engineered to ensure that a 1.75 mm filament will have substantial pushing force against the hobbed wheel?

The bearing pushes against the filament actually. You can't see it in the pictures because he didn't install it, but there should be a bolt that closes the jaws a bit to adjust for different tensions..I'll try to post a make of mine so you can get the gist of it..

Could it be possible to post source files? I would like to modify a little bit your nice design... Thanks!

The only thing I don't like about this is the drive gear being covered up. You'll have to disassemble it to clean stripped filament out of hte teeth.

Been printing for 5 months 6+ hours a day with this extruder and have yet to open it up.

I have a similar extruder but find that I have to take thing almost completely apart
just to load filament.