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8-Bit Classic Mario

by jakejake Mar 4, 2017
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Amazing! It looks like the files are oriented the way they should be printed, correct? Should they need supports? My slicer is trying to add supports in a few places and I'm not sure they're necessary.

Thanks again for the awesome work!

Thanks! All of the files are in the best orientation for printing.

Any overhang should have a 45 degree slope beneath it, which should be fine to print without supports on most printers.

Comments deleted.

is it printable at 0.4mm layer ?

How tall is this once printed?

Can I please have the full model? Thanks.

it is full model, if you want different colors this is how to do it. single model cannot be printed basically.

What for PLA did you use for the skin tone?

This is awesome! I can't wait to make this! By any chance do you have the video of how to assemble?

This is brilliant sir, a Zelda version would be amazing.

This is incredible. I am impressed. Well done

I really enjoyed making this model! BTW, after making my jumbo sized version of this, I noticed that there is one "mistake" in the model compared to the Amiibo. On Mario's left hand (the one he's holding up in the air), the part facing his body that you can see in the main image above is just a square, but on the Amiibo it is missing one block at the bottom. This is hard to explain but a comparison of the two should tell you what I'm talking about.

Yea I see what you are talking about, good eye! I believe that was to make it more printable. Otherwise I would need to split that tiny hand into two pieces.

That is impressive work.
Are you going to do any other classic designs?

Thanks, after the final result came out so nice I was thinking about doing some others.

Got suggestions?

Given the excitement over the new Zelda game, I think Link might be a good choice and the Amiibo already exists.

Also, I think an 8-bit mushroom from the original Super Mario Bros. would be a good companion for this, and could be changed into different types of mushrooms just by changing the filament colors.

That's a great idea! maybe I'll try the mushroom next. The form seems like it would translate to 3d pretty well also.

Other Super Mario and Mario Bros chars and items would be good.
Samus and chars from Metroid.
Link and Zelda and creatures from Legend of Zelda.

Those are probably the most popular items.

Thanks! I always wanted one, so I bought the actual amiibo awhile back!


Yea its a nice little knick knack to have!

Cool, I finished making my version but I'm stilling testing for arcuate size. Also the amiibo name is supposed to be named Classic Mario (modern colors). Looks great :)