Pergo's Ver 2 Robo3D (R1 and Plus) Bearing Spool Holder

by Pergo Mar 5, 2017
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A slot instead of a hole for the filament might be a good idea.
the original robo design had a sliding part that allowed the filament to move from side to side when printing.
or even eliminate the center support of the center plate and beef up the sides to allow use of the original slider.

Remember that the point of the top pieces is the trap heat during ABS prints.

If you don't want the top pieces, just don't print the center plate. In your thoughts, all you need is the connecting pieces that hold the spool in place if just printing PLA. Version 1 might give you want you want.

I had to scale up the roller to 1.01 for bearing clearance.
so I wil scale up the center plate accordingly.

what is the "end cover"??

End covers are the little pieces that plug the remaining top slot in the printers cover. These are only needed when you either use my


Or cover the printer with plastic to hold heat when printing ABS.

Pergo Robo3D Heat Chamber Ver 2
by Pergo

why isnt the filament routed through the hole in the base

it is it's an optical illusion in that pic. zoom in the light changed the color of the filament slightly so it does not look like it is... but is is routed in the hole.

Awesome. . Please post pictures when done. Would love to see it

I like this design, going to print it!