Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Pod realacc X210 new design

by emiel1976 Mar 7, 2017
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Hey, I really like you pod.
So far is the only one that found to be sturdy enough, I think you made the walls a bit thicker and that makes
quite a difference.

I wonder i you plan to make or would you make a version without the arm covers. I end up always cutting them out as is
not that piratical to use as well as they stay a bit too high. With some motors If the props bend a bit it starts touching there right away.
So as I say I cut them but printing it as a waste of filament.

A version with without them and with side holes for the USB plug would be perfect!

PS: I tried to edit the file but the pc starts crying as it is too many polygons when converted. :D


Windows 10 has an editor to edit files. It is basic but it works good to tremoeve things and ad holes.
I stopped with the canopy, So i wioll not update or ad other versions any more.

Hi, could you modify the design such that it could fit a micro sized camera.

Hello, pod for Realacc X210 ok but it also goes on the original Qav-X Lumenier?
Thank you

As it is the same yes, but is is designed to fit the relacc so I don't think it will fit the luminaire.

Yes I just print on 3 mm high to see if the hole falls in front, only one hole front face does not fall in front, unwind by 2mm.
Its just the canopy hole next to the hole in the frame in the cabone

Here are the dimensions of the Lumenier Qav-X from the center of the hole to the other hole.

I am sorry but I stopped adding new versions of this pod.

I design now for web shops and as I have time for people that want a custom pod.

Thx a lot ! tbs unifty pro hv and a micro receiver do the trick.I'm a bad bad pilot and your V1.1 is just destroyed :) That's me, not you ahahahah crash after crash piece after piece. Anyway a very good build. Do you plan to add a 30deg camera support on V1.2 ? I like to record my happy crash in full HD ! Thx again for your work, it is awesome :)

Sorry i stopped completely with adding new versions.

It seems to be normal to steel your design and sell it or make remakes without following the licences.

As soon as i have time. I am way behind on orders and other stuff so it will not be soon.

I wish someone would make one for the micro nano runcam/ foxieer nano. style cameras. they are just as good but much smaller and lighter.

Is it possible you make a version of the "Pod_v1.2_with_xt60" compatible with the GX210 frame? The only difference is spacing between the two front holes that is 3.6mm in stead of 3mm.

For now not. I have to much to do and not much time to ad new versions.

Printed out in pet-g and look very nice ! Is this for a classic configuration pdb with FC on top ? It looks not big enough. I have a tbs hv pro too.thx 4 your works. I have your older and bigger version flying every sunday :)

But I am working on a updated version. It will nog get more space but I made some small changes that must help to get things in better.
Also will it get other arms that will protect better against props.

You need to keep a low stack. It has less space but it will fit. Just get a small vtx like the tbs unify and a tiny rx like the XM+ from frsky.

The arms on this new file are too thin in my opinion. They are too flimsy to provide any protection to the escs, and it's making them harder to print. Not really concerned with the slight weight benefit, would rather have the protection.

Yes I now, I am going to make them thicker to 1.5 or 2mm

Comments deleted.

When will you add one with a 30deg cam mount option like your other x210 pods?

Thank u

I will do that tonight.

Awesome thank u!

Uploading it now.

Thanks dude this is so awesome!!!
cant wait to get it printed and put it on my waterproofed frame.
When i finished rebuilding my build with this pod Ill upload some pictures here and on Insta.

Thank u very much again cant tell you how much I appreciate your effort.


Possible to print without Support?

I don't now. Try it.

nice pod,do i need supports to print that?

whats best to print this in tpu

This design looks great!
Any Idea when you will be posting the 30 degree session cam mount version ?
Cant wait to get my hands on this one :O

Thank u

I must finish some other things first but after that i will ad it

Awesome thx! will keep an eye out for an update.

Try to do it fast but I have a lot to do lately so it takes a bit longer than I wanted.

It looks really nice! Would also love to have the 30° mount version!

Do you have the hole pattern for the v+ baseplate? If not I can measure it up for you and send you a scan if you like. I think most people would be buying the v+ now. I'm not sure if the v+ is the same as the pro.

Scan the plate and send a dm to me than i give you my mail so you can send it.

Which FPV Camera fits in the Pod?

HS1177 and runcam swift will fit but also the Foxeer v1 to 3. Only the holes are 3mm so you need a small washer for that.

I really like this.. looks like it can be printed without supports? Can't wait for your v+ .. I've noticed the holes or different than the standard x210frame.

Great design please add a bolt hole in the attachment of the pod then its perfect!

That version comes back when the pod is ready.

Escs don't quite fit. The arms aren't wide enough.
I think that's mentioned in the description though so look forward for the updates
Also have you coming today especially for this ha-ha
Awesome work

Thanks for another great design! I think this fits the standard X210 baseplate? When you have time to continue with this project, would it be possible to also have one fitting the X210 Pro baseplate? Although it is a bit more expensive than the original baseplate it is really much stiffer and probably also more durable in crashes than the original baseplate. I would love to see it becoming the standard baseplate for 3D printed pods.

Yes it is for the standard x210. I don't have the other plates.

Glad to hear that you have plans to make also a version for the Pro base plate! If you still need a scan of the Pro base plate, you can find a rough scan from here:
Although it seems to have some perspective in the image, the dimensions of the topmost layer are accurate. Top of the image is the front of the plate.

I have it already. On my instagram you can see the pod. Needs mounting and the arm version will come later.
As i finish this pod, i will also finish that pod and the stretched X version.
That one is also far.

Anybody flying yet? I'm wondering about crash surviveability. That's still an issue for me :-)

Wow! Another great design! Can i adapt it on the chimp?

Next week the first updates come and replace these models. It are still test pods. As it is ready I will open it for remakes.

Hey I'm about to put one on the printer and see how it goes. Any chance you'll be designing one to fit the stretched x version?

Yes but than do I need a scan of the bottom plate or the bottom plate.

Awesome. Well I can get you the plate or the scan. Would love to see it done.

I have 2 projects that I must finish first. I will send you a message with my e-mail adres. Is easier.

Sounds great. Thanks! It will take me a few days to get the scan, but no rush anyway. I really appreciate your work on these.

About halfway through printing in petg. Can't wait to try and squeeze everything in

TPU is better but let me now how the pteg goes and if you get the cam in the pod.

If anyone is thinking about what TPU to get for pods, I have printed such pods (Although not this one) in both Ninjaflex and Semiflex and in my opinion Ninjaflex is too soft for this but Semiflex or generic TPU of similar hardness would be the ideal choice. Semiflex is also much easier to print than Ninjaflex.

You need some flex but not to much. The pod gets his stiffness from the shape but as it has to much flex, than it will not protect the parts inside.

Yeh I've only got petg until Saturday then will have you for another print. Buzzing for this

Have you printed yourself? Last I saw you didn't have a printer but was getting one

No don't have one. Need to wait until the summer, (june-Julie) than can I buy one. I have several people that want to test it for me. That is why I have now only 2 versions. I now that the pod fits on the frame but it are the small things like the rear by the version with the hd cam mount that needs to be tested. The other one is fine and will have no problems.

I'll give you some feedback when I've got it printed in tpu :)

Does it makes sense for the front to use the current aluminum standoffs to reinforce the stiffness and have something similar to what you did for the back and screw the nut on top and then add the cover?

No. It is strong enough. No need for alu standoffs.It is stiff enough just like the other pod. Does not neet anu suport.

I think TPU will transfer the shock of a crash to the internal component, nylon 910 would be best, I think.
how thick is it?

2mm. Nylon with some flex would be good. I have the other pot in tpu and that is stiff enough. No problems with the components inside.

Hi nice work, one comment tho, can you add a hole for the usb plug

That comes when I now the pod is good. You can now ad the hole by using a sharp nife or better e soldering iron.
This way you can put it on the place where your usb is.

easiest solution.

add that to the description for people like me that want to overthink shit XD

Read the description and you would have known it. I am still working on it and it is now for testing.

how do you get wires from motor to ESC? are you snipping the cross piece that is at wire tie area? Without cutting that cross piece that would be between ESC and motor it seems impossible to mount.

We tested our red one tonight and the cross part sits over the wires fine. It seems to help the arm cover hold it's shape and will help hold the esc down without the need for tape of anything. We thought it would get in the way before fitting it too.

Good to hear. Thanks for the feedback.

Yes you can cut that piece. It is there to keep the shape of the protector.

Awesome work dude...!!! Thanks