CR-10 40mm Stock Hot End Cooling Duct

by superpotatofudge Mar 8, 2017
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Hello! Very nice work on this duct, I really like it! But I have one problem, because on my cooling block there is an litte m2 screw, which blocks your mount! I solved it temporarily by melting a little notch, but it would be really nice if you could send me a step file or something to edit it!

Oh can you PLEASE help me find the 2 screws that mount this to that X moving block.
I have been looking for weeks and nothing i get work, and i feel like m3s are too big.
Any idea what size and thredding the proper screws are. You would literally be a life saver

fits like a glove.. thank you

I use 3M high temperature aluminum tape strip on the bottom of these models to reflect all the heat away. Its generally used on wood stoves and can handle around 800(f). Its semi thick but can be cut with scissors and has adhesive on one side too. Its also good to keep any cold air that escapes from the bottom of the fan where there might be a small air gap from escaping.

Used this on my Ender 2, works with the stock bolts.

do you have a 30mm version of this?

Not at this time. It is something I've thought about making though, that and a 50mm version. I simply haven't had time for personal modeling for quite a while now though. I'll see what I can do, no promises though!

so far I'm enjoing your work but I wondered, if is possible to have any cad type file to modify it, I'm planning a snap fit version :)

I modeled it in Autodesk 123D, I could give it in that native format or STEP...not sure which you'd prefer.

Does someone know if these two are compatible to each other?


Best regards

CR-10 40mm Stock Hot End Cooling Duct
OEM Fang CR-10
by Racush

Guys, I just got my CR-10 and am working on the "essential" mods and this is one of the recommended. I see comment/question about the stock cooling fan on the right side remixing to accommodate it. The question I have is: What do I do with the fan on the side if I'm using this duct?

Pick one of the "Fang" style ducts, use the modular dual fan design (I forget who made it), or do what I did for a long time...just stick the stock cooling fan to the side of this duct with a bit of BluTack! :) I actually used it like that for at least 100 hours and it was generally fine. Plus the BluTack allowed adjustments to the height of the fan and the angle of the air flow for better cooling without getting too much on the nozzle.


Can I use the stock bolts that come with the CR-10? I feel they may be too short with that center support thickness?

yeah i ran into a problem with the bolts not reaching - ACE Hardware has the proper sizes a few mm longer if your in the US. Grab a few extra washers for each side in case you have too much thread.

Nope, you need at least another 5mm to grab enough threads.

Thanks for this. it is a vast improvement over the original 'iron box' arrangement - We now have a fan that is actually directed at the filament cool end without blasting air all over the place and an added bonus of actually being able to see the print nozzle - and really nicely designed too!

Would you be agreeable to a slight remix to include a flange to support the stock part cooler fan on the right of the unit? also hoping to mix up a small semi-circular part cooler fan duct to complete the new arrangement of parts. Will post on TV with all attributions etc (dont expect it to be as elegant as your design as I am new to all this!)

Remix away! I haven't had much time for personal projects for a good while now and with so many others doing remixes of my duct or adding on to it with fan designs I haven't put much thought into further mods.

I printed this with PETG . 30% infill made it lighter still. And slightly more flexible. Tight fit without breaking. Great mount. Thanks.

printed with PETG and it was REALLY a tight fit i would recommend to scale it up by 2 or 3 % but it works great 100% infill so close to the heatblock I wanted something strong and reliable !

thanks a lot !

Nice and simple. Would you please make a second version for a 50mm fan. That would be awesome.

Any news on a mount for the cooling fan ?

Between work and life demands I haven't done much 3D printing related work at home. And there seems to have been a large influx of new cooling duct designs so I haven't made it a priority to sort out.

Just made this and one of the lower internal struts snapped :( I take it they are needed ( not got the printer yet just getting parts made ready)

Not particularly necessary if your material shrinks beyond 2%, which most PLA does, it will be a very tight fit around the heatsink. I had to slide mine on from the top and it took a fair amount of effort. It has more than enough grip to hold a 40mm fan in place during the fastest print speeds. The add on 50mm fang duct that others have modeled was never intended to be supported by my design! Although I think if the support struts stay intact it would be just fine. Without them...I'm not sure.

This is really an amazing design. How did you know the tolerance needed to snap into the heat sink?

Direct measurements from the heatsink and modeled trying to account for a near 3% shrink rate for PLA. Most PLA shrinks somewhere between 2 and 3.5% during cooling. So really it was a bit of a guess and hoping for the best. In the end I think it came out OK for the filament I used as it was a rather tight snap fit which works well. So well I'm not sure the struts and screw holes are even necessary to keep the fan in place. But that's also assuming not throwing a huge load of a 50mm blower and fang ducts stacked on the front...I never intended that to happen.

Love the simplicity of the design, Do ya think a couple little tabs at the bottom that extends back to the mounting wall would help with printhead stabilization? It looks vulnerable to y axis movements with just the two little screws holding everything in place especially with the fang, 5015 fan and a bowden tube pulling on it

Heh yea, when I designed it there was no intention to piggy back a large duct with a blower on it. So far I haven't had any issues as long as the mount screws are kept tight. And maybe a bit of thread lock used if it works loose at all. I haven't heard anyone else having issues yet, but I can see it could easily become a problem. I may revisit the design and add some extra support.

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apparently there is a right way and a wrong way to mount this bracket - guess which one I picked ;-)
It needs to be mounted like this https://cdn.thingiverse.com/renders/24/6f/61/2b/1e/54578611656798245210940077c32ced_preview_featured.jpg
Otherwise the "Fang" will be at almost nozzle height and drag on your print ....

Because the PLA compresses a bit I will re-tighten the screws after a few days

The duct is meant to be mounted in the orientation it is printed. As in my pics. If you flip it over as in the link you posted, you may not properly cool the heat sink. And the airflow will likely be directed downward at the heater block and cool it too much! I'm also using the Fang, I just trimmed a bit off the bottom of the duct outlets and I'm sure it will be no worse than any other layer duct catching on things.

How does the PLA hold up so close to the heatsink? Sure it's getting lots of airflow - so it's probably okay. (So long as the fan doesn't die...) Would it be advisable to ultimately print this in ASA, PETG or Nylon?

pla can be millimeters from the hot end and you won't have trouble unless a fan dies. you pretty much have to touch the hot end or have a fan die to have to worry about the PLA.

I've used PLA for many many hours of printing even at 245C. No problems so far. I'm guessing if the fan died it ..may.. start to have small issues, but since it is so far away from the heater block itself...meh.

Did you print this vertically or face flat?

Vertically as it is modeled.

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This is really smart ! Hope you will make a layer fan mod that fit with this mod and the stock blower fan :)

Heh, I'm working on it. Coming slower than planned....

Did you ever finish it? Thanks!

Nice ! Take your time mate :) In this hobby to get the best results you need to take it slow and tinker :) Wish you luck !

Dyig to see your layer fan mod! This looks way smart! ;)