Micro Single Spinner Fidget by TimBolton

by TimBolton Mar 8, 2017
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adam from mythbusters thought it was cool here is the vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-FHY5FNsWc&t=3s

Printed one out with 100% infill and put a bearing and it simply doesn't spin. Anyway I could improve it?

I had this same problem. It seems like the two thicker walls of the fidget push against the bearing a very tiny bit and restrict the movement of the outer wall of the bearing.

Due to some reason they print bit smaller than needed. The hole is 20.8 (instead of 22), and the bearing cap does not sit inside the bearing without glue

Nice work. I like it! Ideally we could print with 100% fill outboard part and 20% fill on the inboard part to keep it spinning longer.

Anybody can sell these because there is no available patent due to the existing patent expiring under the previous owner (a lady who sold them at fairs in Florida some odd decade ago). This means the license is open to the public, which just happened recently. Hence the surge of spinners on the market from Chinese manufacturers and 3D print enthusiasts alike. My point being, whether or not you state "do not sell these" it means precious little to a manufacturer who sees your design and wants to mass produce. I understand your wish to keep it off market (I wont sell any), but its an effort in futility unfortunately.

Hi, "...15% infill" It seems to me a little, for a quick rotation. Are you sure?

I've printed it with 15-50% infill. It is true that the heavier it is the better it will spin but it's so small it won't make that much of a difference. Let us know if you experiment and how it works out.

If I had some BBs, I'd try about 15-20% and drop those in the outboard holes.

Thanks, you are right; but it's important to use a fast bearing. :)

Hello, would you mind if I'll use your design? because we're having a Business day in our school, and I have an idea to sell one of these. I hope you can allow me to use this. Don't worry we won't sell these internationally or nationally etc, this is just for our school. (we're just high school students) KIND REGARDS!

the reason why I liked your design because it just needs one bearing as students we can't afford that much bearings because here in our place bearings are expensive.

what fill density Should I do?

it doesn't spin more than 5 seconds

try to wash your bearing in gasoline, it can increase spin time to 30s, DON'T USE OIL !

doesn't spin more than 5 seconds

Printed one and find myself using the top or bottom to spin it, would be great if there was an indent for your finger to rest in!

Hi Tim, have some question want to ask for your opinion.
From your video I can see the reverse visual from your spinner when you spin it, but why I can't see that reverse visual from mine?
I'm using bearing 608zz steel bearing.

its a side effect of using a low fps camera

easily one of my favorite spinners on this site

acctually as soon as someone posts a design to the internet they loose all right to it unless they BUY a copyright licence
link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceZRG-zrsLQ

Actually no, you don't loose your rights to your content on the internet, specially if you explicitly state the conditions of use.

No thing overage gives u a licens. U can put on there

I have my own designed trust me

90% sure its a violation of his intellectual rights, as you are taking advantage of his idea for profit

Why do you think I'm asking

These are here for you to enjoy. Please do not sell them. Thank you.

After trying many other spinner models and even making my own, this remains one of the most comfortable designs I think anyone could have created. Well done!

Hi Tim! Love the look of this one. Would like to print and sell this in Sweden are you up for a deal? :-)

Did you use a Stainless Steel bearing or did you use a ceramic one?

I have Bones stainless steel bearings in mine. I had a full set (16) after upgrading my hockey skates so I'm just using those.

I am printing a few of these for my wife's first grade class. She has some kids that could really benefit from them. I will add pictures once I get them done and assembled