Pokemon Deck Box

by jessed Dec 31, 2013
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Thanks mate, my son loves his! Gonna need to print up some more for him now.
I have a pretty inaccurate printer (Rostock clone), and didn't scale anything. It printed out perfectly, without the extra pads. I like that if you don' thave the coin in the hole, you can see the pokeball from the card. Well done!

i made this it took 6 hours just for a bent card when i try to fit it in.just a warning it will need scaling up

Is this box sleeve friendly? Doesn't look like it.

Just out of curiosity, do you still play pokemon (cards), and have you ever played a deck battle in a tournament?

I tried to print out another deck box someone else made, but their's didn't work. I hope that this one does. I have done one before, but the coin didn't fit. Do you have any suggestions on what I can do to fit the coin. I am a huge fan of pokemon, and 3d printing. I have bought a new Guardians Rising Deck, and the coin doesn't fit.

I recently printed one of these for a manager's son for his birthday. He loved it so much and takes it with him to school and thinks its the coolest thing ever.

I was asked how much I would charge for printing out this box for their son, I said it would be free because I am new to the 3D printing world, and even though this is under the CC license, I was not comfortable charging for something that I did not create and morally. There's so many issues out there legally, and I did not want to run a foul of legal issues.

Your work was greatly enjoyed by a child out there who is a fan of Pokemon, I just did not feel comfortable charging for something that I did not create. I wouldn't have known WHAT to charge even if I felt I could.

Your input would gladly be accepted.
Thank you.

Hi Azzy, so glad to hear he's enjoying it! My daughter and I like them too. I like to give things like this away to friends rather than charge for them personally, but I'm okay with you charging for them if you want. In that case, you should charge what you think is reasonable. If you want to give back, then you're welcome to send me 10% of your profits (so subtract material costs) after you sell more than 20 or so.

P.S. The hole where the coin window is, printed out nicely and it fits perfectly, as reported from the happy child. It really made his birthday.

I am by no means a salesman in any way. When I used to draw back in my teenager years, I was pretty good, but I could never get myself to draw for money. It never felt right to me, almost to the point of the feeling of having a lead weight in my gut.
As with your works, I wouldn't know what would be reasonable to charge, let alone to divi it up fairly to you.

I feel that I am going to have to be careful from now on with what I do with what I print out from now on. If I give out for free everything that I would print, then I would find myself loosing out more than I would be gaining. Its a really deep moral issue in myself more than anything, but also that I really want to respect to the letter, not only the creative commons side of the objects in question, but also respect the intellectual property of those who made it.

Even asking for a donation of a spool of filament now and again, would not feel right and would just side step the moral issue all together. Thank you though for your reply back and for your use of the model. This is really a bothersome issue that I think spans much more than just the makers of the models, but also the people who print them and those who want printed objects of things they cannot find in a hardware store or gift shop.

Morally troubled,

Good for you for caring about these kinds of things. I wish more folks had such strong ethics. It is an issue I've worried about as well, and it's something the creative commons licenses at least help with resolving. In cases like these it's hard to know the intent of the author... but the CC licenses gives them an easy way to directly answer questions like "Can people copy this and make money from it?", "Can people modify it and redistribute it as their own?", etc. Sticky moral dilemmas indeed, but I think if you follow what the licenses allow you should be fine.

Also, I think there is nothing whatsoever wrong with charging for materials. The ethical issues in my mind begin when you start charging for wear and tear on the machine (which is reasonable but hard to measure), or your time (which is reasonable on one hand, but then also makes it into a paying job). Looking at it from the other side, if you don't feel right asking for materials costs then there is a whole lot of things you will not print and give away. You lose the experience & practice, the joy in giving, and the opportunity to make the world a (slightly) better place. The people you'd give things to lose the awesome pokemon deck box that they otherwise could have had, or the use of whatever it is you would have printed. Whereas if you print these things and ask for materials costs... who loses? I can't think of anyone that loses in that situation. Certainly not me. So I'd humbly suggest that you feel free to ask for materials costs or filament donations. Nobody loses. People only win, and I am happy to have contributed to that. Donating your time and machine is generous. In the end, of course, you must follow your heart.


I love this, but can't use it because all of our decks are sleeved. Sleeved version?

I was wondering the same thing, i guess what i would do is bring it up in Cura and scale it up a little. Like maybe 2mm more

I suggest learning OpenSCAD, then you can modify the file to make it a little taller.

Comments deleted.

how much infill did you use?

This is a really great idea, but I would like to see a box that fits 60 sleeved cards, not just unsleeved ones.

All of the geometry is included in the scad file, so you can modify it to be a bit taller if you learn to use OpenSCAD.

This looks really sweet, defiantly printing a couple one I get my 3d printer

I really like this ... however my coins go right thru the hole in the middle.. I tried reducing size up until the cards would no longer fit.. still the coins fall thru... is there a larger version coin out there that you re using?

Hmm, our coins came with the Kalos starter decks and fit pretty well. If you're handy with OpenSCAD, you should be able to tweak the scad file to shrink the hole without changing the size of the rest of the deck, and then generate new STLs. That's probably your best bet if you have differently sized coins.

Nice design! Which printer and what settings?

I printed these on a MakerBot Replicator, in PLA at 215°C, with a 0.27mm layer height. Printed onto a clean glass plate at 70°C.

Thanks! Really want to print this but with the circular rafts on the bottom the area is too large for my Printrbot Simple (4x4 only :( ). Any way to upload a version without the rafts or suggestions on how to remove them myself?

Sure, I can upload a set of STLs without the little pads to improve adhesion.

Sweet! Downloading to try out... Will report back!