TV / Monitor Wall Mount MkII

by natko Dec 31, 2013
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What VESA versions does this support work for?

How big of a panel will this hold?I have a 26" LED TV I want to mount to this will it work?And does it need to be ABS or is PLA ok?What infill percentage is good to use and does anyone have a parts list for screws and nuts?

Hi, tanks a lot. It was very useful. Is available a base that could fit the moun? I'd like to have my TV on a desk .

impression faite, c'est pour tenir un écran HUNDAI W22T posé sur mon bureau.
j'ai fait avec de l'ABS sur ma XYZ DaVinci 1.0 A, parfait
couche => 0.3
remplissage => 30%

Je commence l'impression a l'instant, merci pour le travail fait!!

For the basic design with the coach bolts, can one just use just the 135 mm braces or are they being used to connect to the wall plate ? Or is it to the LCD mount ? Or does it not really matter ? Thanks

You can use the 135mm Beams for both between wall and between monitor but warning the thing twist's and coach bolts look nice but when you go to tighten after time the just strip the plastic eventually. (then you'll never undo the thing).

Maybe if print with 100% infill it wont happen dunno!

Right. I tried using the coach bolts and it was a tremendous fail. Going to switch to using some regular bolts and the standard 135 mm beams.

Did it work ? .. hope so !

Any rough idea on the maximum weight you would put on this?
Also you thin 0.6 infill will do the trick or more? What did you use?

This one
weighs about 3 pounds.

Well the problem is that this thing twists the further away from the wall that you want to set the monitor.

The files are as printed, that way so that the layers ensure you never have a fatal failure (it may droop but not drop EASILY)

I have now changed to a 3 monitor system very recently... but from posting this the 8lb monitor never fell of the wall, the plastic arms did slowly bend

WOW never added instructions... they my standard 0.3mm layer .. 0.3 to 0.2 infill and if you can 3 parameters and 3 top bottom layers.

Will add to instructions Tar

I made one, it works, however I have one suggestion - TV mount plate should be thicker and lay flat to the surface of the monitor. I'm using 19" 4:3 LCD and I'm not sure if it will hold in a longer run. All the other parts are very strong (I printed with 100% infill).
It would be great if you could share the source file for the plate.

See three monitor remix.. it has thicker compatible mount plates

sure m8 source is alibre 12.1 n dirty since always pissed when doing this stuff.

As to mount plate, cant update any design at the moment cos alibre 12.1 not workin after upgrading to geomagic which at the moment hate... hated 12.1 to start with to tell truth.

Txs dude!
did you try it? how much weight can it support?

At the moment it holds my LG Flatron W2261VP very nicely (approx 4kg / 8.8lb)

Printed 0.3mm layer height, 30% infill, 2 Perimeters

The beams have an internal box sections that hopefully reduces twist, but you still need to tighten the M8 rods very tight and if not nyloc nuts use some thread lock on the nuts.

The TV mount plate I am still using the original from the MkI mount, so duno if the twist adjust slots work

Very nice!
But it seems it miss one piece? to hold the Mount plate on the beams...?

Sorry yes that piece is the existing one from the original TV mount, have attached it now