Monoprice Select Mini Filament Guide

by tommytwothousand Mar 9, 2017
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Thank you!!! came out great!!

20 fill
.7 speed on mini v2

Thanks heaps works great ! Cheers Gary

outstanding works like a charm thanks

really satisfied with this. Thanks a lot !

Brilliantly simple design!

I think this would be a good host for a filament cleaner, maybe need to make the dimensions larger to house a larger inner disc whch can then contain sponge.

Great design printed in 14 min and works great Thank You

Works great!!! No need for support if you slow down the print speed to 0.8

This simple creation is great. works like a charm. thanks bud. :)

Printed it out at .175 layer and 20% infill and it seemed to fused itself together. any ideas?

do you have the brim setting on? my printer is set to 1.75 and 20% infill but i have the build plate adhesion set to skirt not brim. maybe try that and see if it helps. mine printed out great and it is awesome.

works amazing great design and improved my prints

Very nice and useful, I have had to make this three times as it keeps breaking at the bend area. Any suggestions?

Try to use some supports on the bended area, it worked for me.
My first print came out perfect (first print ever made after the bed leveling)

Works great! The print came out perfect! Thank you!

Does this need supports to print? and is 20% infill enough?

Did not need supports, i printed at 20% infill with great results. Printed on my monoprice select mini of course. Thanks for a great first print and upgrade!

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Efficient design and works well.