MendelMax Laser Cut Y Axis

by kludgineer Apr 19, 2012
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Is there a DXF for a thinner material (aluminum)? I have access to a waterjet but not a laser. Alternatively, is there a 3d cad model that I can update the material sizes for?


No, and I will not likely have time to make one in the near future unfortunately. Reahhy, this deisgn is optimized for wood, making it in metal would require different design decisions, so it should be pretty substantially redesigned for that.

The 3d model is included in the MendelMax 1.5 files.

Also how thick is the material this is designed for?

Can you put some measurements in here so I can get the scale right. When my friend with a lasercutter loaded this in his software it was tiny so we had to scale it up. Problem is I dont know exactly how big it should be.

Your software likely interpreted the DXF as in inches,m so if you scale it by 25.4x it will be correct. for reference, the center to center distance between the bearing mount holes is 100mm

Is the build platform limited to a certain size with this?

It is designed for a roughly 250x300mm. You could go a bit bigger, but not much probably.