Super Simple Spool Holder

by bxd2000 Mar 9, 2017
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Very nice spool holder. Not for 5kg reels though. Reel's rims are much 2 wide. Could work if you flare the guide wheels wider. very nice though for 2kg and less. :)

I wouldn't recommend using this design for any spool weighting 2 kg or more. The base will deform under the weight. I wanted to redesign the holder but right now I have no spare time to do so.

Thank you for sharing, it's design is very good even if not "super simple" ;-) !

I designed an additional part to help centering the ball bearing into the "laufrad" part during the press operation.

You can find it here : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3608923

Easy ball bearing centering
by benCNC

How is a spool holder, requiering 26(!) single pieces "super simple" ?

So it's rocket science because it requires 26 pieces?

Nah, I just wouldn't call it "super simple".
There are 1 piece spool holders on Thingiverse like

These also have the advantage to not untangle the spool...

One Piece Spool Holder
by dot_bob

It's just a name. The design is very simple, print time is extremely low and the assembly is also foolproof. So those were the reasons for me to call it super simple.

Both solutions (with and without bearings) have advantages and disadvantages.

This is excellent, needed the 0.4 laufrad for the Stripes Bearings, perfect fit. Best spool holder yet. Thanks

Elegant Design. The least number of pieces to solve the problem.

Print the wheels @1.02% as the bearings can be a tight fit. Sticking a thin sheet of rubber or silicon to the bottom of the base is a good idea as PLA or the like has a low coefficient of friction and will stop the base from sliding.

Thank you for the Super Simple design.

Printed fine and well. Got a problem though. Spool prefers to "slide" on the Laufrad instead of spinning the bearing.
Please note the bearing and everything moves very smoothly, there are not any issues.
The point is that the PLA Laufrad is very smooth and slippery.
Any suggestion?
to be honest... the design works anyway. But at this point the bearings are totally useless, it would have worked as a fixed design from the start.


That's weird. The ball bearings should spin so easily that it is almost impossible for the spool to slip on the "Laufrad". Did you check that your bearings are moving freely.

Edit: Just tried with an empty spool and even that's working fine. Maybe the lubricant in your bearings is too thick or the bearings are damaged.

Thanks for your reply. I'v managed to solve the issue. The problem was the contact point between the Laufrad and the filament spool. the spool was actually only touching with its most external edge (almost no contact). I think due to the close radius of the Laufrad compared to the width of the plastic spool roller.
I printed this mod https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2843429 and all together it works flawlessly.
The spool rests on the flat bearings and rolls properly.
Thank you again, nice design :)

Super Simple Spool Holder Remix

i had to print the "Laufrad" @ 101%.

Hi, would it be possible to have a non screw version where the innnenaufname is longer and sits in the frame without a screw, just pressure fit?

works great, thank you for this design!