Eiffel Tower model for large format printers (354mm tall)

by 3DGenera Mar 9, 2017
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what are yall setting infill at? I printed one eiffel tower and it was too weak to remove from the bed without shattering....

I've now printed two of these. First one at 50% size (quick) and the 80% size is still printing. There is a large section under that first platform that is very complex and not visible at all. It would be great if someone made that solid, while keeping the metal structure the same on each visible side. It would increase the print time by an hour easy. The detail on the outside is fantastic, but who cares about the middle.

Thanks for the merge and posting this.

Just finished mine after 85 hours, and I am well pleased with the results

Thanks for sharing :) Could you please indicate your print settings? (Mainly layer height and if you used supports or not).


I printed on PEI with layer 1 at 215C, then layer 2 at 210C up to around layer 500, then 208C onward. No supports. Active cooling on. 0.4mm nozzle at 0.2mm layer height. 1.3mm retraction @ 30mm/s with 0.2mm z hop. Retract after every motion, not just at the end of a loop.

Thanks for the very complete reply, I have a similar setup then.
That said, I had a doubt for the supports, and by looking at it in the slicer I went with supports (couldn't wait more for your answer :D ). Hopefully it's not gonna be too hard to remove...

Ended-up cancelling my print (supports would be impossible to remove) and reprinted it without support. 30 hours! Done and very nice, will post a "made" ;)

Glad to hear it worked. I went through a few dozen iterations of different Eiffel models to end up with this one.