Simple Joycon Grip

by Print3DLLC Mar 9, 2017
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It seems that the .stl file has been removed. Can the file be put back up?

I have this thing in my left hand that prevents me from playing console games properly as it affects how I use my thumb, and how I hold the controllers..so this would be extremely helpful for me! You're a genius, thankyou sir for this upload xx

Made this thing and i use it a lot. Just need to melt a bit PLA with hot air gun to thight a little the slider. Otherwise it's very great ! Thanks !

I just noticed that your colors are opposite of what came with my Switch. How did you get a left side that was red?

Nevermind. I just noticed that the set you can buy is opposite of what comes with the console intentionally. You must have purchased a standalone set of Red/Blue Joycons.

My slicer says no thanks. Lots of gaps using Simplify3d. Never seen that before

There are 8 different shells in the part, use meshmixer to make the part solid and just one shell

This design is great! Printed at 0.2mm on my Monoprice Mini. Thanks!

The channels that hold the controllers in are too think. I've tweaked mine and its fits fine now, I also noticed that there were some issues with the STL . I'm going to make my own controller in the coming days and I'll post it on here if its any good.

Any chance you'd share the tweaked design of this controller? I've sanded down the channels a bit but it's still sometimes a chore getting the joycons off and on.

Aren't the analogs pointing in the wrong direction, if they are rotated this way ???
You would always running in the wrong direction then....

Been using this design for a week now and your hands naturally push towards the top of the joycon as opposed to pointing directly up. I've had zero issues pointing where I wanted to go.

yes but i believe you can sync them in a way to make it normal and just give up any normal use of the joycon

I noticed one side of the model was not quite right on the inside, so I mirrored the other and it printed just fine.

It is a tight fit on the joycons, though. It takes a bit of force to get them in and out. It does feel better than the holder that came with the console, though!

I agree with superduperdonkey. DO NOT USE (yet)! The side slits that hold it in are too thick and if you force it in it will damage the Joycons and will bel lose if you try to use it again with the original grip which is what just happened it mine.

This model has lots of Intersecting shells. Simplify3D did not handle this very well at all.


You have to select Mesh > Separate connected surfaces, to get this to work in simplify 3D.

You really should combine all of pieces before making an SLT in the future.

too small, wont slide inn...