Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Replicator 1/CTC/Flash Forge - Mightyboard to RAMPs 1.4 Conversion (Comprehensive Conversion!)

by JMcAz7 Mar 10, 2017
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Hiya man! How's this project going?
I started it myself.

hi did you figure out the heat bed wiring as converting mine to mks 1.4 power i have worked out but has 4 heat sencer wires by looks of it
any re wiring help would be much welcome

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Yep. So using the same bed heater I'm using (the cheap PCB one that's all over eBay) I have 5 pins to work with, but I'm using only 4 of them. I'm about to run out the the door so I'll post a pinout later, but here's the answer. Hope this helps.

SIG - Thermistor header (can be connected in either order)
GND - Thermistor header (can be connected in either order)
5V - Not used
-HEAT - Ground side of the bed heater connector
+12V (or +24V if you're using a 24V heater) - Positive side of the bed heater connector

Thanks for the patience everyone. I've finally gotten time freed up to work on this some more, so I'll be updating it this week. :-)

You've gone very quiet! Don't stop now, I'm right behind you. The hardware is just about sorted (thermistors instead of thermocouples?) but where I go from there with configuring Marlin etc has got me worried. Any help you can provide would be wonderful.


Hii!! I'm in the same mission! I'm trying to bring back to life a Replicator Dual 1 with a Ramps 1.4!
Maybe we could share some information and help each other! :D

only a tipp ;-)
follow this guy: http://www.thingiverse.com/xxricsxx/designs/page:1
here at thingiverse
and look his chancel on youtube
he did some good work for upgrading the CTC's
one "special" is the replacement of the mightyboard by a MKS-board
(if you upgrade with Ramps, there could be a lot of "24Volt headache" ;-)

Thanks for the heads up. I've ended up just switching the whole thing over to 12VDC.

His LCD Display holder is exactly what I was working on, so that saves me some time. Thanks for the heads up!