Multi-Color Headphone Stand

by MosaicManufacturing Mar 10, 2017
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Love this, would love a split-version so I can make one on my i3

How does the 3 color work print the main then the accents because the accent for the front part looks a bit thin

Hi Nick, the 3-color print was designed to be printed with Palette! All 3 parts are printed at the same time with our hardware device (http://mosaicmanufacturing.com). I'm sorry, I recognize that might not be particularly helpful if you do not have a Palette... You might consider trying to print the accent and then gluing it on afterward, but we haven't tested that and can't speak to how effective it would be. If you do, we'd love to hear how it goes! - Brennan

The Palette seems rather enticing, from how I understand it after looking at the four point list description on your website, what it does basically, is to feed the filament of the right color to the printer at the right time, however it splices the filament ends together so the stream doesnt get interrupted?

Good idea and great looking machine..............a bit pricey unless you really need it or you have too much petty cash in your pocket, but im still considering it. :-)

Well, thanks! We'd love to have you join the Palette community.

You're spot on--that's exactly what it does. Our software also adds the g-code instructions to add a "transition tower"/"purge block" to the print. Check out the "software steps" on this page:

Here's a gif of a Palette print in action!

And some of the fun stuff we print:

And some stuff Palette owners are printing:

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out at [email protected]! - Brennan Foo

Im currently printing the 3 color version and since yesterday Ive printed the insert (silver PLA) and the accent (Orange PLA) and they fit together so well you can just press the insert in to the accent.

The insert does curve a tad due to the fit not being 100%, but that can be fixed with a drop of superglue gel.

So Id say printing it one piece at a time is not a problem. :-)

Sweet, that's awesome to hear. Would love to see a pic of the end result!

Comments deleted.

The end result is so and so, meaning the "outside" print isnt really good due to a curve on the back which wont print without supports.

I intend to try and print it standing up instead and add supports for the small open part in the top as itll only adhere to the inside which will be covered by the insert.

Apart from that, the pieces fit very nicely together, but they will need to be superglued. :-)

Thanks for sharing! Re: supports, it might depend on cooling settings and print speed. We printed these ones without supports and the lack of supports is only really noticeable if you're looking for it

I guess fiddling with the bridging settings or just print slower will be a solution, but as of now, Ive just had my CR-10 for about 6 weeks and only had the time to work with it in the weekends, so im not that strong at bridge config'ing yet. ;-)

None the less, I just saw a guy on the CR-10 fb group do a 150mm bridge with his CR-10, so it is indeed possible. :-P

Love the redesign! Will you guys be releasing the 3-color version on the left?

Hey @Potatetoe_Tractor, sorry for the delay! I've just updated the Thing Files to include the 3-color version. Would love to see the results if you print one! :D