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4AGE Velocity Stack 105mm

by omgpham Mar 11, 2017
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Very neat; Cool engine swap too!

Last summer I designed a velocity stack air cleaner for the NT carbs on motorized bicycle 2-stroke engines; It turned out great and helped earn me a trophy at the annual bike show I attend in the summer.

PLA is very resistant to gasoline and oil, but not so much high heat. Since my bike's engine is open and air cooled, heat hasn't been an issue with my PLA prints. ABS, while resistant to heat, tends to be more affected by solvents (gasoline is a solvent of course). You'll have to keep us posted on how well they hold up in your application. I think they'll do pretty good, considering many parts under the hood of many cars are made from ABS; they are far enough away from the engine and exhaust that heat shouldn't effect them.

You could always print them in PLA, make a box mold using green sand and cast them in aluminum to get a more robust part.

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the feedback mate!

I was thinking if the ABS fails, I could try nylon which is what Toyota and BMW use for their factory velocity stacks. Proto Pasta's high temp PLA I'd another option which will take up to 140c after being annealed in an oven.

If your printer can handle nylon, I think that would be a safe bet. High-temp PLA always sounded interesting to me; I have yet to try it.

I should post up my air cleaner/stack design. It's actually printed in two parts:

The air cleaner base that actually attaches to the carb, and the stack, which is a separate vase print. the stack is press fit into the base, and then using a dremel, I spin weld a bead around the connection on the back side. end result is pretty good.

I'll post a link when it's up.

I found this great document on velocity stack designs and optimization. Strongly recommended.



Thanks mate!

Will definitely check that info out. I honestly don't know much about the topic, I pretty much modelled these from my aluminium 75mm long stacks!

Anytime, keep me posted. Really interested in the project.