D-bot linear rail upgrade kit

by Tick007 Mar 11, 2017
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I am curious , did you find evident improvement in print quality with this mod?

Only this mod will not increase overall quality too much(but still you will not expirience any trouble with rollers). Together with outher mods (bed, extruder, z-belt(not published)) and proper electronic settings - print qualty now is at acceptable level. Do you want to see some photos or what?

Thank you for your replay . I am gonna rebuild my Dbot. For now I switched from cantileverd bed to four 3 wheels carriage. I also modded Z to 3 lead screw and 1 z motor, so I was curious about the improvement of quality using linear rail.

D-Bot Z-screw replacement for belt
by Tick007

good mate i really like your design, i just have a problem my lanes are mgn12c and the design is created for the mgn12h could be modified somehow i'm looking at all the models but none is for 12c, to see if you could help me out I'd be really grateful

hello you are uploading to other stl files chassis

Sorry, I do not understand your question. Which other stl files ?

Thanks for the design. I'm having a hard time aligning the xy axis. They seem not to be perfectly perpendicular. So, the squares and circles are not perfect. This is worse when printing small objects. Anyone has noticed the same issues? Do you have any tips to align these two axis in order to solve this issues?

Good design Tick007. The piece MGN12_250mm.stl can be adapted for a profile of 2040.

A couple of design questions for you.
What was the reason you decided to place the linear rail at the top of the Y axis? Did you think about hiding it under the 2040 Y rails?
Same question for the X axis rail, any reason it needed to be designed to be at the top?

I notice that the extruder you have on your build is really sitting low compared to the X axis carriage. Is there a reason it is not sitting square in the middle of the carriage?

Hi, I would like to modify the Y carriage. Would you mind sharing the Step files?
Thank you

Source file is MGN12_250mm.ipt

Thank you very much for pointing that out. I didn't see that file until tonight. I am hoping to remix this to use twin linear rods like the hypercube to keep the weight down to a minimum for the X axis. What do you think about that?

I can't realy imagine what it will be.

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Tick007 what is the difference between MGN12_400_top_NSTT_extruder.stl and MGN_400_top.stl?

Tick007 is MGN12_250mm.stl supposed to be for the left side of the d-bot only? What about for the right side? Do we just mirror it in slicer? I am so confused as to how to print these. Thanks

You don't need to mirror. Just make two sets. You can make mirroring just for symmetry.

IPT source file was added.

Would you mind sharing the CAD file? (such as solidworks file or other software formats)

Would you mind sharing the CAD file? (such as solidworks file or other software formats)

Is it possible to install titan aero using remixes of d-bot? For example, https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2378364

D-Bot Titan Extruder, Bl-Touch and Cooling Fan Carriage
by 1sPiRe

Probably yes.

Спасибо! Попробую вот этот мод https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2242659, жалко еще bltouch прикрутить некуда

D-Bot Titian Aero Mod

Получилось? Подходит по креплениям?

Can you make a CPC MR9ML slider file?

I've added MGN12_skoba_vCPC_MR9ML.stl - with mount holes for MR9ML. Check this out.

Thank you
I'll try to do it,but
MGN12_400_top,MGN12_400_top_NSTT_extruder,Print_carriage_100mm_holes_top,These files also need to be modified to CPC MR9MLslider

x carriage plates are from stock design?

any chance for changing the v slot 2020 bracket to include an LED strip?

No such plans

Just out of curiosity, would somebody be able to explain the advantages of using linear rail rather than the stock D-Bot design?

those mini-v wheels also have tiny bearings and tiny bearings suck/go bad easily.

from engineering perspective is better and more accurate. Linear rails are used for high precision cnc machines

I am planning on using some extra 400mm linear rail that I have and possibly use it for the z axis as well, however the d-bot plans ask for a 530mm tall extrusion. I'm wondering how much extra space this will create. I'm curious why it says the print height is only 375mm when the side extrusions are 530mm tall?

At least because of hotend level is lower than top extrusion (~7cm) and bed level is higher than bottom extrusion (~10cm).

Does it still cover the whole bed area with the 250mm side rails? Do you think a 300mm rail would fit? I see you wrote 280 and wasnt sure if its 280mm or 250mm is the one you used?

Rail of 250mm - is min size for 200mm bed. 280 (or more that your frame can take) is prefered.

Not actual plan to make Z-axis upgrade at the moment. Check this http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1924828. I think it quite good.

D-Bot linear rail z platform
by sareph
hypercube: mgn12 Z axis
by jinx
MRap - Modular RepRap 3D Printer
by laubed
Hlidskjalf (Odin's Chair)

Not a d-bot, but it gives ideas how to make z axis using rail for d-bot. Thanks.

Will you make a upgrade kit for Z axis?