Letter Boxes

by muzz64 Mar 17, 2017
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What font use for make letters box?

I designed these quite some time ago but from memory i used Antenna Extra Bold.

Buenas tardes. Me gustaria saber como se llama la fuente utilizada para este archivo. Gracias... Andres

Hola Andrés ... Supongo que estás preguntando qué aplicación utilizo para crear mis diseños. Diseño en Rhino y luego exporto a .stl para publicar archivos imprimibles en 3D. Espero que esto responda a lo que querías. Todo lo mejor.

Hi, i have a fully customizable version (where you can choose the font and if you have a word, its also possible): Have a look here.

Customizable text box with lid
by makkuro

Hi bro. I am wanting to print some out but I am from Norway and we have 3 more letters ÆØÅ is it possible for you to add those?

Hello could you please add the letter "&" in the alphabet above.
It would be really helpful

I've added the files as requested under 'Ampersand' as the '&' symbol wasn't appearing in the file name. I haven't test printed them but they should be fine as the same parameters as used for the rest of the files have been applied.

Hope this provides what you wanted and works okay for you.

hi .. i have a big project from this kind of letter box .. your design is great .. but its standard .. and i need a specific design .. the only problem im facing is controling the edges of the letter .. ive searched on google ALOTE and couldnt find anything .. would you please give me any kind of tips ?

Thank you so much for this idea. I made the letter boxes to display at the registration table during my family reunion later in June. I have been investigating what to fill them with and have decided to just use confetti at the moment. I will try add a picture later. I found printing bottoms took a little longer, but doing this project taught me more about 3D printing and using Cura software. Again, thank you.

Pleased to hear this design was of value to you!

Hi Muzz64, After printing some letters for a friend's kids, I have taken the liberty of making numbers and (some) punctuation to extend this Thing as token of my appreciation.


I found your font and attempted to recreate your design reasonably accurately. I tried to make it a "Remix", but I'm a bit new to this, and it wouldn't let me. Please feel free to link to my Thing, or include the new characters in your set.


Numbers and punctuation for Letter Boxes

They are perfect, thank you very much, but could you tell me with what software did you make these boxes? is that I would like to make the symbol &. Thank you.

They were designed in Rhino however once they are exported to .stl the design application is no longer relevant. You can edit .stl's in most 3D design applications.

Thank you very much, I've tried but I'm unable to do it, I needed the numbers with a lid and I have not been able to design it, it's quite complex ... But thanks anyway.

Just downloaded and stored away. These would make a great little "I don't know what to get this person" gift particularly for a woman.. Give them their first initial and its a simple little storage container for jewellery or any other little items.

Printing one for my wife first just to show her that the printer is worthwhile having haha

Hi muzz64,
I've started printing some of your files and so far, excellent results. I'm printing the bases only to use as a display. I'll post photos when finished.
Out of interest, and to help in spacing the final product, did you use a specific font to design these? If so can you indicate which one? It would help greatly with character spacing/kerning.

Pleased to hear you're putting them to good use.... the font is 'Antenna Black'

All the best

Wow! This is a cool idea. Maybe you could add punctuation?

Pleased you like them... I'll put that in my to 'think about' list. However, adding more characters is okay in some cases but others would be too small. The challenge is where do you stop... there are numerals as well. When I set these up (all 26) it was quite a time consuming job, and I decided that this would cover what most people would want because it relates to names. I'll consider additions as/when I have time...

Nice idea. You can put an LED inside :) It comes on my list.

Exactly what I was thinking.
Maybe a string of them (with LEDs) to spell a message out.
I'm thinking WS2812s (neo pixels) controlled by Arduino Nano ... Just me overactive nerd mind at play again :-)

full alphabet for LED strips
by el_tuba

el_tuba Thats great work mate, the videos are fantastic. Even though videos never do LED displays the justice they deserve, so I know they look even better in the flesh.