Bend Spiral Bowl Advanced cnc/laser

by ZenziWerken Mar 12, 2017
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this is a 3d print site. why dont you put some 3d files we can print?

It seems like this comment will not get more helpful if repeated on all of my designs. I see Thingiverse as a community where you learn and share stuff about digital fabrication. If you don't use a cnc that's fine by me. I'd recommend ignoring my stuff or just create some 3d-files based of my flat designs and publish these as remixes as other users have done.

how to use *.dxf for createbot mini ??

Sorry, this design will not work for a printer. You need a cnc-mill or a laser cutter

why do you think it wont work with a 3d printer?
can you share an stl file?

I terribly sorry, there is just no stl file ... only thing I got is the 2d-drawing. If you can transform it in to a stl, please go ahead and share the result.

I am going to give it a try with a laser! Will let you know this week. Shame of burned sides but...

It probably won't work with MDF. Stay with birch plywood!