Halo 4 helmet Visor Vac Form

by big_red_frog Jan 1, 2014
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Tried window tint on vacuform visor and it just ended in a wrinkled mess (window tint does not stretch) but it does fit on the 3d printed visor pretty well. However the look is still thin and foily and it creates a similar gap to the seams as a motorcycle helmet to keep the film from wrinkling. Going to try a guy here in texas who does halo visors with reflective tinting to see if I can do better with that. Will post his info if it all works.

That 2 pieces makes the whole glass visor?

View shown is two visors being formed at once.

So the 2 parts make the full visor is that?

can you make it smoother

How did you fix the visor on the helmet?

Hello I was wondering where you got the petg sheets for this build thanks

You can buy it from model shops, they use them for vac forming rc car bodies, but you will pay too much and they might not have the thickness / size you want. Better to find a local plastic supplier with googlefu and buy it in 4 x 8 foot sheet.

Hey how did you make/ where did you buy this vacuum thing? also where'd you buy the plastic to seal?

Its all home built, I cover some of it at the following link, but its just a generic vac former, for which there are plenty of guides out on the net.
I have a little more information here.

Did you managed to make the visor of the official color with some paint?

Not had a chance to try yet, I have some sacrificial instances to spray, but very busy in real life right now!

Hi You will get a lot better result by using PETG or Polycarb for vac forming, Acrylic usually gives a really poor result

Thanks for the prompting, got some 060 petg 8x4 sheet t give it a proper go..

Thanks, I am hoping I can find a local plastic supplier and have a good chat to get me over the newbie curve. Do you have any specific web links showing the specific material description I should be looking for? Greatly appreciate a chance to learn...