Nintendo Switch Portable Charging Stand

by JPoel Mar 13, 2017
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Whats the tolerance for the holes that you put the filament in ?

used two paper clips for the hinges, works fine!

I reported the listing too

He has a website with a bunch of stolen listings --> https://3DPyroPrints.com

Good job, thank you.

the design has many scars. check your printer. :)

Yeah I noticed that when it was completed. The model itself looks fine, but something was up with my printer. Could have been a bad slicer job.

What do you put in the holes, a stick? my house isn't resourceful

It's designed to use the 1.75mm filament as a hinge pin. Just cut a short length of it and slide it through the hinge holes

creative, thanks.

Printed this flat and it came out great! The holes for the filament were a little big, but I used a lighter to flatten the ends and it seems to work nicely.

Thanks for the heads up. I will reach out to them.

I drew a diagram for a slight redesign to allow the Nintendo branded USB-C cords that come with the Nintendo Switch and Pro Controllers to connect without pinching or stressing the cables too much...then after THAT have them sold on Etsy at that one authorized seller's shop. How can I get you my diagrams? This was specifically for the fold-in design but I guess really pertains to both hinge styles.

I actually just went through the Etsy shop to pass on these diagrams to you. Thanks. Hope I can buy a modified version of the fold-in design soon!...

Hi ktYoda,

Thanks for the feedback. Let me review my design using the cable that was included with the Nintendo Switch console. During my testing I didn't come across an issue, however I was using my phone charging cable, so it's possible the Switch cable has a longer connector on it.

If I see an issue with cable pinching I will update the design to give the console more clearance.

Thanks again

No problem! This has the potential to be the BEST portable charging stand ever made for a Zelda fan! Did you ever get my diagrams? Or is there a way to post them in a message here? I'm new here...

Could you please share your solidworks file for the foldable stand and the left/right flaps? I am an engineering student who would like to get some more practice in solidworks while doing something that would be cool to make. I will share my edited model here in the "made" section. Please get back to me with an answer to my question as soon as possible, whatever the answer may be.

I had quite a bit of problems printing this laying flat. So finally got it to print standing, but The hinge holes aren't nearly big enough for the filament. Is there a scaling issue I am not aware of in Cura?

What issues were you running into while trying to print it flat? At 0.2mm it should print well. Is your bed properly leveled? Heated build plate?

The hinge holes should be tight. I needed a pair of pliers to insert the filament into the hole. I didn't want any chance of the filament pin falling out during normal use.

Thank you for this portable and folding stand!
Awesome as it is, i printed the 65 degree and my only complaint is the height if it could be taller by 1/2 inch, the charge cable would not bend or have the little restraint. I will do it manually on my prints but still thanks for this!

Thanks for the feedback! It's possible some charging cable connectors are longer than others. I will consider raising it up.

I sent some recent diagrams (through your Etsy seller) for proposed changes AND please test the designs with the original USB-C cables that come with the Nintendo Switch & Pro Controller! Thanks! I really dig your fold-in design!

This is my favorite of the switch stands so far! Using a piece of 1.75 filament for the hinge was a fantastic idea. Looks and performs great!

Thanks! Glad it's working for you!

Awesome design!!! Thanks!

my mother uses it to read her Ebook :)

Haha glad you like it!

I printed this with Wood PLA and sanded/stained it. TURNED OUT GREAT! I posted in the 'Made' section. Thank you!

Printed? Doesn't close flat as pictured? Any ideas why? I'm mystified

Which center piece did you print? Switch_Stand_Center doesn't allow the arms to fold inward. It's designed to lay flat with the arms out. Switch_Stand_Center_Foldable allows the arms to fold inward like the last picture shows.

Awesome stand ! Very very portable... Will use this ! Thx !

someone might want to report him, he is using multiple models from this site and making money from them.
Especially since this item is under a non-commercial license.

Thank you for letting me know. I have reported them to Etsy. Hopefully they can sort this out.

I was hoping to talk to you about selling this on my etsy store and giving you a percentage of the profits.

I hate it when people use other peoples stuff without asking.

I would recommend reporting that whole profile, especially since he is using multiple designs from here, with some of them not even having the proper license (such as this one with its non-commercial license).

At least 3 of those designs are directly from this site.

I love it ! I'm going to print it asap :)