Nintendo Switch Con U v2

by artobot, published

Nintendo Switch Con U v2 by artobot Mar 13, 2017


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Here's the updated version of my Switch Joy-Con holder. I've removed any issues that should prevent it from needing any supports as well as addressed some gaps that confused some slicers. I also slimmed it up a bit, making it a bit more compact / travel friendly.

Essential print settings, make sure that you have at most a .4mm nozzle and set the nozzle size in the settings to .4mm ( default for some is .48 ). layer height and infill shouldn't really matter. No supports needed.

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Comments deleted.

Won't slice in Cura III-P or 3.2. Hangs on processing.
Plenty of CPU horsepower available.

same...did you figure it out?

Same. Cura 3.2. Takes forever to slice (10+ mins) while most any other object takes seconds.
Also, bed adhesion is a real problem.
And the orientation greatly extends print time.
I wanted to redesign it but it can't even be uploaded to my CAD software.

One of the best controllers out there, so please re-design in a printable way!

Worked great for me. Joy-cons snap in place and stay there. Thanks!

can't be sliced with simplify3D =(
seems to be a problem with some stl commands, could you maybe upload a step file? Would love to print the one with supported backside

yeah same here. And if i open it in 3d builder in windows it tells me there are some errors and they need to be repaired... and it goes on repairing forever

Would you print this vertically for no supports?

does anyone else get an error saying that the pert is not manafold? using slic3r v1.2.9

Small note if you use Simplify3D: make sure you set your "extrusion width" to 0.40mm. Setting only the nozzle size is not enough, and it wont slice/print the 0.4mm lips that hold the joy-cons in place if your extrusion width is higher than 0.40mm.

seems the inner rails print and are only partially attached any fix?

Printed the V2 version. A notch is missing on the slider on both side, the notch is essential to hold the controller or it will come off easily.
I have cut out a notch at the far end of the slider and it can lock properly now.

I second this
This one is a remixed version with the tabs

LWC Nintendo Switch Grip " ComfyCon"

Are the middle wrist straps placed there just for storage?

Hi, great job with the grip!
I haven't been able to process the file because it is so huge... can you please recuce it at least by 40 or 30 % the poligons size?? thanks in advance

if you cannot process the file, it's your computer that is the issue, not the polygon amount. Get a better computer or use someone else's. Decreasing the polygon amount won't help, and when you print that version it will not attach to the joycons properly.

Thank you. I made this thing since the first week of Switch release and i take it everywhere it's my travel joycon grip !

Not sure if its my tolerances but it seems to fit pretty well but practically its not very useful when gaming as the joycons simply slide off within 2 minutes of being put on. Maybe something to think about would be a retainer piece that is pressure fitted and slides down the middle and holds the joycons down. Hopefully that makes sense. I'm gonna take a crack at it myself now. Thanks for sharing!

I had tge same issue. Just melt a bit the sliders with hot air gun and bend them with a ruller to make a better retention ;-)

All depends on the filament / printer and how clean your printers are. I have some filaments that require a little sanding, but higher quality filaments ( protopasta stuff I print comes out clean ) I don't have to sand much if at all.

Does this need to be sanded down before being used with the Joycon? Most others I've seen need that, which makes sense, but your description says nothing about that.

I've printed two of these (100% and 98% scale) and the joycons are completely loose and slide right out of the rail when applying a tiny amount of pressure from the bottom :(

Comments deleted.

Would you consider a simple mod to this design to be more convex than concave? Would fit bigger hands a bit better.

I saw below that you said the lock in feature was breaking on other models you've tried. I'm curious if that's going to make a return soon. Perhaps making the rail longer with a small cut out in the side would work?
This is a great model, the only gripe I have is the joycons are prone to slowly sliding out of their respective spots during play.

I'm still playing with other versions, but I've been hesitant to upload to Thingiverse with out more protection ( even thinking about only uploading to MMF ), I know it may sound jerky, but it seems when I post something here I see it on ebay or etsy a few days later, and it erks me.

I printed the repaired V2 with base and in Cura, I see the slight rail at the top but the print came out smooth. The multiple files is super confusing and it would be nice if we could clean this up. They're all named V2! Does anybody have an idea why the rails wouldn't print?

Solution?: My Taz 5 has a .5mm nozzle diameter, I believe this is big enough to ignore the rails. There is a remix (thing 2221841) that worked for those of us with a larger nozzle. It works great but still has the issue where the controllers don't lock well on to the sides.

Why are there so many versions?? Which one is good?? Can't u just delete the other files

I've removed the old versions. V2 repaired are the most up to date.

Comments deleted.

The joycons also don't stay in place for me. I figured out why and have modeled rails that work. If you look at the switch with the joycon off you'll see that, from the top, there's 4.5mm of rail, then a 4.5mm gap, and then the rest of the rail. The button you press on the back of the joycon to take it off the switch causes a little peg on the joycon to retract. It's this peg that fits in the 4.5mm space and keeps the joyccon from just sliding off the switch. Your controller needs this as well.

I've tried with a past version of this to have the exact same rails as designed on the original controller with the gap, the issue is since it's only .4mm thick rail the top portion snaps as pla can not compare to rolled steel. To adjust for this I made the rails friction fit, which after printing several dozen so far have been pretty snug depending on the filament type. I'm currently working on another version though of this which will have several improvements 1 of which being something to "click" in the joycons.

Really looking forward to a lock in option or an improved rail. I printed this and the joycons don't stay in place. :(

I've just designed and printed my own with the gap and it seems pretty sturdy. I'll let you know if it breaks, but since the force is distributed along the entire rail while the joycons are attached I expect it to hold up pretty well.

I downloaded the repaired version but 3d builder, cura, and autodesk still say there are errors that prevent it from slicing. Any ideas?

Looks great and Joycons fit perfect on mine. I was hoping this would be a better alternative to the included grip for larger hands but, sadly, it's still too small for me. =(

Nice design, but the Joycons sadly don't hold on to the print, they click in a little, but with the slightest force (even holding them), they slide back out.
Printed on Prusa i3 MK2S with PLA.

What's the diameter of your nozzle and the slicer you're using? I've printed several over the past couple days and they've been a nice fit.

The nozzle is the 0.4mm default nozzle of the Prusa, using the most recent version of Slic3r Prusa Edition with nozzle diameter also set to 0.4mm.

Here's the gcode:

Can someone please extend the rails for the joy cons all the way to the top? i find that if i notch them the joy cons click in just fine but then the top of the rail is a super small tab that break off easy... I have tried Sketch up pro Blender and Autocad but they all just crash when i try to load the model.. Also make the rails a little thicker like .3mm so there isn't as much slop. Please and thanks.

Model isn't manifold. Not even the fixed version. Can't slice it with slic3r.

Can you share the manifold errors you're seeing. I've tested this now with as many slicers as I can get a hold of and haven't had any issues with the repaired versions. I've also done error testing with Meshmixer, S3D, and taken through Microsoft's repair service.

Same error here... Both .stl are not manifold... I uploaded it to microsoft repair service and it said:

Something went wrong...

FAILED: mesh too big/complex or unrepairable

Click Upload Another to try a different file

I have tried to print the old version and new one and neither one prints the lips to hold the joycons on. Am I missing something. It shows on the print screen to be there but then it just print with no lip at all. Its just a u channel instead of a c channel to hold it. I am using Cura on a Lulzbot mini. Any suggestions?

It's the nozzle size. Taz comes with a .5mm nozzle and the rails are .4mm thick. User Juancgarcia this morning uploaded a remix with .5mm rails, but I'm not sure how tight / loose of a fit it is post design. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2221841

Nintendo Switch Con U v2 (for 0.5mm nozzle)

Awesome. Thanks

Printed perfectly and looks wonderful. I love the design and it feels great. Unfortunately, I have found that the joycons too easily slip out of the rails. Not sure the solution - clips, end stops, slightly tighter size? - but an awesome start.

Comments deleted.

I cant seem to get any of these STLs to slice. Ive tried Cura and S3D and it just sits there. Slicing never takes this long.

When slicing in S3D on my machine it took about 1 minute of processing, but it eventually sliced. It just seems abnormal for S3D since it usually slices so fast... it does figure it out after some time though.

Weird, what are your settings on S3D? Are you slicing for your printrbot or rigidbot?

Hello do you have the STP file


I printed it twice and I have a problem with the rails on the joy con connectors (Back Support Version). they are to thin and breaking of after two to three uses. I tried the repaired version too. Any Idea to get tougher rails?

Printed on a Makerbot Replicator x2 with ABS and 0.3mm layer hight and the nozzle set


I've been printing it with PLA ( currently have a friend or 2 play testing them ) who haven't experienced breakage. I've tried upping the thickness of the rails with some prototypes, but the joycons either won't slide on or it feels like they are wedging the rails off. If you look at the actual rails on the switch they are pretty thin and made of rolled metal which I tried to duplicate the thickness and widened the rail a bit to insure a smoother glide.

My experience with ABS is they it doesn't handle detail well, I would try some PLA+ ( eSun makes great stuff ), I've also printed it multiple times now with Protopasta's silver smoke and their carbon fiber which come out great.

hy I printed it with PLA and I have the same problem the left side is perfect but the right one doesn't hold and breaks right off.

Hmm weird, the model itself is just one rail copied and flipped and attached to the other. Looking at some of your prints it looks like you may be running a little hot and you may need to up the retraction to prevent the stringing from rail to rail. Also you may want to re lube the rails on your makerbot as it seems like there is some shift / banding in the axis during prints.

I'd love to play around with the original file if you'd consider sharing it.

Made it with tinkercad, export direct to STL.

Attempted multiple times to print this on an UP Box + and Up Mini 2. Prints garbage. I've looked at the files in Meshmixer as well as a few other repair apps and every one reports multiple errors. In fact, the auto-repair ends up totally destroying the design. Too many errors it seems.

EDIT 1: I tried this all last night. It appears a new repaired model is up this morning, like 8 hours after I wracked my brain trying to fix this. Will attempt asap!

EDIT 2: Already, I can see it's actually printing the raft correctly instead of just gibberish. Will update after the print (3.5 hours).

Apologies I'm not familiar with the UP Box hardware, do you just upload the STL and it slices it for you? Or do you have a slicer installed on a computer that you can preview the slice prior to printing? If not that seems extremely frustrating to have to way to see if something sliced properly.

Actually, your repaired file printed PERFECTLY. The only thing my perfectionist side is not enamored with is the switch logos, as they cannot print perfectly in the vertical orientation. I'm extremely happy with this design. It is very portable, but I will need to use a different case since it's not thin enough to fit in my case, but that's not really possible being that the rails have to slide into this.

Overall, this is the best design out there and looks great. I have four pics I'll upload into my make.

No luck with slic3r... too many errors :(

Just uploaded a repaired version of the original working on repairing the version with the back support now.

when i open in Repetier-host, it show me that the models are still with errors, both repaired models and Slic3r is popping errors like crazy, if you dont mind, post the original files, not the stl ones, and we all can work on this, your work is amazing. I was able to fix the original model (with the suport), if you allow me i will post it.

I used Tinkercad and exported direct to STL. I then ran it through microsoft's repair service and then inspected it with meshmixer repairing what it found there ( a few manifold issues ). What software do you use to repair, I wouldn't mind picking it up to learn myself as I'd like to move away from Tinkercad into a proper CAD application ( was gonna move to Fusion360... but now the $ is making me waiver ).

Its a little to big. The joycons just fall out.
Anyone have a suggestion?

Little more detail, what printer / material / settings were used?

what filament did you use for the blue one? I'd like to buy some to print in that color

it looks like it matches pretty well in the pictures, how well does it match up IRL?

The hue is a little warmer than the joycon, but it's close, I think the only way to get closer would be to paint ( which would probably be pretty cool if it was done 50% blue and 50% red ).

Made one today, turned out great, about having a clip to hold the joy cons on, how about an end cap that clips to the holder itself. That way it should be more robust, and you don't have to worry about it or the clips on the joy cons potentially breaking.

Apologies, I may need you to draw a diagram. As it is now with the several I've printed so far everything has had a nice friction fit.

Tried to import the model into slic3r but got 91532 errors. checked it in blender and it seems the model isn't fully manifold. It also contains too many errors to auto-repair.

Just uploaded a repaired version of the original working on repairing the version with the back support now.

the repaired one slices correctly, thanks!

Apologies I've been spoiled by Tinkercad and S3D working well together. I brought it into meshmixer and see what you mean. I'll see what I can do to fix it.

Tried to print it twice with abs, didn't do the ridges that hold the controller, an's the insides that hold the other pieces are all strings, any advice?

I rarely print in ABS and when I do it's rough to print detail as I think you really have to nail the temperature, if it's stringing you may need to lower the temp a bit and or up the retraction. If anyone else wants to chime in. Have you tried any other materials?

any suggestions. using dremel printer when i press upload file and image loogs good but upon presing build it missing more than have the image so it cancell print due to not doing the whole build

Apologies I'm not familiar with Dremel's slicing tools. Have you tried Cura?

I would like to manipulate the modell in tinkercad but for some unknows reason I canot import any of your works, are they kinda protected? or is something wrong with tinkercad today?

They shouldn't be, I made them in Tinkercad and regularly import them myself.

Worked after trying again after a few hours, seemed to be tinkercads fault, thanks anyway ;)

Great job with the tolerances! Any chance for a version without the gap for the hand straps, just completely solid in the center, perhaps with just a small hole at the bottom for a non-Switch generic hand strap to be knotted on? I just feel like my print might break if carried in a bag without any of the actual Switch parts attached. Other than that, with joycons and straps all attached, feels and looks great!

I just uploaded a version with a back for a significant gain in rigidity while still allowing the grips to slide in.

Thats what I wanted to add to one of your earlier designs, now I dont have to make my hands dirty at all, great work, THANKS!!

Very cool, thanks!

What are the dimensions of this? I would prefer if you could be as exact as possible. Thanks :)

Is that inches, millimeters, or centimeters? Sorry for being so specific xD

EDIT: Probably millimeters, by the screenshot.

EDIT: EDIT: Yeah, don't reply to this. I didn't think.

EDIT: EDIT: EDIT: What material did you use?

First print was Protopasta's Smoke 1.75 PLA

Apologies, my assumption in this community is that everything is in MM.

It's ok. I just wanted to be sure, and thanks! :)

I printed using default settings on Da Vinci 1.0 (so 10% infill, .2mm layer height, no supports, but with a brim) PLA. The channel that the controllers slide into was very thin and the "U" shaped parts that actually hold onto the controller rails was separating from the base part. However, the controllers slid in OK and actually stayed in place. It wasn't quite the right shape for my hand, but I really appreciate what you and the other makers are doing with the switch grips here.

Okay, I reduced the thickness of the model by 3% and printed another. It's unfortunately still too loose. Better, but still loose, and ends up sliding off when playing. I think there needs to be a notch at the top of the rail like in the original grip. That's what catches the locking mechanism. Any chance of uploading a STEP file?
Edit: I see you said you made it in Tinkercad, not sure what filetype it supports.

It's a simple software that just allows for the export of STLs and OBJs

Just finished printing it, but unfortunately the fit is too loose. My joycons keep sliding right off. Was a five hour print, but came out really nice, shame about it being loose though. I'll have to knock it down in size a few percent and try again.

5 hours? What are your print settings? I usually average around 3 to print at a .2mm, 3 shell, and a 15% infill.

I'm going to try again now, resized to 99%, 15% infill. S3D is telling me 2hrs 34min, but it'll probably be more like 4 hours. ;) This thing isn't accurate at all.

edit, S3D, not your design. I think the design itself is great.

Yeah S3D tells me 3 hours at 0.2mm, 3 shells, 75% infill (I wanted it a little more substantial), but it ended up taking 5 hours in reality. I normally print at 65mm/s, but dropped it to 55mm/s because I had a problem with my previous print and wanted this one to come out nicely.

How'd the reduced size work for you?

Better, but they still slid off. I'd cut a notch out for the lock to hold it in place, like the original has. Would be fairly simple to do. I went back to using the stock holder.

I printed the prior version, it came out well. This is my favorite design of this type of model I've seen on this site, as it is the easiest to build.

Thanks I try to make it simple, specially with stuff like this. :)

This looks nifty! Printing now. Any chance you made this with Solidworks, or have a STEP file handy?

Sorry, I'm bit of a modeling noob and just made it with tinkercad.