Tri Fidget Spinner

by Zakzakattackx Mar 13, 2017
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I did it with glowing in the dark PLA, awesome.... no issues during printing with a Prusa MK3, 2 Spinners for my Kids in 5 hrs , really cool reliable design,thanks to the maker!

P. S. still to find some M14 Nuts....

Finally, someone who can design using Common Sense ..... Why use 4 expensive bearings when you only really need one? If you are just using them as weights then why not just use something cheap .... like a nut

That's just Design 101 from a Professional's point of view ..... Good job!

Would you post a file for 1/2" hex nuts. I'm having trouble finding the M14 nuts. Thanks.

Sorry it took so long to upload this but Here is the posting for the 1/2 inch hex nut spinner!

Thanks for the support!


1/2 inch hex nut spinner

how long does it usually spin???

I have timed it and its about 30-45 seconds. But i have really cheap aftermarket bearings in it. I need to get some good ones and time it and see if that helps

is the center bearing not as thick as the frame?

No, it just uses a standard 608 bearing. The caps extend it out so you can spin it

sorry, i mean is it as tall as the frame? Because the bearings are 7mm tall

yes its taller then the bearing because i wanted it to be the same height of the hex nut, the caps sink down into it so it can still spin.

Would 3D printing this be as smooth at the 4th picture is? Is the 4th image a product of your design or did you find it over online and designed it for 3D printing? I want to know if I could acquire it online, my 3D printer doesn't print as fluently as I'd like it too.

yes, i designed this myself. It would be smooth if you used 0.06mm layers. All the pictures i have on here are of my own that i have printed on my printer.

what size nuts does this fit

It uses M14 hex nuts, i like how heavy they are. But i can make a spinner that uses standard 1/2 inch Hex nuts if people want a different alternative.

Did a version with 1/2 nuts get posted?

Here is the posting for the 1/2 inch hex nut spinner!


1/2 inch hex nut spinner

Do you have a file for the spinner caps for the middle of the fidget?

here are the caps for the spinner http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2237000

Fidget Spinner cap
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not seeing them, would love to print this off, waiting for bearings and will have to find the nuts

If your having trouble finding m14 hex nuts, here is one with 1/2 inch hex nuts!


1/2 inch hex nut spinner