Traffic Cone (Dual Extrusion)

by CocoNut Apr 21, 2012
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Simplify3D adds an ooze shield when I try to print this. Is it required?

anybody have any videos of modeling objects for dual color :D

Who knows why my make wents wrong? http://www.thingiverse.com/make:148033

Traffic Cone (Dual Extrusion)


Here is a youtube video that covers building the traffic cone on a dual flashforge creator X printer, using replicator G. It starts about 21:30. Covers what you need, and if you start at the beginning it does a decent job of walking thru 3D printing with the above printer and software, just in case you need that covered too.

i got a printer with dual extruders, and i want to make one, but i do not know how to set the printer, any one can help me? or is there a tutorial that i can refer to? thanks in advance

What printer do you have? You can probably find something on YouTube, but I can't help much before knowing what printer you are using.

came out really cute thank you. printed on FF pro ABS

I just bought a ff creator pro and it'd getting delivered tomorrow... What do you think of it? I've only ever used makerbots at my job.

I have a Makerbot 2x at my school as well as a Flashforge creator pro at home, and I think the Flashforge does a better job in my opinion.

I've never used a Makerbot, but my FF Creator Pro is pretty great. (Once I got used to all the settings!)

Hi I need help on dualtrusion, how are we going to merge when there are 4 files like his ? I am using repg for gcode ,

I would invest in Simplify3D if you plan on using an extrusion-based printer for a while. It's worth the money and works with most printers out there. You can customize the settings for almost everything, and the software is very intuitive. Dual extrusion is a breeze with it. The only downside is price. It's $149 for a license, but you get two copies.

Why don't you use Makerware, it's easier.

If you generate the two STLs from the same source, and don't reposition it in ReplicatorG, it should be fine.

Alternatively, you can place cubes in the corners, such that 'center' then 'place on platform' aligns the geometry.

You can verify the generated GCode by opening it in Pleasant3D (on the Mac) where you can look at the generated GCode paths. I don't know what the comparable PC tool would be.

I think one of the problems is that Creo Elements Express doesn't show me where the origin of the model is. Therefore I have to reposition it in ReplicatorG. In order to see if the two colors are positioned correctly, with respect to each other, I use gcode2vtk from bkubicek, which is really great. Unfortunately when I load the vtk-file into ParaView the origin is way outside the model. Hence I don't know if the model is correctly positioned for printing.

Placing cubes might be a solution. But Ifirst have to check if disjoint bodies can be merged to one in Creo.