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Enhanced MP Select Mini Fan Shroud

by Sonsum Mar 15, 2017
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I didn't fit around the sides of the print head plastic...?!? Maybe because I have version 2 of the Mini? It is also quite far away from the tip, like 3/4 of an inch.

I printed this with the stock shroud, installed it and printed again to compare the difference in print quality -- I thought this would improve the 'back' of the prints, but it actually made it worse. I think the ring is just a bit too restrictive. As others have said, a stronger fan might fix this, but maybe if the ring was larger it might fix this?

Thanks for making this! I have had a ton of problems warping, and i think this will help! I also jad a couple really bad print failures, and my fan shroud kind of melted, so im glad that theres a replacement!

In my tests, this addition was either the same or slightly worse than the stock fan. The one nice thing it did was to add more of a glossy finish to the sides, which was nice. I like this design and it fit like a glove, but I don't plan on running with it. Perhaps a second iteration?

Video review at this link:

This had the unintended side effect of quieting the only rattling part I had but couldn't find. The printer is very quiet now!!!

I ended up switching back to the stock fan because of some layer lifting as well. I think the little MPSM fan has just too little air flow for this and the stock fan directs it a little better. I've posted an updated make with a Benchy using identical Gcode using first the new shroud and then the stock shroud. The stock wasn't better in all ways, for example the text on the bottom looked better with the new shroud, but over all not as good.

Interesting, I appreciate the testing. Perhaps a higher static pressure fan than stock is needed.

Perhaps this can lead to a better design. What temps are you printing?

printing at 195 to 205 range on pla.

on this model, the top side of the shroud (right above the outer-most holes) make contact with the black plastic part of the extruder assembly, which forces the fan shroud to angle downward when you try to make it flat against the heatsink. if they were notched in a little, it would be a perfect fit.

also the shroud itself has 13 holes, while the idea for improved cooling is there, i don't think the stock fan is able to push enough air through all the holes for efficient cooling. if it were reduced to 5-7 holes, i'm thinking it would improve the flow of air that should be directed at the nozzle.

minor issue about the fan wire not reaching all the way, but it was only held back by a black zip-tie. carefully snip, easy fix.

remix, or update?

All good ideas, I made this remix REAL dirty in Tinkercad to fix the immediate problems I saw with the original design. Unfortunately, doing it that way means I have no real files besides the STL I've uploaded here. This makes this thing not very configurable at all.

After my current project, I think I'll make a proper configurable 3D model for this thing. That way we could play with hole count and maybe find a temp gun or IR camera to try and scientifically find the best configuration

I assume it fits with the default fan?

It does, that's the one I've been using!

Seems that it's too long - though obviously im the only one who's had this issue.

Any way of measuring your fan's dimensions?

I'd love a 40mm fan version!

I'd try a 30mm to 40mm fan adapter!

Thanks, I'm gonna give that a shot!

I installed the second one and the air is still not comeing through enough to cool the pla I'm useing. Please help!

What temperatures are you printing at?

Is there anything I should know about how to install this? The first time I made it it broke and I super-glued it bake together. It didn't work, so I'm printing it again. Do you have any tips on how to put it on?

I just put it on using the stock fan spring clips

Any chance we could get the scad file (or anything I can open with my cad program)? I would love to remix this, but I have limited mesh working skills! THanks!

I only have .stl and .obj.

I remixed it in TinkerCAD so i don't have any CAD files

Printed this last night and wow does it do a good job cooling. Thanks! Just have to dial in my initial layers as now it is a bit stringy at first. Any thoughts on remixing this to allow for a blocking plate to disable the part cooling when printing ABS?

I'm not sure of a good way. I'd probably just print out a blocked off fan shroud and clip it on for ABS. I haven't tried ABS yet so it's not a problem I've faced yet.