Creality CR-10 Webcam Mount

by gaehl Mar 15, 2017
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I hope you can check out my approach to this, mine really doesn't sway from side to side or move at all. And you can even make an attachment for it that looks / works the same as the one you've got right here! It's more of a modulair carriage mount, with a camera attachment supplied with it. What do you think?


CR-10 (S) - MBA - Modulair Bed Attachment - Camera mount
by b03tz

This works, but it seems awfully large and heavy after use. I may go the route of mounting to the frame instead. I appreciate the work for this model however!

Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, its large but if anything it needs to get further back (at least using the Logitech C920) so it can see more of the build area.

I originally had the camera mounted to the shelve that the printer is on for Checking on prints its ok but for timelapse it doesn't really work.

I have tried a few other mounts but have not found anything I like better yet (for timelapse) I might have to make a new mount that may be able to be lighter as I will be using a PI-cam.

I'm going to make this and use it on my youtube channel. That cool? www.youtube.com/geodroidjohn

Thats fine I just modified another's mount to fit the CR-10 anyway.

I have printed a V3 and it looks great. I have just mounted it to the bed and it does not seem to be very "fixed" in place, I can swing the webcam side to side really easily. Is this normal? If so does it not move when the printer is printing?

The Mount can move but unless bumped should stay in the same place from the spring and bed adjuster.

Would like to print this and use it on my new cr10 and c270. Can I print in PLA? Would the PLA be strong enough with the spring compression?

Sorry I thought I replied to this earlier you can certainly print in PLA mine have been done in PLA.

Will this mount work with the large leveling knobs installed?

It works with the large levelling knobs that I am using. https://www.thingiverse.com/make:363431

CR-10 Big Leveling knob
by gaehl

hope it'll work with these as well. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2603493
I also have the logitech C920 and yeah it's a bit bulky but it'll get the job done. Thanks for the mount

CR-10 Precision Thumbdial
by idig3d

Should do mine works with the Big wheels I used.

Made a V3 and put it on the front right corner. My camera (Genius WideCam F100) unfortunately doesn't have a screw mount, but I was able to secure it with a single zip tie around the base and mount. Works great. Thanks for developing this and sharing!

What did you replace the glass with on your CR-10?

Its a PrintinZ Zebra Plate http://www.printinz.com/printinz-3d-printer-plates/ they make a 300x300 bit expensive but I have one on every printer I own I haven't replaced one yet, the one on the oldest printer probably needs replacing soon but it is a couple of years old.

I am thinking of just getting the skinz next time and putting that on glass as I don't use the flex much. But the Plates have copper inside to induction sensors like https://www.timothyhoogland.com/2017/06/ezabl-kit-add-auto-bed-leveling-to-virtually-any-printer/?v=6cc98ba2045f uses which I am looking at getting just to make it easier if the wife wan'ts to print something.

BTW, I just ordered the skin to give it a try. Tired of either not getting enough adhesion and then when I do, it not coming off the blue tape. I will let you know how the skin works. They were out of the 300x300 plates. That leveling tool looks cool.

Just to note the skins don't have the copper in them so induction sensors wont pick them up would have to pickup the bed through the skin (and glass).

So I got the skin and it is pretty awesome. It eliminates the problem with removing tape along with prints so the bottom is smooth. I have printed a few things on it. For my CR-10 using Simplify3D, I found that setting the bed heat to 50 and using some glue works to get that great first layer adhesion and parts come off easily. I tried no heat/no glue like they suggest, no heat/with glue, and heat/no glue. But it turned out that 50 with glue worked perfect. In case any one is interested in getting one of the skins.

I do want to get the plate, they are currently out of stock in the 300x300 size. And I think when I do get that, I might get that bed leveling solution that you linked.

Thanks again!

At least with the plate it run a little hotter at 60 no glue (part of the point for me no glue to clean up).

Glad to hear the skins are working for you.

Interesting, I will check it out. Thanks for the reply and for posting these!

I printed this support for webcam but i have a problem, after i mount it i can't level the bed correctly with the screw at the min the bed is still far from the nozzle.

What is wrong? maybe i need to change the screw? but i don't think it's the problem, maybe too much weight? but i have your same webcam c920 logitech.

Unless you screws are shorter it should work you are using the CR-10 not the CR-10-S4 or CR-10-S5 (they may be different and I don't have one to test)

Thanks for sharing this gaehl! Would you recommend using V3?

The V3 is the one I am using. Depends on how much space you have and the field of view of you camera. Mine could be further back but I think it would get to wobbly.

Does it need supports when being printed? Also, can you make a version that just clips onto the heated bed? You could probably make the prongs a little smaller than the thickness of the glass and aluminum plate, so you bend the print to clip it on

If you print it on its side it does not need support.

If you know onshape you could modify it (onshape link is in the details) I would avoid attaching it to the bed as being that close to the heat it may warp/melt.

Also you would have to be careful were you print on the bed not to run into the mount.

Soooooooo how/where does this thing mount?

You completely undo one of the front thumb screws pull the bolt up and this goes around the plate under the bed put the bolt back through the hold in the mount and the plate and replace the thumb screw and re-level.

NOTE: It wont fit at 45 degrees (interferes with the bed) it should go towards the front of the printer otherwise the camera can catch on the x axis and that would be bad!

any pictures of this mounted and what kind of camera?

I'm using a Logitech C920 you put in a UNC coarse thread 1/4" (I think used to metric) and nut and its the same as a standard threaded camera mount.

I'm going to do a video on it soon life just caught up to me when I do that I'll link it here and put in a photo.

thats the same camera i have also :)