Blind Puzzle Box

by Clarkerubber Mar 15, 2017
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Can you advise how large the interior is? I want to hide something the size of a deck of cards, so I want to know if I need to scale it up.

Any suggestions on layer thickness or other settings?

I printed this puzzle (outside A) with the remix (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2770314) and it works perfectly and doesn't allow skipping. The problem I'm having now is that I can't solve it. There is no start point which makes it exceedingly difficult to solve. I've thought of drilling a hole through the shell and the inner core so that you would have something that can be lined up to provide a starting point. Any other suggestions on how to solve this? I'm giving it to my daughter for Christmas with a gift inside and I want her to be able to solve it eventually. Thank you.

REMIX Blind Puzzle Box by Clarerubber

Love the design and idea though even with the larger ball you still can bypass the bottom paths. You can barley slip a piece of paper in-between the parts and it still slips out. I had a thought could you mirror /flip the paths and have a ball on both sides? The concept on not being to see the paths is so smart

what a great puzzle. Many thanks for that.
For my needs I made some changes and remixed it. :-)


Blind Puzzle Box illuminated
by qse

Hi! I've wanted to print this for a long time because it reminded me of the famous Revomaze I got to try out recently.
I love the design a lot and the labyrinths are pretty challenging!

I printed the remix by The_Fish with the larger pin and it works well, although you can still skip a wall rather easily.
There's a bigger problem though: When you reach the uppermost path (which can be done quite fast with both labyrinths), the tolerance of the inner part allows you to easily lever it out of the outer part. This makes it suboptimal to use it to challenge someone.

A solution would be to lower the height of the labyrinth a bit, so there's a few millimeters of "wall" which provides enough stability for the inner part to not be levered out. I'll definitely try to remix this to make it a more reliable challenge :)

I love the outside texture!

However, after 33 hours of printing, the inner cylinder is too loose and is easily defeated (even accidentally) when the two cylinders aren't 100% in line.

This is not an issue of tolerance; the maze just has to be deeper so even with the current fit between cylinders, the ball wouldn't be able to skip.

My remixed inner cylinder with a bigger ball solved the problem! 100% scale just a bit bigger ball...
Snug fit easy to move, no bypassing


REMIX Blind Puzzle Box by Clarerubber

I've testprinted it and adjusted the sice of the inner cylinder, also added printer settings in the details.


REMIX Blind Puzzle Box by Clarerubber

I want to make this. Any suggestions on parameters for printing?

or perhaps make the nub a little larger. Encountered same problem.

18 hrs and umpteen feet of filiment wasted on this print. Printed at 100% with 15% infill. Inner core is to loose and allows bypassing of the maze with a little twist. Good try though, would like to see it actually function properly!

Different tolerances for different machines. If you'd like me to make an alternative inside part with a greater OD I'd be happy to oblige.

That would be great, I was also thinking of moving the nub up to just under the bottom of the maze since it's current location allows one to tilt the core and bypass the last few sections at the top.