3rd Z-Axis Belt Tensioner D-Bot

by Kldz Mar 15, 2017
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What lenght belt would you estimate for a 300 x 300 bed?

No idea I did some trial and error, i would print them and try to measure the rough average and choose the right belt acording. this setup lets u move back and forth to fit ur needs

Where the heck did you get the idler pulleys? The M4 ones I have were too thick to fit in the spot. It's designed for M5, which I imagine is going to be just as big if not bigger. The M3 ones I have (two flanged bearings) fits, but I'd have to redesign and print the part to get the nut hole the right size for M3. I like the idea of using my M4 pulleys, but I'd have to redesign it to get rid of some of the protrusion that you have. Perhaps I'd just flatten the protrusions out completely and use washers instead.

What are the size of the socket head screws?

m3 x 10 or 12 cant remember to be honest. and for pullyes m5

Great design this is exactly what I'm looking for to sort out my 2 lead screw DBot. Can I ask the the 3 printed brackets under the pulleys are they anywhere on thingiverse?


the original design by Karl Tinsley. I am using his brackets.

Parts for Adding Third Z Screw to D-Bot

Thanks, ah yes i figured that after i posted the comment :-) Additional lead screw is on its way hopefully this might cure my Z axis inconstancies

this is exactly what I needed for my D-bot and it will work with my FT-5 is seems.

Great job! I'll probably end up replacing mine with this version eventually.

It would be my honor! Thank you for sharing this with us man.