Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Prusa i3 MK2S

by Kissman Mar 16, 2017
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thanks for putting this collection together, much appreciated

So basically you just copied files from a known shared source and posted them here for some reason.

Yup, because many users totally dont know that any git there, what it is and how to work with it. All link and credits are in description. ;)

(deleted comment below is same text, switched account)

Thanks for taking the time to put this collection together. Today my Headbed wire broke off the bed and I discovered the Heatbed cover was cracked and not properly supporting the wires. So much easier to just come here and grab the part I need!!

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Same question as ElongatedDanishToaster, plus where is the BOM ? And where can we get the PINDA sensor and the M42 heatbed ?

You have all info in "thing details" page... http://www.prusaprinters.org/original-prusa-i3-mk2s-release/

For PINDA try ebay ;) for MK42 HB try MK42 clone project or Prusa store ;)

Any trys are useless. You can't find that two items, and actually there's no BOM of the printer. This printer is not really open source. STL files won't help. ;)

Actually you can buy them from Prusa... If you have bought a printer from them already. They will unlock the entire e-store for you to purchase any part you want. But trust me, after you pay for shipping you would be much better off buying the PINDA from ebay, and the cloned heated bed.

? And u need BOM for what? Just buy what you need... PINDA is simple cheap sensor - eBay price around 10 USD. And open source "source" files for MK42 heatbed are on Git too. U can make own. Or u can buy it ;)

@J-Max is right, you need a BOM if you're building from scratch. How can you buy what you need when you don't know exactly what it is? For instance I can find no official list of the threaded rod lengths. I see tons of opinions that vary wildly in length on the forums. Every open source printer should have a BOM. And buying parts from Prusa is impractical due to large shipping costs.

Sorry guys, but shipping costs are not my problem :( shipping from Prusa to my house costs 5 bucks. You can´t find rod lengths, beacause there are no threaded rod in MK2(s). Threaded rods are integrated to the motors. So u must buys originals from Prusa or buy on eBay or another source (Alliexpress). You can ask direct Prusa on chat support for parts parameters. Just try ask how long are smooth rods :)

There are four M8 and two M10 threaded rods in the MK2S Y-axis assembly. Take a look at any photo of the MK2S. The lengths are not officially published.

Sorry, I forgot Y base :D so, you just need to read Prusa site more carefully - there are dimensions mentioned on Prusa site :) and if you can not find requested info, ask on 24h chat service on their web :)