Deep Covered Dungeon Pit

by melabam Mar 17, 2017
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can you check the files? tried to open the pit and grate one and cura is telling me its failing to load them. thanks in advance.

I will check it when I get some time this weekend. This was one of the first files I created so it is possible that something isn't perfect, but I have a feeling that the issue is on your side. I have printed them several times and as you can see there have been several remixes and others have printed them with no errors or warnings. I can rerun them through some other refinements, but which file name specifically are you having problems with? When you say pit and grate one. I don't have a single file with both of them in it. Also are you sure that you didn't corrupt them when downloading or if you downloaded them together when you unzipped them? I would try downloading them and unzipping the files and give it another try. A little more detail on what happens when they don't load would be helpful as well and give me something to try and isolate if there really is a problem.

not sure, tried again today. downloading and then trying to open the pit_grate file. Cura just says "Failed to Load file" (then shows path). Only time this has ever happened. Only been printing a year. So this is the first time I have come across it. Not sure whats going on really lol.

Revisited all the files and they are working with no errors in the checker. I have, however, recreated the file that you had problems with in two other processors. If you send me your email address I will send you both of those processed files and you can give them a try. Note that I am going far beyond what most people would do. These files are free, have been verified, and I receive no money to create, process or upload them. They have been printed and verified by many people and I go through an intense process of verification and printing to make sure that they work with different printers and processors. I can't say this was done with my very early designs, but I have since gone an replaced if necessary any older files that I am aware of. With these designs this was already completed many months ago.

I can create an openlock version and will. "Can you create a deeper drop?" Do you mean just make it higher and more levels of depth? Say to waste height of a 28mm normal height human character? I think that is what you meant by raised lip or did you mean raise the sides a little so that the grate kind of snaps into the opening?

Awesome work! looks and prints great.
Any chance you can make an OpenLock version? Also with a deeper drop if possible with a raised lip.

Great work!

Have added an openlock version. Am working in deeper drop, but will probably do as separate entry.

Also would you be able to produce one of these for the True Tiles format? http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1598221 Thanks! Amazing work!

True Tiles Sample Set [Original and OpenLOCK
by Curufin

I think It is already there. It depends on what you mean by true tiles. True tiles has gone to a snap fit type interface. It is there. There is a base with just that size as well. Help me understand what you are after. It may already be there.

You are correct! Thanks! :D

Great thanks! Will print a copy and upload a pic over the weekend

I am printing the pit tonight. I am looking forward to seeing how tiering the lighter colors on the steps works out. If I had one suggestion for another piece of grate, it would be to add one with a hole that has longer straight bands entering the hole so they could be bent up after printing. That would give the appearance of something having pushed through the grate.

Thanks for the model.

Good point. I will work on that modification when I get some time. I am a designer, but this month is the first time I have really worked with 3-D printing files and am learning to use blender and some other limited programs, but will give it a try.

The torn grate is a great addition!

Thanks, I thought about what would be different and came up with the torn gate. I hope you were fully able to utilize the 3-D effect of the pit. Painting is everything.