Cat (pick-a-weight) Fidget Spinner

by Lucina Mar 17, 2017
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WAWWWWW what amazing..............................................LANDFILL TRASH /= ....Stop with the useless trinkets that end up being garbage sooner than later... for real guys wake up ...Be responsible. as makers we must realize that we are a fast growing population and printing this such garbage is not cool or sustainable...and that is the truth.. find something useful to make. why funking fidget spinners??? learn a useful talent instead of being a professional garbage maker!!

hey some dude is selling these spinners at http://www.ehrenfidgets.com/ he isn't giving you credit

Thanks for letting me know. I guess somebody doesn't understand what a Attribution Non-Commercial license is. Maybe I should harass them a bit :-)

I just made one for my daughter. Used 608 as weights and added caps with a cat face for the 608 weights (with a quick and dirty patch in your scad file). Will add a photo of it in a "Made" tomorrow.
Great design and thanks.

I'm glad the design worked for you! I'm looking forward to seeing your Make. By the way, here are a few 608 bearing cap designs you might want to experiment with: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2444311

Customizable Fidget Spinner 608 Bearing Caps
by Lucina

that would b geat! thx

Did you triy the penny option in the Customizer? If not, click the "Open in Customizer" button
Under "which weight" select penny. If something isn't working, please let me know.

can u add pennies

Hey!! great design! can u add something for weights????

Can you add an option to have pennies as weights?

I added options for US coins, but I'm not sure how Abe Lincoln will look with whiskers and ears :)

Thank you! well here is an idea, could be possible to have bottom and top layers with the coins option or with any option for that matter? That way I can add a pause just before the top layer begins so the coins are enclosed .-)

Yes, I can probably get to it tomorrow.

Awesome, thank you, my daughter will love this

It would be great if central bearing can be changed, in example to a 24mm 609 bearing. they are out of stock.

I could probably add different bearing options. Somebody just posted a make with a smaller bearing. I'll let you know when I'm done.

Great, it is a very nice design with balls. The fisrt 608 alretnative I found is 609.

I added the option for a center bearing other than 608. There were so many different bearings that I'm requiring that outside diameter and height in mm be entered manually.

Hopefully somebody has made a bearing cap customizer, because my bearing caps will only work for bearings with 608 dimensions.

Excelent, you have excelent designs. Thanks.


I don`t see a 5/16" 3 cat one?? only a 2 cat one or am I not seeing it?

You didn't see the "Open in Customizer" button. Click on it then select the number of cats and which type of weight. http://www.thingiverse.com/apps/customizer/run?thing_id=2183228

Your new .stl file will show up after a while under "My Things" in the top menu.

You can always use Jam nuts as well. THey are ~2/3 the thickness of a standard nut, so it will bee about the same thickness as the bearings at 7/16. 1/2" nut is ~8mm thick. :)

Thanks for the info! I'm going to try to find some jam nuts.

Came out sweet. Here is the 1/2" Jam nuts installed. Sleek! DOH, no pics can be attached in comments, see my make then. Thanks!

Thanks again for the jam nut tip. I used them in a few different models of spinners, and they work really well. (I added a pic of one here.)

Glad it worked well for you. I went a step further with mine and used a 1/2" drill and removed the threads. I was picturing a kid winding themselves up tight threading their finger in the nuts! Thanks again for the models!

Drilling sounds like a good idea too. Hopefully I have a 1/2" drill bit. I'm not a kid, but I did stick my finger in a nut and got cut by a burr :(

It's probably nice and heavy and big too without having to use additional, pricier 608 bearings. I like it!

Brilliant design. Can you please upload 3 head small version without wights.

Here's one without weights: http://www.thingiverse.com/download:3708420

You can also customize the size and number of cats. Select "none" under "Which Weight" in Customizer:http://www.thingiverse.com/apps/customizer/run?thing_id=2183228

Thank you very much :)

Thanks. A version without weights? Wouldn't the cats need eyes, a nose and a mouth?