Tronxy X3 Y-Axis carriage .dxf

by Davschall Mar 18, 2017
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just curious, will this work if printed in petg? my original bed warped and i don't have acces to a lazer cutter but i do have a second printer, thanks :)

Honestly I couldn't be sure, if it fits on your printer bed, you can import the dxf to your preferred CAD program and extrude it. As for actually working...that would be tough to say, petg would be good for the heat, but it is more flexible. Its tough to say if this would be good for printing or not tbh. There are some 3d printed carriages on here that I've seen. They use aluminum tubing with 3d printed parts.

How much would something like this cost to get laser cut? I emailed a few online sites, still waiting on replies.

Unfortunately Im not sure, I had a guy from my old job do it for me on a waterjet.

So this will fit SCS8UU bearing blocks?

Yep, I actually just imported a .stp file into fusion and the holes lined up perfectly. Disclaimer though I havent actually tested this myself yet. The hole position could be non-ideal in terms of y axis travel, but it should definitely mount up! Thats why I released it as a dxf though so that it is easy to add and remove holes and mounting locations (well that and its the only really logical release format lol).

What thickness and what kind of material do you recommend?

1/8th inch aluminum. Sorry i forgot to add that to the details.