Creality CR-10 Strain relief bracket for heated bed cable

by Greg191134 Mar 18, 2017
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Hi my stock headbed cabel holder on my Ender 3 brocken today,did you have a stl File from the Stock von Creality Ender 3,i print your STL today but it not fit on my Ender 3,can you please Post when you have time a fit version for the Ender 3 ? THX

Found this thing when looking why I couldn't shorten my bed on my ender 3 enough with the glass print bed. Just wanted to add that it was not too hard to take the creality supplied part and grind it down a bit so that it fit. Before that part was too thick and I couldn't lower my bed enough for leveling. After, the part still seems plenty strong and shouldn't be a problem being shorter. I might suggest somebody with the skill (I don't have it) to maybe remix this part with the under bed portion about 2/3 as tall. Would have been nice to have a printable solution if one doesn't have the ability to grind it down.

The concept of the strain relief is excellent however in my opinion the attachment to the aluminium print bed is not correct. I feel that the attachment should be between the spring and the bed instead of between the spring snd the bed support . If it were mounted this way it would not move everytime the bed is leveled. It would mean that the attachment needs to be redesigned . I am going to do some surgery on mine in order to allow this.

How do you get the plastic out of the holes where the zip ties go though mine will not come out

Is there anyway this can be modified to mount under the carriage? Switched to solid bed mounts and the rear left is too high with the added bracket because it adds height to the spacer being mounted above the bed carriage.

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Indeed, my printer already has this from factory. Congrats on making such a useful part and earning those printers. :)

Is it possible to print that for tevo tornado

I did print this, from the sd card included. Awesome job on the design! I am bummed I could not use it though.
This will NOT fit the CR-10S S5, (500 x 500 x 500), with added support rails mounted on the bed itself. I just purchased mine at the beginning of July 2018. This did come on the included sd card. The printer did come with a pre-installed 3D printed part, (completely different), that fell apart and split after printing the cat on my 3rd attempt. (tuning in printer). The installed 3d printed part is NOT included in the model files on the sd card. I can place the split parts together, and probably model the different part. I will also see about coming up with an improved version.
If interested, I will supply pictures and measurements to those who wish to take a crack at it as well.

As an FYI, just had a new Ender 3 arrive and this factory installed part is now on the Ender 3 as well.

VERY worthwhile to do to any existing Creality CR-10 or Ender-3

Just got a new one and indeed, it is now installed at the factory.

Is it possible to mount on Ender-2?

Hi Greg, does this bracket fit the newer S5 beds with extra holes and aluminum support frame?

I don't have a S5 to check but I would say it probably doesn't fit. A larger bed means very likely a different layout for cables and screws and the bracket won't fit.

Hmm, is this needed with the connector on now? Typically for connectors I just shove a bunch of e6000 on the wiring to connector to prevent it moving

Is it possible this could lead to bed leveling issues?

I too ordered a CR10 through GearBest in late November and received it by the end of December.
It came without this part and it wasn't on the µSD card as well.
Eventually, the welds broke during a +6h overnight print and I found the printer stopped this morning, before the end of my print :(

This is unfortunate and I hope that you did not fry anything inside the control box when the weld broke. It anyhow shows that there is really a need for this part. Regarding why some get it installed and other did not I have no clue. My CR-10S that was sent by Creality3D had it installed and it was a molded part (not a 3D Printed one)...

Fortunately everything is in good condition, I am going to weld the cable back and secure it with your design.
The fact that Creality offered you two free printers is a great move, very appreciable!

Thank you for sharing your part.

Great Design. I was disappointed to find it did NOT fit the CR-10 MINI

SO I thought I would remix it. Hope you don't mind if I link my first remix here.


Thanks again for the inspiration.

Creality CR-10 MINI Strain relief bracket for heated bed cable

Great! I have added a link to your remix in the description so people won't be mistaken if they are looking for a bracket for the Mini

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Hey, I would really like to see something similar for the ender-2

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I can confirm that this part is now shipping with CR-10's. I received mine on October 14, 2017 (ordered from gearbest) and it arrived with this part printed and installed.

Mine didn't, but it was on the sd card. Was my first print, and worked great.. the way my heating bed cables were soldered on, this has to be installed caddycornered on mine.. works as designed, I just can't use the lid on it.

Good to hear. Mine should be delivered tomorrow and I've been getting a list ready of parts to print. Now I can save some filament. :)

I also received my cr-10 on October 14. I actually began printing the part then went to check out where it needed to be installed and realized it's already on there. Great design.

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Is there any way you would consider slightly altering this design to make the cover actually snap onto the base? If you were to make a slight lip around the cover's inside bottom edges on the sides, and then a slight lip on the outside edges on the side of the base where the cover sits, (you'd need to get the measurements correct so that the Cover's lip goes OVER the Base's lip). I think it would sort of snap right on and off no problem?

I mean if you have raw files I'd be happy to give it a shot myself if you're willing? I don't know how else to do without the raw files for the model.

This is a super quick and dirt sort of visual representation of the idea. Hope you consider it!

Thanks man!

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Does not fit CR-10 MINI

Can confirm. Also thought this would fit the mini and was disappointed when I went to install. I'll be working on modifying the design to fit the Mini.

I would like to see one for the mini please,

Me to, Had anyone made one yet?


Same here. Creality included the wrong design on the SD Card, so wasted time and filament.

Hey Greg I was wondering if the spring is supposed to sit inside the hole or on top? The way mine printed was with the spring sitting on top. Is that correct?

Spring is supposed to rest on the bottom surface of the "big" hole which also the top of the small hole that has a diameter slightly larger than the screw. Not sure this is very clear...

I received mine yesterday and if I use this part (it comes with the printer now) the spring is too compressed giving you little room for leveling the bed. I had to file the part to make it smaller and now the spring is in the correct range of compression.

I just received my CR-10 (banggood) and it did not have the strain relief included yet so I'm printing one now. Thanks so much!

I just received my CR-10 and your model was included on the SD card....Nice work..congrats!!

wow, cool, I found another profession version too,

How does this work alongside the big leveling knob? https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2409790

Will the leveling knob get in the way? Thanks.

CR-10 Big Leveling knob

They can both be installed without collision issues. The strain relief goes between the base frame and the heated bed. The leveling knobs go below the base frame, slipping right onto the top of the existing leveling knobs.

hi there for some reason my creality cr-10 500x500 bed
The screws are in further than any here shown so it does not fit mine

have you found a solution yet?

This is a fantastic addition to the CR-10! I wouldn't be surprised if the company didn't start adding something like this build-in!

They now do. The STL and a gcode file for this print were included on my CR-10 which just arrived a few days ago.

Nice part, however my PLA part sagged due to the heat from bed printing ABS. I've reprinted in ABS and now its working fine.

Great print. Printed nice on my CR 10. Thanks for the file!

Definitely not but I guess the guy won't make much money with that. I even doubt he will sell one.

I asked in the cr-10 Facebook group what they thought about this and was surprised by how few of them had an issue with this. Personally I see this as wrong. Just kinda surprised at that result.id be pissed if someone did this to me without permission. I'm fine with the 3d hubs thing but this I have an issue with for some reason. I guess it's because they don't give you credit.

Very useful part!
Do you know that Creality now includes your .stl in the CR-10 micro sd card? I received my printer yesterday and found your .stl in the micro sd.

For me all the parts deliverd on the creality usb are useless. The cat failed 2 times and also the y bracket failed. So very surprised to land here and find the original. Going to give this print a go. Thnx.

Nice to know, I was not aware , thanks for telling me about that. it would be even better if they shipped the printer with a more or less equivalent part pre-installed.

Right, and they also could deserve you some credits :)

Thank you for this its great :)

Where did you get your PEI sheet for your glass? What are the dimensions? What thickness is it? How much did you pay for it?

It does a great job! Thank you! I Will, however, say that you really don't need to print the cover. It doesn't quite snap onto the system once the wires are in the holder.

The cover didn't fit for me either, I discarded it. I suspect there must be different dimensions in some versions of the printer.

I love the bracket as well. I agree with your statement about the cover. It does not snap into place and will easily pop off. Is there any chance this could be redesigned to snap on and allow more room for the wires? The wires on my heat bed are stiff and will not move out of the way so the cover will seat properly. With that said, thank you to the creator for this design. Just needs a few tweaks.

Excellent Fit and works great. Thanks

Thank you very much. It works as you designed.

Thank you , works great !!

Works great! Definitely will help with the strain relief.

Thanks for this. It fits well and is easy to install.