Butterfly Knife Comb

by muzz64 Mar 24, 2017
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well... if you were actually arrested then you would most defiantly not be on thingverse.

definitely, stupid spelling error.

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The print didn't work.
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This print did not work.

Sorry to hear you had problems with this print... just checking you applied the settings advised. The photos provided clearly show the file / design can be printed well so the bottom line is your print problems makes be either with your slicing app or machine set up. Some slicers do have issues with files like this due to the detail and complexity of the curves etc. To resolve this scaling up uniformly a bit can help and / or rotating the files position in the slicers virtual build plate prior to slicing. This will force it to develop an alternative tool path so may resolve whatever issue it is that you are having.

I hope this helps.

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nao consegui abrir a minha faca

Conforme mostrado nas imagens para este projeto, não é uma faca funcional / móvel. É um pente ... para se divertir. Isto foi projetado a pedido de um membro do Thingiverse.

Should be titled 'Butterfly Knife' comb, seeing as it isn't actually a butterfly knife.

Sorry but I don't understand your comment. .. it clearly says "comb" in the Thing name and main image

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does the handle split and rotate like the real butterfly knife?

No... as noted in the overview this is just a 'look alike' knife and fun comb... it was never intended to function like a real butterfly knife.... just a comb (at the request of a member).

what you said really made sense about how the blade would have to be printed

so i found the post of yours:
I had a look at this and there are a lot of shapes.... the challenge is the blade is never anywhere near as thick as the handle so, when lying on its side the blade would be in thin air so need quite a lot of support to build it in one piece. On that basis you would be better printing it cut in half then gluing it together... but that is not ideal either for a great result.... one piece would be better.

The most practical thing to do would just be make it the shape but not with the thicker handle. It would be a few mm thick all the way along... not exactly the same but the idea would be there. Not sure if that would fit the requirement but is it the best way to do something like this... just a flat model resembling the shape.

thank you for making this. I asked you awhile back to make just a come blade for another designers print you said it was too much of an angle on the curve of the blade. thank you for finding a solution to it. I will defiantly print this. it looks amazing in the pictures. you are a great designer

Thanks for getting back to me about this... I tried finding your message but didn't as I simply get too many these days.

I do have a list of ideas for the future and it was added because of your request. Hopefully it is as good as you had hoped.

All the best.

Comments deleted.

so it just looks like a butterfly knife?

Not at all... just a fun / novel comb.

Correct... just for the look