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by Xonor13 Mar 19, 2017
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is there any way you could make the ship and exhaust plume separate, I want to blow these up for my nephew. I would really appreciate it, thank you

If you check under the remix tab, I believe someone already separated them.

thank you, I've been using this site a while, never even noticed the tab, duh.

ok tomorrow i will print this but HUGE

They aren't there for print simplicity

umm...where is the vertical stabilizer and main engines...looks like part of the shuttle is missing (thus the cut flat look)

To be honest, I forgot to model in the vertical stabilizer. However, i did model in the main engines, or at least what i think the main engines are. I'm not an expert on the space shuttle and definitely not an expert at modeling in blender, so i couldn't put in every detail of the shuttle. There are remixed versions you can download that have the vertical stabilizer and i encourage you to check them out.

Do you mind if users sell this product, giving you credit?

It's marked for non-commercial use, so nobody could sell it besides the creator.

Not to burst any bubbles but he just can't sell the file, nor sell the print for a price but rather the cost of operating the printer and time. It's a grey area somewhat. The same if someone provided you with an STL from this site and pays you to print it, they aren't paying for the object just the cost of the printers time to do so.

Great model but the nose of the shuttle is kinda weird.

Looks amazing when done except the rocket fell off when it was printing

Looks pretty neat!
But I don't have access to multi material printing to get "wash away" supports, and I prefer prints without solid supports, too.
So I took your cool looking model as an inspiration and made my own version of it. I would appreciate it if you could check it out and tell me your thoughts! :) (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2249031 )

Space Shuttle

Very cool model!
Looking at it, I think it would requires long support structures for wings.. Maybe you could release a two-part version, cutting the shuttle from the rest, so we can print it with small supports and then glue all together :)

i'll see what i can do with it.

Or maybe you can post the source file, so I can split it by myself.

I uploaded the .blend file for everyone now. I couldn't find any time to modify the model and my computer is having some issues. I'll get to it eventually, but if someone beats me to it then that's just as good.

Did you manage to split the model?

No, I still haven't had the time to try..

Wow Xonor13! Excellent design. Thanks very much for creating this and sharing here on Thingiverse.

This is amazing! But the model is so blocky and low res :(

it is supposed to be like that, the art style is low poly

Doubt it. It was probably made in Tinkercad or something.

It was intentionally made to be low-poly, and i made it in blender. I can only do a low poly art style for this type of stuff because i'm not the best 3d modeler/sculptor. I'm open to anyone taking this design and making it more realistic instead of it being minimalist.

This one is soon to be featured...

I hope so i would really love that.

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