SuperNova RC plane

by Itek Mar 19, 2017
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Hello, May I know which component you used to control the motors ? I started in aeronautical model making and I do not know all the referees well. Is it possible to use an Arduino Nano with a 2.4Ghz receiver ? And where did you buy all the electronic components ?

PS: Sorry for the translation but I'm from Belgium and I'm not English speaking.

Thank you for your work.

It is possible - but you should rather focus on using a dedicated radio system for R/C models. The cheapest ones can cost like 50EUR (Flysky i6). It will save you a lot of your time and it will still be more realiable than any of your initial "prototypes".

Thank you for your answer I will dig a little to try to find the radio system that suits me.

What servos were used, the cutout looks much larger than a 9 gram servo

I guess I was using Hextronic D-MG16 (Size: 29 x 11.2 x 29mm)

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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did you change the outer rear wing so that there is no indent for a hinge
just wondering because the aileron has 4 indents and the picture of your plane has all 4 hinges installed
thank you great design can't wait to get the last few parts printed

Hmm, i dont think i did..
I also think that i used tape instead og hinges when i buildt my plane....

Could you clarify something for me - what do You mean by mirror the right parts .? What is that and how do I do it ?
Secondly could you post the links of all the electronics you used please this would really help
Also what infill did you print the pieces with ?

By the way I absolutely love the design
Thank you

  1. If you download all parts, youll only have half a plane. Mirror parts in your slicer to get all parts.
  2. Description updated with some of the electronics. Long time ago, so i dont remember it all...
  3. Infill does not make sense as the plane is modelled hollow incl. support.

Thanks :)
Im glad you found my design.

Hi there,
can you please verify that my mounting method for the motor is correct?

Looking good to me :)
Then just cut the screws and glue the plane to the back of the plane.

What motor are you using? Are you getting enough thrust?

First of all, thanks for your response.
Im planning on using a cheapo ebay 2000 kv motor kit with a 2S LiPo (https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B07777ZH3J/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1). Currently I'm working on an adapter for 9g servos to fit into the servo holes firmly. I have to add that im not really taking this seriously, as im new to RC and just wanted to try to make a plane. Its more or less a learn-by-doing project.

Keep up your nice work :D

Im sorry to say this thing will not fly using a 2S battery. The plane will be too heavy and your motor setup too slow / low effect :(
My setup is 4S with a 2350kv motor (turnigy 2836-2350) (about 500W of power)...
Your motor can handle max 3S (11.1v) and max 20A, which give you about 220 watts of power, and that is the maximum of what that motor can handle.
Do you have an alternative motor setup?

So after some number crunching i have come up with this setup:
https://hobbyking.com/de_de/zippy-compact-2200mah-4s-25c-lipo-pack.html ( Should be able to do 55 A continously )
https://hobbyking.com/de_de/hobby-king-60a-esc-4a-ubec.html ( Does 60 A, should work with above battery )
https://hobbyking.com/de_de/turnigy2836-brushless-outrunner-2350kv.html ( Your recommendation )

Sorry for wasting your time, i have a strong feeling that im getting on your nerves. :D
One last question: How did you fix your servos into the cutouts?

Nerves? Nono. Just glad I can help.
That should be a great setup. Take care, this is a powerful setup! - can also work well in another plane with higher lift capacity by using your 5Ah battery...
Good luck!

No, not at the moment. But i was actually thinking about getting another set of motor/esc. Do you think that i will need a new battery too?
It is rated at 40C with 5Ah so in theory it should be able to deliver quite some Amps. Im not sure though wheter those 40Cs are peak or mean max power.
Thanks for warning me, btw

I just want you a good exprience in the hobby :)
5Ah is a large battery, which is heavy and will make you need a bigger motor - which draw more current and so on...
I went into the same trap when I started.
Ended up at several smaller (lighter) batteries at about 2300mAh.
In this plane, I used a 1300mAh 4S battery...
battery C is always peak. 40C times 5Ah = 200Amps peak is way way waaay more than you will need...

Hi! Thank you for sharing this cool plane, i am printing it and at the time i am at about 1/3 done.
The parts that not have a solid end, but just the thin outer walls and maybe some support, did you reinforced the joint some way when gluing?
I have also ordered the same motor (But V2) as you used, did it balanced without adding extra weights with the 4s 1300 LiPo? or could i buy a bit larger battery?

Maybe i try to add a undercarriage, as i dont like to handlaunch other planes than sailplanes. I am printing in colorless PLA from Clas Ohlson, and want to spray paint it.

I did not add any reinforcement or extra weight

Ok, thanks for a quick answer!

this plane looks really great, but there are some things unclear to me:

What kind of servo do you recommend? Are 9g servos enough?
Is there a recipe to make a motor mount adapter?

HI I am currently trying to print this and have encountered a problem the print nozzle strikes the reinforcement webs when returning to the start position??? any suggestions

Hi Itek
Thanks for that I was wondering just what Z-hop was now I just need to choose a setting that works

Enable z-hop?

Can you share 3d drawing (step, prt, sldprt) files ? Then we can remix it.
Another question is, is it fully mirrorable ? It seems, if i print two pieces of "outer wing right", it wont fit to left side. we wiil use mirrored parts for left.

The original 3D file is a mess. Sure I can share the .ipt file, but you´re warned :P

I'll be glad if you can share it doesn't matter, I can re-assemble it again:)

Send me a pm :)

I've sent :) thank you a lot.

Hello, What did you use for assembling aileron with the outer rear?

Hmm, good question!
Especially as I cannot find the 3D printed hinges I used attached here...

I just uploaded the hinges files.

Cool thank you :) Mine is in printing , i will post pictures when it will finished.

Awesome! Looking forward to see your plane!

Do I have a chance to print this with a 230 L X 150 W X 140 H mm build plate?

"Center Center Right" will need the biggest build surface,
"Outer Wing Right" is the highest piece to print.

good luck!

Ok, I see the "Outer Wing Right" is the problem.
Maybe I kann split it up.

How can i mirror the stl in simplify 3d?

Finally finished printing and gluing my plane! Now to make it fly!

SuperNova RC plane

WOW! Looking awesome!
Thanks for the update :D

It seems like the alerons are quite thick. Is this a setting on my end or are they just kinda think. They seem a bit heavy. I'm trying to print them now at 75% thickness. Let me know your thoughts.

Yes, they might be a bit thick. I was not completely sure they were strong enough when modelling.
Im sure ut will work out just fine for you.

Awesome work. What infill did you use?


Infill does not matter, as there is no internal part of the model. The ribs are already modelled into the file.

Awesome, thank u for sharing.

Can i use the recommended setup from RCFoamFighter which is this motor :


or the dimensions are set for ur setup ? like motor mount..


I also used a turnigy motor, so I guess the motor mount will work.
That motor is more powerful than the motor I used, it will work!

I would love to print this but need a bit of help. Here in southern cal i can't use PLA. It'll melt before i get to the field. So perhaps someone has already tried to print with PETG filament. Also not sure if you meant 0% infill. Can't imagine using 100%.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

There is no internal space in this model Its all outer shells/surfaces. Even on the inside.
Therefore, there is also no infill :)

any chance on cutting the inner wing front in half my bed only does 175mm and its a ebay i3 which im sure tones of people have. its the only one keeping me from fininshing. Ive tried like 10 times to print and my printer just keeps cutting it off at one end or the other no matter how i have my slicer its like 10mm too long to fit diagonally on my bed.

Thanks for printing my design :)

Is "inner wing front" the only part where you got problems? What about "inner wing rear" ?

Hey, I have the same issue, it's Inner_Wing_Front, Inner_Wing_Rear and Outer_Wing_Right for me. All other parts fit just fine. Any chance for an update? Would really love to try this one out :D

Im sorry. The original 3D file is a mess and hard to work with.

What about scaling down the model?

Interesting build but can you list the materials like the motor, batteries, and wires that you used to make it a fully functional flying plane

Like this?
2 servos
1 motor with propeller
1 speed controller
1 reciever
1 battery
Servo extension wires

Thanks for sharing the design!

When printing with single shell it still appears that it will print 2 perimeters (internal and external surface), ending up in 0.8 mm thick wall.
Is this expected or should it be tweaked in slicer somehow to avoid?

Thank you.

Hmm, this is not as designed...
There should not be necessary to tweak the slicer either.

I printed mine using Ø 0,4mm nozzle. and walls up to 0,7999 mm is printed as one shell, I used Cura.
Are your slicer rounding up to two layers?
Maybe your nozzle is smaller than Ø 0,4mm?
Did you scale the model up?

I hope you will find a way, enjoy my model.

Will try to tweak slicer (Cura@Repetier host).

It would be very helpfull if you can post approximate weight of printed pieces so implementer can doublecheck that it is going as expected :)

Thanks again for your effort!

Just added some pictures including the weights. :)

Thank you.
This is exactly i was looking for!

I have printed outer_wing_right and got ~75g part.
When i measured it, wing surface is 0.8 mm thick (settings are 1 shell, but both inner and outer surface add 1 shell)

Seems to be an overkill.

What was your average flight time?

about 10min, i guess..
Small battery, large motor

Comments deleted.

there is no fial with smaller parts to big for ;my 220x220x240 plate

Sorry, no other parts than the ones that are listed here.
The alternative "small" parts didnt fix your problem either? Im not sure which part is the one that need the biggest area now :s

stuped question resolution shell thickens or layer hight

I think youll have to experiment with this on your printer. I think I was using 0.25mm layer height.
Test your printer using some of the smaller, quick to print-parts.

How much percent of infilling did you have on the objects when you 3D printed?

No filling in this model. There are surfaces (walls+top/bottom) only, so it doesnt matter.

How much reflex do you have in the elevons?

Hmm, not sure, but I might give you some hints:
On landing, you would like a lot. like 25mm?
in negative direction 10mm maybe?
Add some expo to be more safe.

The plane is very tolerable, and will handle most settings if you got the cg correct.

Did you put any washout in the wings?

No washout.
But I got no problems with tipstalling either. Guess the design is ok without washout.

When I print certain files, the surface of the object doesn't print. The inside of the object such as the structure of it prints but not the outside(surface). How can I fix this issue?

Did you scale it? If it was scaled down, the walls get so thin that your slicer will not make a path.

No i didn't, I just printed the same files that you published. I really want to finish it but am not sure why it's not printing certain pieces out! Some files are printing out like this while some are printing just fine

Great job with the plane, looks very good. I started to print but my printer can not print the bigger parts. I see in your drawing that you have multiple smaller parts, but they are not all available in the files for download. Could you please add these files for us to download? Thanks a lot.

Do you find the files with the name starting with "smaller"? I have no problem downloading them.
Not sure I understand your problem

I can see the files with name smaller. When I loaded files into the repetier host, I saw that it was big, not the 4 files that have the smaller in the name. They were fine. I did not try to rotate and fit the parts on the build plate. When I rotated the parts, I can fit most of them on the build plate, but one or two are slightly out of the bounds of my printer, I will have to measure the build plate once more and modify the dimensions in the software.
Thanks for your reply

can you put the Center_Front_Right and Center_center_Right pieces into shorter pieces Most printers out their can do between 200 and 180mm height 2 of these are at 225 and thy are the only ones keeping me from finishing. Thanks maybe just cut them in half and post both halves. Or maybe you could edit the source so that no piece is more than 180x,180y,180z.

I just uploaded some smaller parts, I hope you can use them :)

I'll see what I can do. My 3D file is a bit complex at these parts. :)

Would you mind sharing/publishing the source files for this? Although most may have access only to Fusion 360 and not Inventor

I will not share the source files.

Can you tell me at which point the center of gravity is?

The model looks very nice, i just printed the Left and right pusher plates as test and they printed really smoothly.
I hope the other parts will go as well.
I made a calculation of al the parts and the weight of the model came out on 874 gr + the equipment (motors, servo, batteries, etc) 309
= Total 1183,4 thats's approx with gleu and tape under the 1200 gr. (i left out the carbon rods)
I don't think the weight is too high for such small wing span because the model is most a lifting body and the wing core is really wide.

Thanks for sharing this design.

Oh! Thanks for sharing your numbers!
The CG should be at approx 45,5cm from the tip.
Ill add the CG location in the description.

Thanks again :)

What did you use to control the motors?

The "Inner_Wing_Front.stl" file appears to be missing?

No idea why Thingiverse (or me) skipped that file..
Thanks for noticing! It has just been uploaded!

Can you confirm the layer thickness? It looks like 1.75mm is the filament diameter - not layer thickness of your print. If single layer - then I would rather bet it is 0.4mm

Whoops. Thanks!
You are very much correct. I mixed up the numbers. I just corrected it!

For most of the parts the thickness is 0,4mm for parts with a lot of angled top surfaces I raised the shell thickness up to 0.7mm, so that you still have 0.4mm at the straight surfaces, but inclined surfaces are (more) solid (at least for Cura).

im having an issue when i print the inner wing rear right file and i am looking at the file in cura14.07 and im noticing that the part is incomplete (atleast in mine) im going to post a pic in the i made one. i plan on finishing this print soon..

I downloaded the file from here. Put it into Cura 2.3.0
Looks just fine to me? See my comment on the picture :)

Yeah - that's what I thought. Anyway - great job on the design. Flies really well but seems to be really heavy - more than 1kg with so small span? I know it is more like blended body that has a lot of lift - but still. What CAD software did you use?

I used Autodesk Inventor.
I have also calculated that if I do not use the 3 solid top/bottom layers i used in this model on every single part, I would save approx 9% weight!
I dont think any solid layers are necessary, I thought I needed them for the assemlying (gluing)

You could save even more by reducing the extensive inner ribbing. If you cut its number by half and skip the solid top infils it should be still fine and very light. Have a look how the 3DLabPrint is doing their models.

Nice design. What motor, prop and ESC are you using?

Thanks :D
On this design I used what I had laying around:
Motor: NTM propdrive 35-36 (1800kv)
Propeller: 7x6
ESC: 60A Turnigy plush (probably a bit overkill)
Battery: 4S 1300 65C

You are a man after my own heart. I use that launch technique exclusively for any hand launch. This is a beautiful design, what is the finished wingspan?

Ken :)

I just added dimensions to the drawing (PDF).

Thank you very much :)

Ken :)

last question you have holes on the side of some of the parts like the thrust plate. what are they for?

I used them for carbon fiber rods. But I think youll be ok without carbon.

I just added dimensions to the pdf. :)

i downloaded all files but i don't see a pdf.

The two first files in the "Thing files" folder/tab?

It also shows up in the pictures, when you press right.

what did you use for control horns on the aileron?

Used normal control horns, as I had some laying around. I just drilled a hole and screwed them through the plastic.

That's awesome man!

Great work!

Really impressed by that throw-launch.

I really appreciate your kind reply, thanks! :D