Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

MK CUB3D (Prusa i3 MK2 mod)

by NSGrimace Mar 19, 2017
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I'm going to assume here that you can effectively scale this up to have a print area larger than original?

What are the measurements of the extrusion profiles?

Hey is there mighy be a step file, fusion 360 or thinkercad project or at least something else? love your design but I would like to work on the whole frame instead of only the parts. it would be awesome if you could upload the whole project? this would help other people, they can use it as a kind of a boom. thx

I like your Y belt idler / tensioner. My version needs to drill trough the extrusion. If i had seen your approach earlier, I could have avoided this.

Any luck at all finding the time to build a bill of material or some form of spreadsheet with extrusion length and other non printed hardware required ?

Which y belt holder did you use?

i like your design very much. What would I need to change in order to make it work with 2020 profiles? I am still new to Fusion360 and therefore my skills are very limited. But I would really like your design and therefore it would be great if I could pull this off.

hi, love this design. Any chance you could share some more details as to what are the lengths of extrusions required or some form of non printed part shopping list. including your temperature control, etc.

I'd love to start building a bill of material and look at sourcing the required stuff.

scloutier, I was definitely going to add a BOM to the post and some additional instructions, unfortunately I travel a lot for work and I am only home a couple days a week, so this project is coming along slowly. I'm guessing I can find some time in my hotel a night this week to throw something together.

I can't seem to make up my mind on how I want to mount the panels on the frame, but I am leaning toward epoxy fitting some magnets on acrylic panels and then printing some screw on mounts for the front 3 areas, and the whole top. If you are into design I'd love your input or a mockup of what you think might work best.

do you want the panels to be air tight (to an extend)?

I guess if you plan on printing ABS and putting some sort of exhaust pipe or filter that would be required. this will affect the kind of brainstorming required to find the best way to do it.


Yeah I already got some 4mm acrylic and I was thinking a simple rubber window gasket would do the trick. I am putting a single 120mm fan on the lower left front panel with a louvre and another exhaust in the upper left rear, based on how it sits at the end of my desk it would allow me to hook up an external carbon filter that would maintain internal temp.

guess you replied as I was typing my other message :)

looking at all the available extrusion slots on the outside .. I'm thinking putting sticky weather strip on acrylic panels aligned with the exterior edge of the rail slot.

This would provide both the seal and some bounce.

looking at one panel, if you have 3 holes per side (12 total) aligned with the slot itself (just to the interior of the strip) you can print some "T" shaped handle that you could rotate into the slot to lock them in as you put some pressure on the weather strip.

just thinking out loud, but that would make it pretty removable yet tight enough to handle proper fume venting should you want to.

That X axis motor mount is clever! (and pleases my irrational need for symmetry greatly ;-)

I'm dying to see the X-axis motor mount, but there does not seem to be a picture of it. Can anyone post a picture of the whole assembly?

Exactly what I wanted to do in some future, I have some 2020 so planning to use them... I will be using spannerhands spool holders, so no need to place the holders inside the box for me, I prefer them outside... could you share your source cad files and not only the stls? so I can remix from there...


I did all the files in Tinkercad, I think I can make them public but don't know if that will help with the cad software. Just got the frame completed and all the components migrated last night, printed some light housings and the quality definitely improved, something I wasn't expecting. Should be able to update the files and some pics this evening.

I'd like to take a look at the Tinkercad for this as well, please.

Thanks! I will use Tinkercad then, could you give me the link to your model?

Where are the dimensions of the v-slots?

I'll upload a set of dimensions and an STL for the extrusions this evening, it is 80/20 brand sourced from the direct distribution site in the US.

What size extrusion do you plan on using? 2020, 3030, 3060, 2040, etc. I see nothing wrong with TinkerCAD. That's how I've made tons of improvements to my Prusa i3 MK2.

This is based on 3030 extrusions. I haven't worked with extrusions before so I don't really have a feel for what would be most appropriate. It's very possible this may have been better built with 2020 but I didn't want to underbuild if not.

That's good to know. The 3030 Haribo guys will be glad to hear that. In case you are interested in chatting with them, http://slackin.codehemi.com/