Anet A8 E3D V6 Bowden MODULAR X Carriage V4 *BEST ONE*

by Don1337 Mar 21, 2017
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hello, I want your original fusion 360 files, because I want to reproduce the aluminum piece with a CNC cutter, and I want to eliminate the writing, and put another sensor, is it possible? thank you so much

Please post the file to fanduct single extruder.

I created a custom Configuration.h file for this mount for stock anet a8 with leveling sensor. Auto bed leveling and offsets are all already set. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS REPLACE CONFIGURATION.H IN MARLIN WITH THIS FILE AND UPLOAD TO ANET A8.

If your printer accepts the M206 M851 commands (I'm using skynet3d, stock firmware probably works, not sure) you can set the offsets without rebuilding your firmware. I used "M206 X-14 Y-15" to set home offsets see http://marlinfw.org/docs/gcode/M206.html and M500 to save settings to flash. You can also set your Z-Probe offset with M851.

hello you give the offsets for sensor but for the anet a8 stock sensor have the same offsets?

Hi, what about a single fan version of the model with two 40x10 fans for the nozzle?

hi it would be very nice if this model had a bltouch mount, is posible for you to add it?

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Where did you get M4x30 screws ?
They're not in the Anet's parts list...

You have to buy them at your local hardware store. I got most of mine from Menards but any hardware store such as Home Depot or Ace Hardware should have them.

I love the modular concept of this carriage. It also seems sturdier than other available bowden carriages out there.

Hi All. Am I correct in saying that the BLtouch mount (E3DV6_BLTouch_Sensor_V4.1.stl) does not work? The only orientation that seems to be close is if you mount it on the right hand side, but even then it appears to be a few mm too low. Any help would be appreciated. I have seen this link. Would this sort out my issue? https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2288948

BL/3D Touch Modified Mount

any chance you can make the dual fan duct to where the exits are pointing more towards the hot end? it seems like they are almost blowing straight down?



Do you have a backplate with a bltouch attachment?

can you make a belt holder that will hold the thinner gt2 style belts? the original anet plastic type belts fit the mounts well. But the upgrade fibre glass belts do not fit well at all.

I changed my anet to bownden and did not and the prints are not centered, I tried to adjust on the marlin and I could not!

I changed the settings X_MIN_POS and Y_MIN_POS, but the prints are off the table!
Can someone help me??

Nachdem ich nun endlich mein Sensorproblem gelöst habe nun das nächste Problem, Stringing. Ehrlich gesagt empfehle ich niemanden diesen Umbau, viel zu viel rum experimentieren und im Netz findet man keine guten Retraction-Einstellungen für den Anet A8 der auf e3d v6 umgebaut wurde. Die angepriesene höhere Druckgeschwindigkeit kann ich auch nicht bestätigen. Man gewinnt vll. ein paar Minuten die ich wiederum schon mit gefühlt 1000 Stringing-Testdrucken vergeudet habe.
Vll. kann hier noch jemand die optimalen Einstellungen posten. Ich verwende aktuell in Cura Retraction Distance 2.4 mm, Retraction Speed 35 mm/s, Print Speed 70 mm/s und 0.2 mm Quality. Die ausgedruckten Sachen sehen alle immer noch schlechter aus als vor dem Umbau.

Hi, wenn ich mir die "Makes" ansehe, dann gab es wohl am Anfang auch einen seitlichen Halter für den Bauteillüfter? Da ich öfter den kompletten e3d "Turm" wechsle (drucke PLA mit und ABS ohne Teflon Inliner) wäre ein seitlicher Halter für mich vorteilhaft. Komme dann besser an die Verschraubung.

Was hälst du Außerdem von der Idee zum Schnellwechseln des e3d die Baseplate und den Halter statt über zwei Schrauben über Neodym Magnete miteinander zu verbinden?

Does any one know about a filament guide (Teflon Guide) for it? The teflon keeps hiting the chain on a bowden system

Please add single fan duct!!! thank you


Wich retraction settings do you use with E3DV6 on your Anet A8 for PLA?


Personally i use 3mm retraction at 40mm/s and 20mm/s return. Get very little stringing but also i use a 150mm/s travel speed. And minimal retraction travel of 3mm as too much retractions even with small distance of 3mm will clog out eventually (At least for me)

Really nice holder. Been using this from the start. Would be really really nice if someone would implement a piezo disk mount in this as well

I use a 12mm sensor. Can anyone tell me the following sensor defines? I have the sensor mount printed for the right side and see all the defines are for the left side. I will print a new sensor holder for the left side but i need the printer to get them.

Left side defines:


Right side defines???

Where is the blower fan? :|

top top top! merci beaucoup!
amazing! thanks a lot!

is it just me that think the cablechains are way too loose?, no I am not underextruding but they still "sag" downwards instead of laying flat.
maybe it gets better once I push cables through 'rm, going to install in weekend I think and will take pics...

Hi, my E3D V6 clone doesn't fit this model. ( see photos attached )
How can I fix it?

I actually printed for my clone too and it doesnt fit at start but you just need to heat up your hot end and press the two part around the hot end to make them fit nicely.

because sanding this tiny part and edge could be tricky !

Heat is the key !

I had the same problem with my clone. Had to sand something down.


there is missalignment in the holes, belt holder as well as hothend. That seems quite an issue if hotthend is not printing vertically. See attached picture.

could you fix it please ?

Great, thx.

Dont use this with a BLTOUCH. it doesnt works.

Yes it does, the mount is 5mm too thick and has been remixed here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2288948. Working perfectly with my BL Touch Smart

BL/3D Touch Modified Mount

hi can you upgrade this to fit clones? with first outer diameter of 12mm. outer diameter 16mm and spacing 5.5mm?

Does this hold the nozzle in place snugly? i don't want the hot end wobbling or vibrating.

Hello guys,
After copying the offset in the Marlin configuration file my Anet is not printing at the right place at all.
I started printing a calibration cube in the middle of the bed (Cura default place when you open an .stl file) and the Anet started printing really close to the edge.
What should I do ?
Can you explain your offsets please ?

Hello, why did you set as "define X_MAX_POS" value 250 and not 220 (the real size)? Thanks

There is a mistake with BL Touch sensor holder.
Now after printing in a "dark" and trust 100% with your drawings, i have big troubles!

I had order now a bltouch. Is the bug closed?

Comments deleted.

how can i solve the parts are too small! help please

Had the same problem, try the remix I uploaded here.


Clone Compatible Remix of Anet A8 E3D V6 Bowden MODULAR X Carriage V4 *BEST ONE* by Don1337
by jjintn

thank you! I'm printing it!

recalibrate your printer and reprint it, the parts will fit 100%, otherwise

1 heat and press coldend
2 Sandpaper and handmade

my e3dv6 is a clone taken on gear best, can this be the problem?

this is my e3dv6 do not have a version for this?

mine measures the same and fits...

no use sandpaper or heat it up


any update or remix for twin E3D V6 please ?



any plans on releases a single 40 mm parts cooler? Exactly like the dual but made for one fan.

Same question here.
That would be nice to have one of those cool designs fan duct like semi circular or Spriya style (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2133328) but adapted for a single 40mm plugable on this carriage.
Thanks !

"Spriya" - High Efficiency Anet A8 Fan Duct
by lokster

the stock replacement semi circle duct will fit on the carriage as is. The spriya did not work for me. My blower squirle cage fan died. I wanted to replace it with a 40mm fan.

The mount notch that holds the e3d was to big for my clone e3d v6 wouldn't fit sadly was .5mm off

Same. We had to sand it down. Got it fitting great after that.

Comments deleted.

I wonder if this carriage adjust to different distances between two X-axis? It looks like there might be some kind of adjustable screw holes? I have noticed that my X-rods are further away from each other and this is the reason I am asking. I'm not sure does it have something to do with production year of Anet A8, but I think that the distance between my x-rods is something like 46mm.

might I suggest a second x belt holder. The original steel belted cables are thicker than the gt2 fiberglass most people upgrade to. I have had to secure the belt with zip ties but that still has a few issues.

Hi Don1337,
thanks for this nice work!
Because of a reverse mounted X stepper i can't use your chain mount there.
May i have the original file for Fusion360 to change this part for reverse mount?

Best Regards

Hey nice work btw on this...is there anyway you could share the file I could import into fusion to modify the blotch mount...mine is way off no matter which way/or one that I print and I need to modify the existing one as I really suck at designing things in fusion from scratch...if not that fine ill have to learn fusion more then. thanks if you share if not thanks for the great designing.

Are the offsets listed for the BL touch mount? What I need to do to be able to take my own accurate measurements?

Hello, what are the basic elements for installing e3d v6 with 3dtouch sensor? and what support for the bowden engine? thank you

hey, funktioniert das auch mit dem originalen E3D Bowden Hot-End??

Alright, got the stuff I wanted to print but is there a way to set the offset config on the printer itself? USB to PC isn't gonna work for me right now. Anet A8 of course so please make sure that's the machine you are helping me with lol! Yes, I had an issue where a guy was trying his best to help me but was giving me help with the wrong machine! Its kool the man was trying lol!
Anyway, Thank you in advance!

Had to go back to the stock mount till I can figure out how to change this offset in the firmware. I am open to any suggestions or point me to that section in this post somewhere. Thank you.

You need to reupload Marlin with the proper offsets. You need to usb connect to the printer and use arduino .. I would suggest doing that for PID tuning at a minimum

Hi, I want to print this for my V5 hot end. will it fit? I can't seem to find this information anywhere

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All my fan duct touch extruder, any single fan solution? mistral touch, spyia touch, semicircular touch... :(

Für welchen Sensor sind denn die Probe Offsets die in der Beschreibung genannt werden? Ich bräuchte die Werte für einen 2017er BLTouch.

Elder Futhark runes. They spell "Odin." Very nice little talking point on an excellent design.

Anyone know what the símbolo in the base minds?

For anyone needing a mount for the newest bltouch this one worked perfect. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2443459/#comments


I will try this cause my bltouch (3dtouch) don't fit

Will the BL-Touch/3D-Touch require any adjustment after installation? I have a 3D-Touch sensor, and the only adjustment possibility I see is a small Hex allex screw in the top of the sensor - not sure, that it is a good thing to change the settings there, as it looks as if it has been secured with a bit of glue..

I printed the bltouch mount and the new style doesn't fit into the cut out for the sensor...the link for the new style is here: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwic8oqHtYbYAhXDXyYKHVsWB-sQjRwIBw&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.digitmakers.ca%2Fproducts%2Fbltouch-auto-bed-leveling-sensor&psig=AOvVaw1C-aQ2mcp30jpTb5MLWWn-&ust=1513234796657698

I was going to try and mess around with tinkered and see if I can get something to work. If you can/want to make an updated mount that would be awesome. thanks


Can you tell me what's your Marlin configuration file parameters ?

These (below) are mine but prints are not well centered on the X-Axis.
I've got a 18mm probe

// The size of the print bed
define X_BED_SIZE 250
define Y_BED_SIZE 220

// Travel limits (mm) after homing, corresponding to endstop positions.
define X_MIN_POS -13
define Y_MIN_POS -13
define Z_MIN_POS 0
define X_MAX_POS 250
define Y_MAX_POS 220
define Z_MAX_POS 250

//Config E3D V6

//Config E3D V6

Thank you

This are my Marlin configurations, with 18mm probe

// For Z_PROBE_ALLEN_KEY see the Delta example configurations.




// The size of the print bed

define X_BED_SIZE 215

define Y_BED_SIZE 215

// Travel limits (mm) after homing

define X_MIN_POS -15


define Y_MIN_POS 0


define Z_MIN_POS 0

define Z_MAX_POS 240

// Set the boundaries for probing (where the probe can reach)





// 3 arbitrary points to probe.
// A simple cross-product is used to estimate the plane of the bed.

define ABL_PROBE_PT_1_X 20

define ABL_PROBE_PT_1_Y 160

define ABL_PROBE_PT_2_X 20

define ABL_PROBE_PT_2_Y 10

define ABL_PROBE_PT_3_X 180

define ABL_PROBE_PT_3_Y 10

Unless you do not have a typical Anet A8, the define X_BED_SIZE 250 should be define X_BED_SIZE 220
That might be why the X axis isn't centered right.

I have printed this ! Unfortunately the e3d hotend spin around in the mount ! Any solution for this ? Thanks

I would suggest wrapping the hotend in PTFE pipe tape to increase its diameter this would give you more friction and it should work.

I printed out the main parts and it all fits well yet I can't seem to figure out how the 40mm fan shroud is supposed to be attached to the heater block. Are we supposed to zip tie it in place?

Thanks. This is a great design.

UPDATE: Nevermind, I just figured it out once the fan shroud was done. The part just snaps nicely around the block. :D

It works with dual E3D V6 (Bowden) ?

moin, welche x carriage ist dafür am besten geeignet? will das gewicht von den standart blöcken so gut wie möglich reduzieren

whats teh offest thing for? do i need it for original firmware?

I think this is the best I have ever seen, but I have a problem. Everything printed beautifully and the parts fit like a glove, but my belt slips out of the belt holder. I changed to the fiberglass belt and it must be thinner than the original belt. Any chance on redoing the belt holder to work with the fiberglass belts? I wish I knew how and I would do it for you, but alas, my skills are limited.

Hi, does it fit on P802 MA ?

Comments deleted.

sorry for my newbie question, but, in the instructions when you put the offset code lines, this i have to copy to the configuration file on the firmware??

If you use the skynet 3 D firmware you have to change the lines in the configuration.h file from your Arduino sketch. Look at google and you tube how you can make it

Did any one else have to extend there y endstop to make this work? When I auto home now the extruder is not over the bed.

Tolles Design,vielen Dank!
Das komische Götterzeugs hättest Du auch gerne weglassen können, aber, na ja... ;-)

Is there any fan nozzle out there designed for this set up?

I use the Mistral 2.1a from Leo_N with this set up https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2121279

"Mistral 2.1" Extruder Cooling Duct for the Anet A8 Printer
by Leo_N

mine doesn't line up with the extruder nozzle what so ever. are you still using this fan duct by chance?

i printed v 2.1a but it touch extruder...

if you mean the block simply turn the e3d the opposite way



Hey i printed and mounted this mount, but i don't know how to change the offsets, i'm a noob...

Any chance you can modify either your mout of the one before to match up. This would allow the use of your layer cooler and sensor attachments on the TEVO Black Widow.

LP_E3Dv6Hotend_v1.9.1.stl (If this file had a square instead of rounded block with matching holes then it will work on the TEVO Black Widow)

It is the same type of mount for the E3DV6 but rounded and holes dont match yours. Is there any way to modify this file to be square and have matching holes for the plate that holds the extruder.

Thank you!

Tevo Black Widow - Modular X Carriage

A duel E3Dv6 mount would be very nice indeed. Are there any chances of getting one with the chain mount?

+1 on this inquiry. I'm adding a second hotend soon and would love to keep using this carriage.

How the hell do I mount that Anet stock sensor mount to this carriage? I have the baseplate, holder, and stock sensor holder.. Am I missing something? Doesnt look like it can mount .

EDIT I figured it out.. Damn this piece is one of the most well thought out pieces on here.. Well done man well done

This is a beautiful piece all the parts fit together perfectly. I only have 1 problem I cant seem to find a fan duct that will work. What is anyone using that uses this carriage. I have the chain install and a bl touch sensor mounted on the left side. Right now im printing abs so I dont need the fan. But i will soon. Also does anyone have any ideas for the titan extruder mount for bowden style.

Did u ever find any fan duct that fits? The white one depicted thought was in here. Preferably one that doesn't sag. I started printing this and crap! Think I'm going to run into the same issue. I didn't want all the weight so this one looked lighter and the extruder position looked more centered. Now I'm not going to do that crazy fan upgrade stuff to add more weight mass than I have with what I'm using already.

I have no problem with half circular duct and default turbo fan. Used it with stock anet sensor on the left, and now bl touch on the right side

I will have to try I have my DL touch on the left side but I try to have circular one and hits the heat block

Sorry... I feel a little dumb. I ended up using this feature called search in thingiverse with the word DON1337 and I see a half circle and full circle that look related to the DON1337 carriage. I printed the full circle in PLA and it looks to be working well, just a bit off center.

I'm going to see about printing things in PETG this weekend. Muahahahahahhah!

Is there any way to mount a direct drive extruder to this? I would like to be able to use both use both.

if i use stock sensor mount, do i use the same offset setting mentioned in the description?

so i finished printing the dual 40mm fan duct after roughly 7 hours.
yet i read, that the stock fan (turbin) is better.

but i got some "old" heavy duty 40x40x28mm server fans.
https://de.aliexpress.com/store/product/Free-Shipping-Wholesale-Sunon-GM1204PQB1-8A-4028-12V-2-6W-server-inverter-cooling-fan/518335_1660183644.html (airflow 15,79 CFM)
will this compete with the airflow of the stock turbine?

because they are so large they weight quite a bit.
will this have impact on printing performance?

and after printing an test fitting everything, this is a really tight fit. have to bend the cables of the e3d quite a bit to get the duct in place.
(becuase of the clearance there is only one orientation the hotend fits in. cables to the right side)

I am having a hard time trying to fit the baseplate and holder together (see pictures: http://imgur.com/a/u8cKG).
Not sure if i have a different sized E3D or if there is something wrong with how i printed the parts. I printed both parts two times in PETG and PLA - same exact issue with both. Filing down helps a bit but it's not nearly as tight as i have sene it in all the "made"-pictures.

Hope someone can help me out.

I edited the stl and now it fits on mine! Had this problem too

Same here :| - However, a little bit of paper sanding and it fits perfectly!

Same here. Had to file a lot. But now it fits

Appreciate all you have done, but seriously, there is no need to "bold and large size" your font to get it across to those, to lazy to read what you have written.

You forget the other 99% of people who have some basic common sense :)

and.. Good job on the file :)

Hi, I've printed your piece, it's really awesome, I have a problem I hope you can help me, I can not make value updates via arduino, but only gcode passes in fact i set it on my m92 e700 and it goes relatively well ,
And you have a little bit more of me than you would give me all this change in the offset shift in gcode? I hope to solve this data problem

Would it be possible to request a X belt holder, where the distance between the parts where the 2 belts are put together is 0.4mm more narrow? My rubber glass-fiber reinforced belts don't sit very tight together, and I fear that a slip may occur when I tighten the belt..

You could try adding these: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2354961

GT2 Timing Belt Holder/Clip, Upgrade
by Area51

Any chance for an 10mm Version of the sensor holder? So i can mount my USB endoscope to the printer

I edited the 8mm version with TinkerCAD. Also i set a 3.3mm hole in the side for an M4 Screw.

10mm Sensor/Endoscope holder
by Vmx42t

Hello Don 1337,
Would like to ask if dual extruder E3D V6 Bowden version is planned or possible

what chain size are you using?

Can I use this carriage with Igus Drylin bearings?

I'M switching to I3 Steel frame
but unfortunately i cant use the chain because the part that connects to the the X axis (E3DV6_Chain_Stepper_Mount) wont fit
is there any possible way that u design that fit to that model ?
if not that's ok too :)
thank you ,love your work

P3steel 2.x - X-axis complete
by toolson

Is the bl touch mount for the classic or the new smart one

Die Grundplatte ist nicht gerade. Die Bohrungen sind versetzt.

The base plate is not straight. The holes are offset
Sorry for my bad english


I don't understand the following in German, but I can only confirm : the holes in the middle of the base plate are not aligned (2 main holes, and the 2 holes for the X belt), preventing me to mount my custom belt holder. Would it be possible for you to check your design again for us ? Maybe it's just the stl conversion ?

I measured again on the stl file : there's an offset of 0.5 mm between the two holes on the left side and the two holes on the right side. The hole of 4.25mm is not center on the right square, so I guess that the two holes on the right side are too high of 0.5mm

Then i did the same on e3dholder without chain stl and there's a default here too (holes are not aligned : one is higher and the other is lower). Seems that something went wrong during stl conversion, or maybe something moved in the assembly process (I don't know fusion 360)

To be 100% complete and honnest (because this is a wonderful great design anyway), if you take all the mandatory parts together, they fit perfectly. It's just an issue if you want to use a custom bel holder (belt tensionner in my case : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2134573)

Anet A8 X-Axis Tensioner

die grundplatte ist genau gerade das liegt daran das du das model 3d anschaust und durch die Wölbung dort Versatz ist,,,

Wie soll in 3D eine Wölbung zu Stande kommen wenn ich von der unteren Kante parallel nach oben Messe ? Auch mein Remix für den Gt2 Zahnriemen war schief nach der Montage da musste ich auch eine Bohrung nach oben verschieben damit es gerade ist.
Selbst unter Fusion 360 konnte ich eine Abweichung der Bohrungen erkennen.

SICHER ?????? ... bei mir ist haar genau gleichen Höhe!!!!
Schon montiert und lauf echt SUPER....

Ich habe es auch montiert und läuft gut. Aber mein gt2 Remix war nach der Montage schief und da ist es mir erst aufgefallen.

Im using this mount and it fits rly nice. But i can get my nozzle on the center can you sugest me some alteration on the conifg ?

Will this work for the Lite6?

I believe that both the e3d v6 and lite6 are the same form factor, but the e3d has a different heat break. So it will work, I am going to try it next week.

Anyone get a BLTouch working with this?

Anet A8 E3D V6 Bowden MODULAR X Carriage V4 *BEST ONE*
by jlands

Shaved 5mm off the original mount



THANK YOU! Thought I was going to have to fire fusion 360 up

Yes, I used the mount provided. On the right side of the nozzle. My bltouch is mounted from below the mount. I had to remove about 5mm of material from the mount so the bltouch would be in the right position. Works perfect. Probe offset....29,-1. X offset -18, y -17

So like this?


Yes. My z offset is 2.something(I'm at work.) Your z offset will be " the mm the nozel is above bed at your current zero"

Example. Before, if I enter G0 Z0, I had to move my z axis down 2.something to grab paper with my nozzle. That is the number I put in my z offset.

I'm more concerned about the x and y offsets

X= 29
Y =-1 ...... "mine maybe -2"

Comments deleted.

Hi the Bltouch original doesn´t fit inside the sensor holder and also the distance from the bed to the sensor tip is incorrect. For the rest is a great design thanks for sharing.

Gonna try this one to se if it works.


BL/3D Touch Modified Mount

Worked out great using the standard Anet A8 extruder and improved printing quality a lot after moving to an E3D V6 with this holder.
Cable chain works well, no need to finish off any edges after printing.

Great design, thanks a lot!

Love this , so neat and tidy , only issue I have is the BLtouch mount does not fit , the sensor does not fit in the cutout

THX to you easy assemble and easy config. all completed in 2 hrs and prints are much better with e3D V6

Can you create a pen holder as well? Something like this

Pen holder for Anet A8
by Rmnvgr

is this all the files for the cable chain and 18mm sensor needed

Hast Du am 60mm einzelfan weiter gearbeitet? Ich find Deinen eintrag in der FB gruppe nicht mehr :(

nop weils sich nicht lohnt der durchsatz ist nunmal bei einem blower fan um einiges höher und da ich keine zeit aktuell hab noch kein gescheites blower setup gefunden

Wenn Du nur den die beiden lüfter ports zusammenfürst ohne den untebau zu ändern währe es besser ;) Der 60er Lüfter schaufelt mehr luft bei halber leistung als die beiden 40er auf 100% ;) und ist nicht mehr zu hören. Naja schade dann muß ich halt einen anderen nehmen.

The sensor mount for 18mm is to high up, does someone have some really long sensors out there I flipped part and changed the holes it works upside down a little better. Thank you ! :)

Looking for a good fan nozzle for this. I have the stock a8 part cooling fan mounted on the front of carriage. Preferably a nozzle that locks around the fan outlet rather than pressing Into it. Hinges are loose on mine. All the ones I've tried are not centered on the extruder nozzle. Needs to be offset to the left a bit. Any suggestions?


Btw. This carriage is fantastic! Thank you

This one is really nice for the stock fan

"Mistral 2.1" Extruder Cooling Duct for the Anet A8 Printer
by Leo_N

I usually use this one but couldn't get it to line up right. It was touching the heater block curious maybe turn the block sideways and have the heater wires come in from the back might line it up.

Vielen Dank für deine Mühe :) Ich bin jetzt schon lange am überlegen und es hat glaube ich noch niemand gefragt: Was haben die Hieroglyphen auf der Platte und dem Halter zu bedeuten?

das sind runen ^^ und da steht odin

Wirkt irgendwie ziemlich rechts auf mich - ist das so gewollt?

anscheinend hast du keine ahnung was runen und odin bedeutet :D,,, waren also die wikinger alle rechts weil sie an die alten götter glaubten? :D

Du hast Recht, ich habe keine Ahnung. Wollte nur mitteilen wie das auf mich wirkt. Namen alter Götter auf 3D Drucker Teilen sind aber so oder so irgendwie seltsam und weil das Design insgesamt Klasse ist, druck ich es halt so aus und Feile es halt weg ;)

This may be my fault:
I have printed this and installed the E3DV6 and I have tried to print something and the fillament only comes out a bit and leaves a couple stray lines of PLA on the bed!

bed leveled proparly?
extruder calibrated?
does the filament stick good to the bed?
a photo or video would help.

The bed is level.
what do you mean calibrated?

each filament has another "flowrate" that needs to be determined via calabration.
here is an awesome guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUPfBJz3I6Y

Which Fan is the best for this Mount?

Welcher Lüfter könnt ihr mir empfehlen?
Der Radial wird bei mir immer von dem Kabel verformt :/

Der stock Lüfter ist schon richtig gut.
Der hat mehr Druck wie die dual 40mm.

Can You add a extruder LED strip light mount ?
Something similar to this one for example https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2228738

Anet A8 extruder LED strip light mount rotate
by emics

Welchen Extruder Mount empfiehlst du denn? Drucke trotz Level Problemen gerade deine Daten in PLA, da ich mit Petg leider nur Probleme habe =(

Can offsets be made in gcode instead of flashing a custom skynet3d firmware?


Hello thanks for your design. Can i ask you if you can do a mono 40mm fan duct? Or can you suggest a good working fan duct for stock fan (will other designs for stock fan work? like this one https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2121279)

"Mistral 2.1" Extruder Cooling Duct for the Anet A8 Printer
by Leo_N

I advise each of the 40mm fans, since they can not build up enough pressure, i think this is the better option -> http://bit.ly/2qmWq51

Good work man, I love your adapter because it's full optional!!

I've an E3Dv5 and I'd like to adapt the "E3DV6_Coldend_40mmFan_holder" for the diameter ...can you please help me?? It will be wonderful if yuo can make the holder for that diameter

What a diameter do you need?

Sorry for the delay... I buyed from Amazon a Wimono Extruder, it's 25mm diameter and 74mm tall (from groovemount to nozzle end)

hi, I am sorry if this is a dumb question, but how I change the offset settings??

you have to change the configuration.h file ..here is mine (just for you to find the variables, i wouldn't copy it)


can this be printed in PLA

i dont know i print it in petg, but give it a try and tell us your results

Vergiss meinen Beitrag .
Nachdem ich die Seite nochmal neu geladen habe war er jetzt da.

der Halter macht einen echt guten Eindruck. Ich hatte mir mal die Grundplatte ganz am Anfang mit meinem Meßuhrhalter modifiziert
jetzt überlege ich komplett umzustellen. Die Meßuhr brauche ich Dank Meshbedleveling nicht mehr. Da ich kein Fan von den Radiallüftern bin, habe ich eine Frage. Den Dual 40mm Bauteillüfter hast du den woanders her ? ich sehe den nicht bei deinen Downloads .

Gruß Udo

Comments deleted.

Awesome design! made mine from PLA and it works perfect so far. I did have a problem with the filament curling and clogging in the heatsink area of the E3D but it was my fault (Didnt put a fan on the cold end lol.) After taking the E3D off many times, I can tell you this is very easy to remove to maintain or replace the nozzle. Now, bad prints with the E3D look even better than good prints with the stock nozzle!

Hi, zuerst einmal vielen dank für diesen super Halter!!

ich hätte da noch evtl einen Vorschlag bzw wollte auch Fragen ob man das noch ändern kann bzw eine Alternative draus machen kann...

Es geht sich um die Aufnahme für den Drucklüfter also den Radial Lüfter. Wäre es möglich den nach links an die Seite zu setzen? Dann kann der Radial links der Hotend Lüfter rechts und man hat freie Sicht auf den Druck und die Nozzel... wäre Super wenn man das noch umsetzten kann bzw. würde es auch selber machen aber dafür bräuchte ich die Datei...

Ansonsten alles TOP!!!

naja das ganze ist durchdacht das eben der coldendlüfter freie bahn hat und nicht gegen die backplate pustet, und der sensor ist halt auch da, von vorne hast eig je nach lüfter setup genug sicht, aber die 40mm düse wird die tage eh überarbeitet ^^

das es durchdacht ist, ist ja eindeutig und bestreite ich nicht! wie gesagt ist der beste e3d Halter den ich bis jetzt hatte. Wäre es möglich mir die Datei von dem Radiallüfter Halter mit kette zukommen zu lassen damit ich sie selber ändern kann? ich nutze keinen sensor und somit habe ich auf der linken seite platz um dort den Radiallüfter zu montieren.
Vielen dank Don

nein sry,ich kann dir die arme ab machen und nur den clip schicken, und für den lüfter kannst du dir einen remixen mit dem sensor halterung dafür war das eig damals gedacht

Das wäre natürlich sehr nett von dir! Danke dir vielmals!

Moin, der Halter ist echt super, auch der Dual 40mm Fanduct sitzt perfekt. Allerdings habe ich ein Problem mit dem E3D 40mm Adapter, hier liegen die Löcher zu weit auseinander das ich keinen Lüfter drauf geschraubt bekomme. DIe andere Seite sitzt perfekt am E3D also schließe ich aus das er zu groß gedruckt wurde. Sonst noch wer das Problem?

wann hast du die daten runter geladen? ich hatte vorgestern genau den fehler behoben,,, hatte 2 adapter und leider den falschen hoch geladen,,, einfach die löcher von hand bohren ;)

Ah alles klar, war ich also nich zu doof ^^ Hatte ich letzte Woche geladen. Dann bohr ich sie von Hand, ist günstiger als neu zu drucken ;)

If you are like me using a clone, I found the suggested air duct was just too low for my setup. It would actually hit the part. I remixed the suggest air duct (as I feel its the best one I have used). Give it a try if you are having this issue.

Shorter Hesine M-505, Anet A8 - Center Nozzle Fan

Lässt sich der dual 40mm duct noch optimieren?
Mir scheint es so, alsob der duct leicht neben der nozzle pustet.
Außerdem ist der Airflow nicht so gut im vergleich zum stock lüfter - klingt komisch ist aber so.
Vielleicht sind die Luftkanäle etwas zu schmal wodurch nicht so viel Luft hindurchkommt.
Nur am Rande - das ist meckern auf hohem Niveau - das Design ist klasse!!!

also der airflow weg ist perfekt ausgerichtet ;) was allerdings zutrifft ist der luftdurchsatz ,,, das liegt an den lüftern,,, der originale ist ein turbinen lüfter der gebündelt luft durch den kanal drückt, die 40mm fans sind um ehrlich zu sein scheiße, das musste ich selbst auch erst testen um es rauszufinden,,, idee ist 1 großer lüfter, test wird kommen ansonnsten 2 turbinen lüfter aber eben hochwertige,,, wieso 2? ganz einfach pro seite einen, ergo weniger leistung benötigt ergo weniger lautstärker

Beltholder rutscht durch, wenn man mit einem Riemenspanner spannt.
Grund: Geringe bis keine Selbsthemmung in den Zähnen des Zahnriemen, da der Spalt am Beltholder zu groß ist.
Weiteres Problem ist, dort wo der Riemen umgelenkt wird, ist die Festigkeit bzw der Querschnitt zu gering und es bricht.
Lösung: Spalt enger machen und den schwächsten Querschnitt erhöhen. Es ist möglich, denn ich habe es an meinen Halter auch hinbekommen. ;-)

Kann ich leider nicht bestätigen - habe das Update vor kurzen verbaut und alles ist super - Danke noch mal für das tolle "Thing" :D

du bist der erste von bestimmt 100 usern der damit probleme hat vill ist einfach dein belt das problem mein beld sitzt fest drinne und hällt sich alleine perfekt fest und ich hab bestimmt schon 10 verschiedene versionen von gedruckt zum testen,,, oder deine settings beim druck weichen zu stark von den originalen ab

Great design but is there a fan duct with only one fan ?
I think 2 fans are not necessary for me ...

And I like the design with the fan duct on the left side so that the nozzle can be seen better while printing

If you think he is not necessary for you hold the radial fan ,,,
The fan on the left side is not good for me!

It should be a good idea. Because with 2 fans the weight increase then you lost a bit the benefit compare to a direct drive. Moreover the most of part fan doesn't fit the length due to the carriage size. Thanks in advance if you can do the same air duct but with one fan :)

Can you print this in PLA or will the thing melt? :)

i print in petg

Thanks for your great job !!! But the 3dtouch doesn't have the good size

I think you're having the same trouble with this mount as I've been having. See this remix for how to use the mount. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2288948 The sensor doesn't go through the mount in this case like the others.

BL/3D Touch Modified Mount

thanks but I reworked the part too :)

ok i cant check it becaus i dont have on,,, i only use the sizes from the datasheet,,, can you tell me what size is not fit?

the 3dtouch is to low; It's lower tnan the nozzle. You have to reduce to 5mm the support.

Thanks for sharing this awesome work!
Can't wait to print all the part and assembly them. :D

How do I hook up two cooling fans to the motherboard?

By connecting the cable and plugging into the board

Isn't there just the one connection on the motherboard?

Sry but slowly I think her thinks all zero and always have to get everything delivered on the silver tray -.-'


Love the design. Got it most of the way put together. One question. When I home all my probe is in the center. Is this correct or should my nozzle be in the center? I am using the 6-36v sensor. http://www.gearbest.com/3d-printer-parts/pp_591321.html

The sensor should be in the middle if you home all ;)

Sweet. Thank you.

Any way the 3D Touch sensor by Geeetech will work on this? Wouldn't want to miss a cable chain...

the BLTouch sensor in the latest version is still not compatible with the Geeetech sensor. You will have to use another mount for now. I've not finished modeling one that works but if I finish before this design is fixed I'll share it with everyone who comes here looking for it.

So I think I've finally realized my problem and I want to slap myself so hard. I think it's probably the same problem everyone else has been having with this mount. All of the other sensors go through the mount but the Geeetech is not supposed to. This remix https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2288948 was what finally clued me into this fact and I now feel like such an oaf.

BL/3D Touch Modified Mount

I'm interested :)

Is it possible to use only short cable chain modules instead of the long cable chain modul?

thanks for the fast replay :) how many short cabel chain modules i will need instead of the long version?

I dont know

The BLTouch mount still doesn't fit. The hole for the sensor is too small, at least for the 3DTouch. I removed the front of the hole with a solder iron, so I can insert the sensor. But now it is too low. I think it has to be somewhere between the screw holes.
Maybe you could upload the source files? I'd like to try to fix it.

no i dont upload the source file^^

That's okay, of course. I'll search for another way to mount the sensor.

Love this whole design. Thank you! Just one issue. 12 mm sensor is about 10mm to high. At least with my sensor. Got it from amazon. It's 10 mm off the bed adjusted as low as it will go.

I know and I Chance the holder from up to down,, the holder side is left Not right^^

Do you print all parts in the orientation shown. The E3d holder for instance. looks like it would be better fliped 180 deg. New to printing. i could easily be wrong.


oh yes sry my mistake i chaned the holes and dont turn it sry yes flip it 180 deg.

No big deal. Great design! Thank you

Why is there a short and a long Chain?

Regards Tommy

ups my mistake sorry

Comments deleted.

M4x30 Schrauben sind für den Halter mit Kabelkette zu kurz, hast du da was geändert?

Fantastic, exactly what i have been looking for, having all the parts modular like that is a great idea.

yes :D the bltouch mount :D

I have a question about the bltouch mount. In all your photos, you show the autolevel on the left side ( facing the unit ) with the mount on top of the screw holes.. How is the BLTouch mounted? I printed the BLTouch mount, but if you mount it on the left its upside down from your photos. also is the mount designed so it is the correct height, or does it need spacers/adjustment??

Maybe im doing something wrong, i have printed off everything assembled it with my e3d clone, but the 3d touch auto levele sensor is square and there is no way it will fit, ill try to modify it tonight. Love the design, printed out perfect on my semi stock anet a8.

In the bltouch mount fits, the 3d touch by geeetech unfortunately not :(
Otherwise everything is perfect thank you for your great work :)

I can't find the file for the thing to attach the part cooler to

Which files do I use if I don't have a sensor and I don't want to use the cable chain?


I noticed the belt holder was about 1mm too tall for the loose part of the belt to slip over on my printer. I managed to change it in Blender (it made a small section of it thin, however it doesn't seem to hurts its durability).Here is a side by side comparison:
This change gave me ample room so that the belt does not drag or catch on anything as it's moving.

Nearly got all the parts printed but I have 40mm fans for filament cooling. Do you think this will fit ? http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1337200/#made. it is what i currently use. Oh and of course only a single duct on the opposite side to my sensor

E3D V5 & V6 SINGLE & DUAL fan duct holder (Prusa I3) VER 2.0
by trustfm

no it dont fit, but i create a selfmade 40mm fanduc ;)

could you share your fan duct ?

Thanks Don like using my 40mm because its so quiet, Its the only thing stopping from getting you carriage fitted to my machine now.

cant find the left side radial fan mounting where can i download it just like those "made" posts by people? i prefer the fan on the left not on the front as it block my view of the nozzle.


The stock fans sit pretty low, mistral which I use is almost lower than the nozzle, going to have to slot the holes up another mm and shim the blower back 1mm for it to work without touching the hot end and the heat bed.

But other then that everything else is perfect!!

yes i know sry, i updatet yesterday with 6mm more room

I will try it today, thanks for the change. I also notice my belt rubs on the top of the belt holder, maybe just mine?

Yes my dont rubs maybe a little difference

Super Cablechain einfach perfekt :)

And my last comment, before i give a big thank you:

The Mistral fanduct will be a little bit problematic, since even at the lowest height it's even with the nozzle tip. So it's working, but you can't be sure how long.

I also realized, the M4 Screws need to be M4 x 30 and not M4 x 40 as stated in the describtion. I had to take out my Dremel to adjust them ;)

oh yes sry my fail, on the v3 was m4x40

Although very nice design, the mount for the 18mm sensor is PRETTY tight. Since it always comes with 2 nuts to tighten it, it might be a good idea to increase the hole-diameter by ~0.5mm

the hole is more 18,5mm

I like the new design. But I have problems mounting the BLTouch sensor. The holder seems to be way too high.:(

I ran into same problem. I had the beta mount already made and attached it with one screw to get by.

i reupload a new bltouch mount ;)

ok i can flip the mount and reupload it tomorrow :)

Sounds great. Thanks! :)

i reupload it ;)

I'll try it later today. Thank you very much :)

Did you change the main plate on V4?

yes all is changed ;) but now its perfekt^^

Would it be possible to adapt this to fit with this X-Carriage: https://gyazo.com/2a6f40827df35f1e57cb341d31baeae0

As I currently down own any SC8UU blocks to install this on my frame

When will you update this with the cable chain and the fans?

i upload the new files in a few hours ;)

Thanks for this awesome design !
But one queston :) where do i put extruder motor ?
Did you have a link for ?

it is for bowden setups

Hi Don , my sensor seems to be neither 12 mm or 18 mm in diameter, it's around 8 mm but the nut are 12 mm. Do you think it would still work with the 12 mm? or can you make one that's 8 mm?
Thank You

i design a new one, and i can design a 8mm holder

Hi Don,

I printed it and it works nice and looks great, but I have some questions.

-I printed it in PLA as emergency part because my stock ANET extruder broke apart and I needed a fast way to use a bowden extruder. And I will definitely print it again. What temperatures you use for PETG?
-What x carriage holders you use? I guess it is kinda optimized for a carriage separation distance

Thanks a lot

i print petg with hotend 220°C and bed75°C
i use the original bearing blocks with igus ;)

Hi Don,

I've posted the pictures of my make to better describe the issues I'm having right now.

I think that my problem with the fan are related with the lenght of my cheap extruder, and not with your design, but I would let you know that an even shorter version of the fanholder, or a lower extruder mount would be needed to make it compatible with this cheap extruders.

Thanks for your work

Hi Don!!

Nice Job, I'm currently using it.
Only, one thing, I have practical sensor and printed your stl file, but there maybe something wrong with it, as the higher position can it go it's even touching the bed, like some mm's are still needed. Not sure I explain correctly. If you want I can send you a photo.
The mesures from the sensor are:
17.4 x 17.9 x 35 mm
The "play" that the screws have is: 6.6 mm


Hi Don,

Never mind my comment.
I figured out how to do it. I just simply mirror X in S3D.
I'll print it now

Thanks a lot!!!!

tomorrow i get my Petg Filament... i can´t wait to print this... it is as waiting to the "Christkind"! :-)

Nice deisgn, great work. I am waiting until you have finished the additions for the cable chain and the new fan duct with 3 fans. When do you think you might have the new items finished?

It looks like that all the a8 fanducts for Anet's stock ectruder will work, too...??? Maybe I'll give the mistral a try...
Btw. great job.

yes it works ;)
and thanks ;)

LOOKS AWESOME .... Gorgeous JOB.... super clean STL ...... i m impress and will print it to try soon as possible .

I design it a carriage for A8 too, and ask you, if you wouldn't design a second ring to keep the sensor perfectly straight. My experiences are, that the weight from cable sensor bring it to move just a little bit with only one ring ( too if you screw very tight the two bolts from sensor ) . A second ring ( only to keep it straight ) give to de sensor much more stability and don t disturb the function or the design from carriage .

Newbie question. Did you print this with PLA or ABS.

Nothing of both I use petg

Going to try it out too been looking for one on the side and close to the hotend plus a 12mm perfect. wish me luck

Great work will be trying it out and maybe having a play. eagerly waiting the 40mm's

you can print it ;) the 40mm fan upgrade is modular too ;) only change the clip ^^

Planning on a BLtouch module ?

there is a bltouch sensor module included

question where are the wires going to go to for the hotend wont the fan or sensor be in the way. also for the fan what type of cooling duct did you use. or can you use? looks good printing as we speak.

i create a chain adapter ;)

Hi guys! Now install this holder, i use stock Anet A8 auto leveling sensor but offsets not correct from me i try more and more but i cant do this. Anybody can sent me the config .h file. or the correct offsets ? Thanks Im begginer.




define X_MIN_POS -13

define Y_MIN_POS -13

define Z_MIN_POS 0

define X_MAX_POS 250

define Y_MAX_POS 220

define Z_MAX_POS 250

define X_BED_SIZE 220

define Y_BED_SIZE 220