A8 - X Belt Tensioner - Anet

by Baskendi Mar 21, 2017
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Hi I am using it but I lost 2-3 cm of the printing area, is there some fix?

As this just happened to me last night, after year of using this, the part where the nut sits and screws into the tensioner screw broke. Works great, just saying you might want to print a backup part.

Exact same thing happened to me. Heed this advice unless you want to have to rig up something on the fly (not good, very frustrating). I like this design but be sure not to try to torque down the tensioner screw too much. The tensioner arm can't handle it.

I printed out this design and find that the pins, or clips as you refer to them as, are too short to actually contact the X axis rods. That puts the belt load on the carrier instead of the X axis rods. Any thoughts?

Thx for this upgrade. I printed it with PLA. Its squealing ... a lot, when the direction changes. Any suggestions?

Great improvement, but the tensioner itself could be shorter to avoid loosing 2cm X axis on the A8.
Thanks for sharing !

Do you lose print area (X axis) with this design? The tensioner seems to be near the bed area

Why is this for a bowden setup only? Why be careful when using direct drive?

The space between the part "gabel" and the stepp motor on the mount can be a problem. you can print it and tell us if it works. ;-)

i would love to use your design with a tooth aluminum GT2 idler pulley, but I am not experienced enough to remix your design!
These are the dimensions for the pulley, I think a lot of people would want this design!

5mm inner hole diameter
20 teeth
18mm outer diameter
9mm thickness

Yeah that would be great!
An aluminum pulley does not fit :/

Did you print the bigger part? Why doesn't fit - where is the problem? ;-)

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